Inventory Of The Top Ten Chinese Dragon Years In Switzerland (Part I)

I still remember to see every heart-shaped model at the beginning of the exhibition. There is always a great contrast in the scene, because there will be no rumbling drums around, no Spotlight focus, ears We can only hear the enthusiasm of the people on the court, but we have actually experienced surging enthusiasm in our bodies; and the end of each exhibition period means ‘What is the meaning of seeing each other later?’ Fortunately, we can tell the sentiment through words and remember the drunk again; next, we wrote ten love letters for this year’s BASELWORLD.

BLANCPAIN Traditional Chinese Calendar

 This year is the Year of the Chinese Dragon, on the one hand, it represents the most auspicious year in the twelve-year zodiac cycle.On the other hand, it also coincides with the rapid rise in the consumption power of the global boutique industry in the Greater China market. At the watch exhibition, many brands have successively launched commemorative watches with the theme of dragons. However, various brands have made every effort to create dragon watches, but most of them only focus on the level of modification. There are few true Chinese culture behind the Dragon Year. Until this time, the platinum tradition published by Babel on BASELWORLD Calendar watch.
 The lunar calendar, which is commonly used in Chinese society, is a rare yin and yang calendar in the world. Although the significance of traditional festivals is becoming less and less important in modern society, this calendar still has the function of reminding twenty-four solar terms such as Xia Yundong and Tibetan . Blancpain released this watch this year, with quite complete Lunar calendar-related instructions. The central hour, minute and blue steel date hands first explained the basic time functions, and the second time dial at 12 o’clock was ingenious. Ug Yin-yin and other hours are used as the inner circle time scale, and the outer circle 24-hour scale is written in Chinese characters. A small window is opened on the second time plate to display the Chinese zodiac sign with 12 figures. The 3 o’clock position is a Tiangan five-element plate with a 10-year cycle. Although there is no separate indication of the Earth branch on the dial, because the zodiac sign corresponds to the twelve Earth branch, it can be easily calculated from the combination of the Tiangan and the zodiac. Each year of the dry branch is a compromise compromise to reduce the complexity of the dial. The key point of the whole watch is the 9-day lunar calendar indicating the lunar calendar. Due to the design of the 19th year of the lunar calendar and the 7th of July, a fixed monthly cycle cannot be obtained, so if you want to make a perpetual calendar like the solar calendar There are real difficulties. The solution found by Bao platinum is to adjust this watch to the standard of the annual calendar. Whenever it encounters a month that requires placement, the wearer has to go back one month to complete the placement, and repeat the first The two leap months will be reminded by the red dot below the time scale of the lunar month (white dots if it is not a leap month), which can be regarded as a very clever simplification.
 Due to the many indication functions of this lunar calendar, up to five hidden adjustment buttons are set on the surface side, which greatly reduces the time adjustment complexity. On the pure white dial fired with big fire enamel, there are three numbers written in Roman, Arabic, and Chinese, plus the Chinese characters of the hours, days, and five elements, as well as the graphical display of the zodiac, moon phases and gossip. The dial is so lively and extraordinary, and at the same time it takes into account the visual legibility, it shows that Bao platinum’s outstanding skills in design.
 It is worth mentioning that 20 limited-edition platinum automatic discs are engraved with a dragon, and the side of the ‘Jinchen’ stem branch year, hiding the treasure platinum as the 12th year of the dragon celebration. The low-key nature of leisurelyness just illustrates the demeanor and height of the 277-year-old watchmaking giant.

Traditional Chinese Calendar

 3638 automatic refining movement ∕ Platinum material ∕ Diameter 45mm 径 Hour and minute indication ∕ Date indication ∕ Moon phase display ∕ Second place hour indication ∕ Lunar calendar day and month indication 闰 Month reminder indication ∕ Tiangan, Five Elements indication, Zodiac indication ∕ Sapphire Crystal mirror, bottom cover, water-resistant to 30 meters, limited edition of 20 platinum models, and rose gold models.
 1. The 24-hour second time is written in Chinese numerals, and the inner circle is Twelve Hours such as Zi Chou Yin. On the small plate indicating the lunar calendar, the traditional Chinese lunar month is used to represent December, creating a strong Chinese flavor.
 2. The golden carved dragon and ‘renchen’ on the automatic plate can only be seen on 20 limited edition platinum models. Generally, the rose gold models are replaced by simple machine-engraved carvings and ‘polyplatin’. Such differences also highlight the celebration and craftsmanship of the limited edition.

 3. Although the zodiac window at the 12 o’clock position of the dial is not large, it can be clearly seen from the movement chart that the 12 zodiac graphics are not sloppy in details and charm, and it is also quite in line with Chinese tradition for these 12 zodiac signs. The impression is very valuable.

Six-year-old Chen Shiji Dacheng BREGUET Classique Chronométrie 7727

 This year’s Classique Chronométrie 7727 can be said to be a six-year-old pressure box treasure of Breguet, although at the time of publication, Breguet emphasized that it would reverse the watchmaking logic of the previous ‘counter-magnetism’ to ‘magnetism for stability’ Breakthrough concept, but if you take a closer look at the series of R & D achievements that began in 2006, it is not difficult to find that every move that Baodi has taken in the past six years directly points to this great work this year. admire!
 In 2006, Breguet announced the introduction of silicon into escapement parts such as balance springs, escapement wheels, and pawl levers. The aim was for silicon to be anti-magnetic, lightweight, stable, and less resilient to fatigue. Next, in 2010玑 The Type XXII with a vibration frequency of up to 72,000vph is unsurprisingly continued with the silicon escapement structure, because in the high-speed world of 10Hz, only the light weight of silicon will not let the high vibration frequency affect the durability of the watch operation, and only Silicon’s stability is not easy to fatigue, so it can withstand such high-frequency continuous operation; in other words, if the silicon material is not introduced, it will be difficult to launch an escapement of 72,000vph. This year, Classique Chronométrie 7727 not only used silicon escapement and 72,000vph vibration frequency, but also added two accurately calculated magnets above and below the pivot of the balance wheel, using a very small magnetic field that runs through the entire pivot of the balance wheel to achieve stable escapement. The ultimate effect of vertical. However, what is the relationship between magnetic force and silicon material and high vibration frequency?
 First of all, in this device called Magnetic Pivots, Breguet uses two large and one small magnets to ‘hold’ the balance wheel up and down without directly contacting it, and because both magnets are round grooved, so The entire balance wheel pivot will be fixed without being offset. Secondly, the magnets calculated by precise magnetism create a magnetic field that runs through the pivot of the balance wheel, ensuring that the balance wheel will gently touch the larger magnet with the lower tip no matter which orientation it is in, allowing the escapement system to have Totally stable. Finally, and most importantly, because of the antimagnetic properties of silicon, Breguet can ensure that even if the device has a very tiny magnetic overflow (though Breguet claims it is unlikely to happen), it will not affect the surrounding silicon. The parts made of materials have an impact; and because the escapement operates at a high speed of 10Hz, it generates a rotational inertia much higher than the ordinary vibration frequency escapement, so that the magnetic field penetrating the pivot can grasp the entire escapement more tightly. The effect of external force vibration on the pivot shift is minimized.
 Magnetic Pivots, inspired by Master Breguet’s Pare-Chute shock absorber developed in 1790, the principle is actually not complicated, and it is not a shocking innovation, but if there is no silicon material and high vibration frequency, first, Perhaps it will be a laboratory work that stays in the theoretical stage forever.
 According to Breguet, Magnetic Pivots is not a series of exclusive or limited products, and will also be used in other models in the future, everyone just wait and see.

 Classique Chronométrie 7727574DR hand-finished movement. 18K white gold material. 41mm diameter. Hour, minute, and small seconds indicator. 1/10 second accumulator. 60-hour power reserve indicator. Sapphire crystal mirror, bottom cover. Water-resistant to 30 meters.
1. In addition to a small second dial at 12 o’clock, there is also a 1/10 second dial made of silicon material, which highlights the ultra-high frequency of Classique Chronométrie 7727 operating at 10Hz.
2. At 2 o’clock on the dial, Breguet has specially placed a triangle with no substantial time indication function to commemorate the Magnetic Pivots in the watch, inspired by the Pare-Chute shock absorber invented by Master Breguet in 1790.
3. Under the dial, the research and development achievements of Breguet layout for more than six years are used, and the dial is also unambiguous, from the engraved carvings and track patterns on the outer ring to the central water ripple and the decorative carvings on the small dials.高达 A total of six patterns are used. Although the dial configuration is simple, it is still rich and layered.
Other watches will be released tomorrow, so stay tuned!

Hublot Osaka Shinsaibashi Flagship Store Grand Opening

On May 13, 2015, Hublot, a Swiss luxury watchmaker, proudly held a special event to celebrate the grand opening of the flagship store in Osaka, Japan.
   The new flagship store is located in Osaka’s most prestigious Shinsaibashi shopping district and will be officially opened to the public the next day. This is the second Hublot store in Japan after the Tokyo Ginza flagship store in 2011, and it is also the 77th flagship store in the world. Similar to the Ginza store, the latest and most complete Hublot watch products are displayed and sold in the Osaka store, and there are other special works for the store.
   Mr. Jean-Claude Biver, Chairman of the Hublot Board of Directors and Head of the LVMH Group’s Watch Division, deliberately flew from Switzerland to host the grand opening ceremony of the flagship store together with the famous Japanese kabuki and movie actor Shido Nakamura. Under the watchful eye of the masses and media reporters, Mr. Jean-Claude Biver and Nakamura Lion Boy smashed sake barrels with a special mallet. This ritual is called ‘kagami-biraki’ in Japan, which symbolizes good luck. At the subsequent special cocktail party, guests toasted to celebrate, took the first look at the store’s decoration, and were fascinated by its stylish and elegant atmosphere.

   Mr. Shitaka Nakamura said, ‘It is an honor to participate in the celebration of the opening of Hublot’s Osaka flagship store. Hublot is determined to be innovative and full of energy. At the same time, I continue to accept new challenges. In this regard, I am deeply close to the spirit of Hublot, and I hope to witness greater success in the future. ‘

   Jean-Claude Biver expressed his joy: ‘This is Hublot’s second flagship store opened in Japan. I like the country of Japan and can’t wait to officially open it. Osaka is full of energy and discovery. Hublot’s wrist Watches are both luxurious and innovative, and we are here to witness a new Big Bang moment. Hublot loves Osaka! ‘

   The Hublot Osaka Shinsaibashi flagship store officially opened on Thursday, May 14. The new flagship store occupies two floors, is spacious and bright, and has a large “HUBLOT” logo on the exterior wall, which is still very eye-catching from a distance. The interior decoration of the store is also very different. Quiet and peaceful black and white gray color and colorful popular elements come together, fully interpreting the brand’s ‘fused art’ value concept.

Panerai Announces Three New Luminor 1950 Series Watches

In the minds of some Panerai watch fans, the design of the Luminor 1950 case has always been a classic style that is difficult to replace. To this end, Panerai has recently released three new Luminor 1950 series watches, each equipped with a P.9003 three-day chain, a P.2002 eight-day chain and a P.2003 ten-day chain GMT two time movements. Fans have more options.

   Officine Panerai has quickly become popular in the past two decades and has become the most loyal consumer brand. It has always been one of the most legendary stories in the world. Exploring the reasons behind such a miracle, most experts agree that one is that Panerai has a mysterious and rich history of watchmaking; secondly, the brand originated from the supply of the Italian Navy and has followed the highest standards since its inception. To produce the most accurate and durable products, with a passion for watchmaking that always strives for excellence and continuous improvement. Finally, Panerai also has an unparalleled winning factor, that is, to design excellent shapes from a practical perspective, and in the process of continuous improvement, it continues to create a variety of classic, practical, beautiful and beautiful. Unique case design.

   Panerai’s classic series, the Radiomir series, was born in 1936 and officially submitted to the Italian Navy in 1938. Later, Panerai continued to improve the models in the 1940s and 1950s. In 1949, it obtained a patent of Luminor luminous material with Tritium (氚) as the light source, replacing the radiomirror. As for the unique appearance and powerful performance of the faucet bridge and the press-in waterproof lever, which were patented in 1956, it not only improved the water resistance to about 200 meters, but also became one of the distinctive features of the Panerai watch. At this point, Panerai completely perfected the case design, and the classic Luminor 1950 case was born.

   Compared with the flat straight lines on the side of the Luminor case, the curve of the Luminor 1950 body is more round and thick; the waterproof lever is thicker; the opening of the crown is not a rectangular shape, but the extension fold line is slightly pentagonal. In the minds of some Panerai watch fans, the Luminor 1950 case design has always been a classic style that is difficult to replace in mind. To this end, Panerai Xinjin has again released three new Luminor 1950 series watches, which are equipped with P.9003 three-day chain, P.2002 eight-day chain and P.2003 ten-day chain GMT two time movements, providing Table fans have more options.

   This new Luminor 1950 3 Days GMT 24H Automatic Acciaio – 44 mm stainless steel 24-hour watch (PAM00531) is equipped with the new Panerai P.9003 automatic mechanical movement, also equipped with 2 The barrel is equipped with a 3-day power reserve. The difference is that the GMT hands and the 24-hour scale are used to display the time between the two places, and the power reserve on the back is changed to a disc display for easier reading. Of course, the faceplate is still Panerai’s famous sandwich-type faceplate design, and it also has a date display window, but the pointer uses the Luminor Submersible series of conventional hollow hands, which is quite special.

   The watch’s stainless steel case itself perfectly replicates the beautiful design of the Luminor prototype watch. The polished case with a diameter of 44 mm contrasts sharply with the frosted crown and bridge protection. Its water resistance is up to 300. The bottom case is made of transparent sapphire crystal glass. You can see the exquisite workmanship of the power reserve display and the P.9003 automatic winding movement. This movement is one of three P.9000 series self-made movements (the others are P.9000 and P.9002) released by Panerai in 2009, with dual time display, 12-hour indicator and Power reserve indicator on the case back.

   Another Luminor 1950 10 Days GMT Automatic Acciaio is equipped with a P.2003 self-winding movement completely designed and manufactured by Panerai. This movement has a diameter of 13¾ legal minutes and 25 stones. It adopts a unique structure design in the field of watchmaking . Consisting of 296 elements, the three barrels equipped can accumulate enough power to run the watch for ten days. This means that you only need to wind your watch three times a month.

   The watch also uses a 44 mm stainless steel case, a classic sandwich face, hour markers and large Arabic numerals, and all indicators are covered with Super Luminova, which is clear even in dimly lit or even completely dark environments. Read. The 9 o’clock small seconds dial is equipped with a day and night display hand, and with the central second place time hand, it can also clearly display the second place time, clearly distinguishing whether the place is day or night.

   As for the Luminor 1950 8 Days GMT Oro Rosso – 44 mm 8-day power reserve dual time red gold watch, it is equipped with a P.2002 hand-wound movement, which combines Italian creative tradition and Swiss watchmaking technology. Knowledge, its power reserve allows the watch to run continuously for 8 days. This design is inspired by the Angelus movement of the 1940s. P.2002 has three barrels and a linear power reserve display; it also has practical GMT second time display performance, and uses the second hand to return Zero device. When the winding crown is pulled out, this device can stop the balance wheel and the second hand and reset the second hand to zero. This feature helps the wearer to accurately set and synchronize the time according to the reference time.

   The watch itself uses a red gold case. This 5Npt red gold case specially developed by Panerai is a special alloy of gold plus 24.1% copper metal and 0.4% platinum, which not only helps prevent metal oxidation, Harder than traditional rose gold. What’s more important is its magnificent color, coupled with the brown faceplate, which further integrates the watch with a gentle and elegant temperament.