Excellence Amazon Watch & Clock Store Launched Independently Dongfang Shuangshi Sanbao

On April 1, Amazon Excellence announced that its re-integrated watch shop was officially launched, providing consumers with “low-cost, quality, convenient” online watch and watch shopping experience. This is not only consistent with the Amazon Watch Store, but also allows consumers to use more categories and more humane searches to quickly find the products they want.
‘Excellent Amazon has always adhered to the guarantee of authenticity. ‘Tahir, Amazon’s vice president of excellence, said,’ Consumers don’t have to worry about the quality of our watch store products and whether they are genuine or not, because we have strict three key points when choosing watch products: brand cooperation, supplier qualification. Strict review and strict quality review. In addition, our 7-15 days quality guarantee guarantees return, exchange, cash on delivery, and one-off and two-off service guarantees, so that consumers have no worries when buying. & rdquo;
After being launched independently, Amazon’s watch shop has a total of nearly 120 brands and nearly 10,000 items, and the products cover many domestic and foreign brand watches. This makes Amazon get the double crown of the number of watch brands and selections in online shopping malls. At present, Amazon Excellence is the designated online retailer nationwide for domestic and international famous watches such as Rossini, Ebo, Tianwang, and Oriental Double Lions. That is to say, consumers can enjoy the same low-price shopping as Amazon and enjoy physical stores. Consistent nationwide warranty service.
This time, the watch store was launched separately, and Amazon not only continued to make breakthroughs in the number of products and prices, but also highlighted the consideration of ‘Consumer convenient shopping experience’: Consumers based on countries, brands, new products, hot sales, Classification methods such as discount, power, and price range use the fastest time to find what they want, compared with only three categories in the past. The new classification will give consumers more ways to find their favorite products faster, further improving the convenience of online shopping.
汉 Excellent Amazon President Wang Hanhua said: ‘The independent launch of watch shops is based on the investigation and demand analysis of Chinese consumers’ online shopping habits, further expanding product categories and quantities. In improving the user experience, its independent storefront and multiple categories help consumers save time and reach themes. & rdquo;
选购 When choosing some precious, branded, non-FMCG products like watches and clocks, consumers are most concerned about quality issues. As a merchant, Amazon’s own brand credibility and the principles it adheres to allow it to quickly gain consumer trust when opening any new category of storefront. Hou Qinghai, Managing Director of Tianwang Watch, said: ‘Today, when online fakes are rampant, our cooperation with Amazon Excellence is based on a consensus on genuine products, that is, jointly promoting online purchase of genuine watches and bringing high-quality watches to consumers. . & rdquo;
According to Su Huiyan, an iResearch analyst, expanding product lines and building comprehensive online malls have become one of the important development directions of China’s leading B2C shopping companies based on the diverse needs of users and the need to improve corporate profitability. Take Amazon excellence as an example. At the beginning of its establishment, it was mainly engaged in books and audio-visual products, and now it has increased its business varieties to 24 product categories including digital, home appliances, daily necessities, etc., and it is gradually developing towards a comprehensive online mall.