Defining Eternity The 2nd Fiyta ‘time Medal’ Photographer Awards Ceremony Successfully Ended

At the foot of Changbai Mountain in Jilin, China, October 22, 2014, the famous Chinese watch brand Fiyta hosted the second Fiyta ‘Time Medal’ Photographers Awards Ceremony. There are 100 nationwide in this event. The media and 300 Fiyta dealers, as well as a number of professionals in the photography and art circles, attended the event and witnessed Fiyta’s most beautiful time in Changbai Mountain. Time knows the value of love the most. The theme of the Medal is the time frame, such as eternal love. Next, please follow the live report of the Watch House to learn about the exciting activities of the day.

  The award ceremony was selected at the grand Changbai Mountain Grand Theater at the foot of Changbai Mountain. Nearly 500 guests witnessed this wonderful moment together. Three important awards will be announced here tonight.

  Before the awards ceremony, the stars, the winners and the leaders of Fiyta held a red carpet ceremony. Although the weather was cold, everyone was still looking forward to waiting for the mysterious guest tonight at the red carpet, or with themselves Of three or five friends taking pictures.

  First of all, we welcomed our first guest, Mr. Zhang Yadong, a well-known Chinese musician. Mr. Zhang Yadong not only has outstanding achievements and contributions in the field of music, but also has a great love for photography in recent years. In his lens, we find more It is a rhythm of the mind.

  Yu Kewei, a Chinese singer who has become popular with her ‘Happy Girl’, won the most popular female singer in mainland China with her ‘Love Broke’ album in 2013; in the same year, Yu Kewei also sang the official song with the movie ‘Little Times’ directed by Guo Jingming The promotional song ‘Time to Boil the Rain’ won the LeTV Grand Film Awards of the Year. Tonight she will bring us wonderful music as a singing guest.

In the second season of China Voice, Ms. Xuan Xuan, the third-ranking student, and Mr. Du Xi, the general manager of the Fiyta brand.

Chinese photography artist Rong Rong.

  After the grand red carpet show, Mr. Du Xi, the general manager of the Fiyta brand, took the stage after the host’s warm opening speech. Everyone is well-known that one of Fiyta’s most famous watch series is called the ‘Photographer’ series, which not only includes the superb craftsmanship of Fiyta watches, but also includes the participation of Fiyta brand spokesman Gu Tianle in designing. This series combines Some elements of photography equipment and convenience are an indispensable watch product for professional photographers.
  Fiyta has always believed that helping more people realize their dreams is the dream that is more enjoyable. For many years, Fiyta has been devoted to philanthropy. This year, Fiyta also donated the sales of special charity series of photographers to the ‘China Teacher Development Foundation’ to support poor teachers in the Yunnan-Guizhou area, to pass on their dreams and endlessly. This will express the spirit of the big love dream contained in the Fiyta brand.

  For various reasons, Fiyta brand spokespersons Gao Yuanyuan and Gu Tianle were unable to attend the scene, but they also sent videos to witness this wonderful moment together with everyone.

  The event also received the support of the photography session and authoritative figures in the art world, including WPO (World Photography Organization) founder Scott Gray, well-known director Guan Jinpeng, well-known photography critic Gu Yi, and director of the China Photographers Association, China Photography Magazine Art Director Wen Danqing, well-known curator Na Risong, media operator Jiayou Online, co-president of the ‘Image Age’ publisher Luo Yuanxi, etc. The above picture shows the first award of Wen Danqing and another teacher.

  The first to be announced is the ‘Best Graphic Photographer Award’. The winner of this award was Rong Rong & Inri, who is very famous in the international photography industry. Rong Rong, a Chinese photographer and his wife Inri, have completed many outstanding Photography.

  What surprised everyone at the awards party was the famous female singer Yu Kewei. She presented three wonderful songs to everyone, bringing warmth in this severe cold, especially when she sang her famous golden song ‘Time to Boil the Rain’. Boiled again.

  Immediately afterwards, Mr. Du Xi and Yu Kewei, the general manager of the Fiyta brand, presented the second award of the day, the ‘Best Starlight Photographer Award’. With a pure smile, Fiyta is also committed to poverty alleviation education and donation activities in the Yunnan-Guizhou area, which ignites hope for children in remote mountain areas.

  Finally, Mr. Xu Dongsheng, the managing director of Fiyta Group, and the newly-born young actor Gulina, jointly presented the final award tonight, the ‘Best Cinematographer Award’. The winner of this award was more than ten years in Europe Zhou Shuhao, a well-known photographer, is good at expressing his home and family feelings with his works. The best hit ‘Dear’ movie is one of his works.

  Finally, all the award-winning guests and the artistic and photographic authorities and the senior leaders of Fiyta took a group photo. The second Fiyta “Time Medal” Photographers Awards Ceremony ended perfectly. Next, the media and dealers visited The works of three award-winning photographers.

  In the gallery of photographic works, not only the outstanding photographic works of the three winners are placed, but also the unique lens-shaped display case showcases the Fiyta photographer series watch products.
The picture above shows the men’s wristwatch of the Fiyta photographer series, which adopts imported automatic mechanical movement, steel strap and stainless steel case.

  The picture above shows the replica men’s watch of the Fiyta photographer series, which uses imported automatic mechanical movement, stainless steel IP black plated, anti-glare sapphire glass.

  The picture above shows the same model of the Fiyta Photographer’s Watch Zhang Yadong, which uses imported automatic mechanical movement, anti-glare sapphire glass, 50 meters waterproof, and re-engraved lens form.

Many media people took photos with their favorite photographs.

Part of the photography works of Zhou Shuhao, the winner of the ‘Best Cinematographer’ award that day.

On that day, the ‘Best Starlight Photographer’ award won some works of Mr. Yadong.

Summary: Finally, a piece of Mr. Zhang Yadong’s work is used as a summary of this activity. Through this activity, we witnessed the indissoluble bond between Fiyta and the photographer, and also learned about the commitment to charity and public welfare. Fiyta, such as the ongoing Fiyta “Cyan Blue Mission” charity event, “Blue Mission” is a photographer series watch that Gu Tianle participated in designing as “Charity Special”, and part of The sales proceeds are donated to the ‘China Teacher Development Foundation’ to support teachers in the Yunnan-Guizhou region, to pass on their dreams and endlessly. Here we wish Fiyta Photographer’s Watches a better performance, and also help more children in remote and poor mountain areas.

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