High-end Watchmaking Is By No Means Exclusive To Men.

In 2012, Jaeger-LeCoultre launched a date series watch. Last year, the watch accounted for 45% of the brand’s revenue, which clearly shows that women’s watches have become an independent force that cannot be ignored in the market.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Dating Moon Phase Watch

   Not long ago, ‘cheap’ quartz movements were standard on ladies’ watches. At that time, women’s watches often relied heavily on the traditional ‘feminine’ aesthetics to guarantee the price. If you return to the Geneva International Haute Horlogerie Salon (SIHH2013) five years ago, take a look at the ladies’ watches released at the time: Piaget Couture Précieuse high jewelry watch (with rose gold bracelet), Montblanc Princessesse GracedeMonaco high rose petal watch And Vacheron Constantin Maltese watch (dial and bezel set with 190 diamonds). All three watches are pearly, two of which are equipped with quartz movements.

Piaget Couture Précieuse High Jewellery Watch, 2013

Montblanc Princesse Grace de Monaco rose petal high jewelry watch, 2013

Vacheron Constantin Malta watch, 2013

   Now, jump to 2018 and check out RomainGauthierInsightMicro-RotorLady (the brand’s first ladies timepiece) and Cartier Révélationd’une Panthère. Both watches are free of the stereotypes of traditional women’s watches and go far beyond their diamond-studded finishes. The RomainGauthier watch has a diameter of 39.5 mm and is powered by a movement. It is equipped with a 22K gold two-way winding mini-rotor. Women’s watches have moved from jewelry to technology. Fine watchmaking brands are also beginning to create sophisticated (less glamorous) timepieces for women. This is an era of change.

Romain Gauthier Insight Micro-Rotor Lady

Cartier Révélation d’ une Panthère

Cutting-edge luxury watches

   Not only aesthetics and manufacturing, the way people search for women’s watches on the web is also changing. Data from Google helped us understand the changing attitudes of the public, especially online shoppers, towards women’s watches. Women’s watch customers have been less likely to use keywords such as ‘Diamonds’ and ‘Tiffany’, and are more inclined to search directly for related watch terms. In 2014, Daniel Wellington was very popular online; unsurprisingly, smartwatches became more and more popular in search; today, online searches are focused on fine watchmaking brands.

   Last year, Richhan Group Chairman Johann Rupert said in an interview with the New York Times: ‘Luxury must be prudent and low-key. The era of jewellery and jewelry has passed. Forget it. The feelings of Qiu Fu will further expand, The rich are no longer as keen to show off as they have been, and their wealth is invisible. ‘The new products from the 2017 SIHH and Baselworld show this view.

IWC Portofino Moon Phase Automatic 37

Omega Speedmaster 38mm Chronograph

   Although there are still many jewellery watches, the two major exhibitions show that sometimes a soft aesthetic can add real charm to women’s watches. This trend shift has been bred for many years in the fine watchmaking industry, especially last year. The 2017 Geneva International Fine Watch Salon showed us that watchmakers have really begun to cater to women’s watch lovers who love tourbillons. In the popularity ranking of Instagram women’s watches that year, although Rolex occupied the top spot, the most popular were the exquisite and low-profile IWC Portofino moon phase automatic watch and the Caliber 3300 coaxial movement Omega Speedmaster series 38 mm Watch.

Ambiguous gender boundaries

   Loupiosity editor-in-chief EszterFaykiss said she wants to blur the boundaries between men’s and women’s watches: ‘I don’t think it’s necessary to clarify the line between men’s and women’s watches. Just considering two genders when developing a new style can fill the industry today. A big gap. Many watchmaking brands have begun to explore this solution, but it still needs to gain momentum. ‘The concept of’ neutral watches ‘follows a broader trend, RomainGauthierInsightMicro-RotorLady watches and Omega Speedmaster series The 38mm chronograph is the embodiment of this concept.

Cartier Santos de Cartier watch

   Brands can also choose to stand on one side or the other of the gender barrier. For example, Cartier reiterated that it is a female brand. Arnaud Carrez, Cartier’s Marketing Director at SIHH 2017, said: ‘Cartier’s fine watchmaking and sports collections do focus on men, but the new positioning allows us to return to the origin, the company’s founding purpose. Cartier first Being a jeweller and then a watchmaker, we fully realize that we are a female brand. ‘Of course, this does not prevent Cartier from re-examining the Santos de Cartier collection, the men’s favorite men’s watch this year. (Photo / text watch home compiled by Xu Chaoyang)