Old Man Giving Diamonds Vs. Swatch’s Little Dog, Which One Do You Choose?

Men and women have always been an eternal topic of discussion. When men and women are opposed, intimate, or even appear in the same picture, they can always cause people to endless imagination. Recently, a ‘Deadly Woman’ made all women addicted. My husband derailed me with a slap, sleeping little fresh meat, and becoming friends with Xiaosan … the three women who happened in different periods of the 60s, 80s and 2019 all had the same troubles-men. Today we are talking about the story of men and women, and at the same time look at the historical changes in the drama for boys and men of different ages.

The three heroines of Deadly Woman

1960s-Women are vassals of men

 In fact, in our perception, the United States should be a country with a more open mind. In fact, there was a lengthy process. When the story reached the 1960s, the heroine Beth Ann was still a housewife affiliated with men. When her husband needs coffee, he doesn’t open his mouth and say ‘I need a cup of coffee’, but quietly gestures, the heroine will rise up and pour coffee for her husband, like a helper.

American housewives in the 1960s

 Everything looks beautiful, this is a typical ‘outside male, inside female’ family. But everything changed after the neighbor said ‘My husband saw her husband kissing a waiter in a restaurant’. Many viewers may think, ‘Do men get worse when they have money?’ Eternity is constant, sometimes the characters and stories in film and television works are insinuating our current life or that time. Do men get worse when they have money? I don’t think so, it’s just that the material makes it easy for them to do bad things. Good people are still good if they have money, and bad people are bad if they have no money.

Beth Ann and her husband’s primary three

 It is worth noting that in the 1960s, whether it was a housewife or a restaurant waiter, they all had the habit of wearing watches, because at that time, the way to obtain time was limited to watches. Unlike today, watches have more practical functions high. So we can see that both Bass and Xiaosan are wearing watches with small diameters. They are exquisite ladies bracelet watches, which can be both women’s accessories and practical functions.

Beth wears a small diameter bracelet design watch

 Ginnifer Goodwin, who plays Beth Dark as an actor, has previously participated in ‘Fairytale Town’ and ‘He didn’t really like you that much’. Many viewers watched with interest when they saw a housewife who was somewhat at home when she woke up after learning that her husband was derailed, but in real life, who can be as brave as her?

Beth in the play

 And her husband was designing a rocket ship for the then US government, which is also in line with the story of the moon landing plan implemented by the United States at that time. From 1961 to 1972, the United States carried out a mission to the moon called the ‘Apollo Project’. Now we all know that the first accompany American astronaut to land on the moon was the Supermaster series from Omega.

Omega Speedmaster

 In addition, the film industry was flourishing at the time, so the watches and jewelry worn by the stars on the screen have become the object of everyone’s pursuit. This phenomenon still exists, but the threshold for bringing goods is much lower. It seems that everyone can become a KOL and carrying goods star.

Role played by Marant Brando wearing Rolex GMT 1675

 Some aspects of the United States in the 1960s can still be found today, whether it is the relationship between men and women and the market’s response to public opinion and stars. The TV series uses more clever transitions for changes in a house 20 years later, including changes in watches.

1980s-Women have more say

 I really like this story in this era, because in this story, the heroine dared to do it and broke through the shackles of many modern concepts. The actor of this story is Chinese actor Liu Yuling. Everyone should have heard her name. She has participated in it.

We are familiar with ‘Thunderbolt’, ‘Kill Bill’ and other well-known works. She is also one of the directors of this ‘Deadly Woman’.

Actor and director Liu Yuling

Played in the drama as a woman of the 80s

 In the play, she plays a divorce, and her third husband is a gay man who ‘likes men better than her’. After learning that her husband was cheating, she sorted out her mood in a short time and told her husband to go upstairs to pack luggage immediately and leave the house after the party. When he saw his husband ‘swallow sleeping pills’ and committed suicide, he called the hospital without any hassle and slap her husband on the way-very loud.

American middle class in the 1980s

 Seeing here, I not only applaud in front of the screen, this woman is really ‘gang’! Being rich, knowing what you want, and knowing what you have after being betrayed. However, it is still more inspiring. After planning a separation with her husband, I fell in love with my friend’s son, and there is a very classic scene.

Little boyfriend bought her a Swatch watch

 In my previous article, ‘Hundred Years Ago, They Sell Watches Like This’, I also showed you the ‘Swatch Trend’ in the 1980s. Pop and street styles were spread and developed on a large scale in that era. In the play, the 18-year-old boyfriend gave a Swatch watch to a middle-class or above lady. Simone, played by Liu Yuling in the play, couldn’t even believe it was for himself.

Swatch Watch Ads in the 1980s

In the play, Simone said

 When I saw this, I suddenly thought of a friend who said to me, ‘I’m a Dicardian, do you let me live with Dicastio people?’ Various problems arise in the process of individuals. Will this woman who sees more diamonds be surprised when she sees a rubber watch?

So later the little boyfriend (actually rich second generation) gave Simone a diamond brooch

 I’m really jealous of seeing this! How can there be so many rich second-generation candidates for you in real life? Man, boy? No woman does not love diamonds. Although it is said to be worldly, the truth is that no woman can refuse the temptation of diamonds. Of course, if she is a woman without diamonds, then say something else. When can materiality and love be both? Everyone faces the problem of trade-offs.

Today-men and women have more and more choices

 Nowadays, men or women have more choices. I choose to love men or women, and no one will do too much judgment or measure right and wrong. But because of this, more and more issues have been raised, including ‘open marriage.’ This is the couple in the play. Is the marriage of the three really as simple as imagined?

The 2019 story line in the play

 Not to mention the fact that men live in women’s houses and have no income for two years. The heroine is bisexual, deeply in love with another woman, and the man is also in love with his wife. In short, it is a story line of ‘You love her, she loves her, she loves him’. This story is too controversial, and I wo n’t tell it here, but the back of freedom is bound, and greater freedom also means more bound.

 Nowadays, people no longer use watches to watch time. Watches are more like icing on the cake and a symbol of status for people. It is given more meaning, you can choose or not choose, it is not a necessity. Just like the love between men and women, it is not a necessity for modern people. It can be owned or not owned. Say ‘whatever will be.’ (Let it be natural) in a sentence of the play, and cherish it if you have it. The same goes for watches, as it does for men and women.

Zhenlishi And Felix Paulcana Complete A Historical Leap

One step away, separating space from Earth. At the opening ceremony of the Zenith Singapore flagship store on October 7, Felix Paulajan made a leap in history. Interviews inside the car, ribbon-cutting ceremony, fantastic night, Zenith celebrated the grand opening of the new flagship store in Southeast Asia with great success.

  ‘Welcome to the car!’ The driver who said this was not someone else. It was Felix Paulcana. The fastest man in the world is sitting in the driver’s seat, while the reporter is in the passenger seat. While driving, the brand ambassador received a series of questions from reporters, while Zenith CEO Aldo Magada was also interviewed on a tram. The celebration of the opening of Zenith Singapore’s flagship store started in such a race against time.

  After the ribbon-cutting ceremony, it was a fantastic night. In the flagship store decorated in space style, the invited guests not only learned the brand concept of Zenith, but also experienced the incredible historicity of Felix Paulcana. jump. The event put watchmaking in the vast world of space, and time seemed to lose weight.

  “Singapore’s prestige is the key to the world. The opening of Zenith Singapore’s flagship store tonight is a key step for the brand to continue its Asian strategy.” Zenith CEO Aldo Magada said, “We are honored, We can welcome guests from all over the world to witness this special moment together. For many years, they have been passionate about spreading the brand spirit in their own country. We are also very happy to be working with Felix Paulcana Sharing this wonderful moment, he reflects the value of Zenith’s ‘exquisite, extraordinary, precise and precise.’

  ‘Her Felix’s historic leap also represents Zenith’s relentless pursuit of pioneering and breaking boundaries.’ Hugo Escudé, the brand’s Southeast Asia director, added, ‘I firmly believe that the opening of the first flagship store is not the end, but just countless brilliant The beginning of achievement. ‘