Cartier Xiantianxia Boutique Dress Up Upgrade

As the ‘May 1st’ wedding season approaches, the jewellery and watch leader who enjoys the reputation of ‘Emperor’s Jeweler, Jeweler’s Emperor’ — Cartier’s latest global concept Cartier boutique, first time in Shijiazhuang The first floor of Tianxiaxia Plaza was upgraded and opened.

The reporter saw at the scene that Cartier continued the essence of Cartier’s global unified design in the luxury space, sublimating the luxury experience and extraordinary creativity that symbolized the soul of Cartier brand. Cartier proudly displays three major display areas of jewelry, watches and accessories, covering the Panthèrede Cartier cheetah series, LOVE series, Trinity gold series, etc. of the jewelry series; BallonBluedeCartier blue balloon series wrist watches for men and women Watches, Tank series watches, Tortue watches, etc. Dazzlingly colorful against the classic timeless decorative style, the French romantic feelings are perfectly displayed here. What is especially pleasing to the wedding family is that the exclusive ‘Setforyou’ Cartier custom wedding ring series, which is customized and born for love, shines beautifully, and the affordable price of about 10,000 yuan awaits your ultimate selection.

As a global luxury jewelry watch brand from France, Cartier has been leading the trend with an international vision for more than 160 years. The world’s first ‘watch’, tank tank watch, ‘love and loyalty’ bracelet, a Trinity ring symbolizing love, friendship, and affection. A gorgeous and well-known product that is widely known by the people has become Cartier’s classic, innovative design and superior craftsmanship. Synonymous with.