Vacheron Constantin’s 200th Anniversary Of Independence Day

Vacheron Constantin is the oldest watch manufacturer in the world, and created a limited edition watch to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Venezuela’s independence. This watch will be produced in a limited edition of 19 pieces: 10 are rose gold and 9 are platinum. The back of the watch is engraved with the number 19 in it, which represents the date of Independence announced by Venezuela is April 19, 1810.
   Under the leadership of Simon Bolivar of South America, the Venezuelan War of Independence became the earliest executor of the Latin American Independence Movement (1811-1823). This is an integral part of events related to the liberation of Latin America. Military and political cooperation between nations is the common starting point, so the Venezuelan War of Independence is inseparable from other wars of South American independence. The first draft document was issued in 1811 with the number ’19’ at the center of the seal on this draft, which means that Independence Day was April 19, 1810.
   Vacheron Constantin has a long history in South America. In 1835 Maison opened its shop in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The brand’s profile also shows that the brand’s earliest sales date in Argentina was around 1880. The bond between Vacheron Constantin and Venezuela was strengthened at the beginning of the 20th century. As early as 1922, the United States and Venezuela’s Minister in Berne commissioned the then United Nations based in Geneva to invite Charles Constantin to become Venezuela’s Deputy Consul in Geneva. Charles Constantin accepted the position with pleasure.