Superheroes Show You Super-wearable Watches!

‘Avengers 3 Infinity War’ was finally released at 01:00 on May 11. It is said that in addition to the evening show in China, there may be heroes leaving the show. Some foreign media have used this to shake things up a bit before: The uncle who is a Marvel movie fan, after two weeks of cautiousness, carefully avoided all spoiler news (and temporarily blocked friends who have already seen Circle), and finally wait until the film is released in China, even if you are traveling overseas, you have to see the premiere at midnight! So a week ago, tickets for 00:05 on the 11th were booked, and I couldn’t wait to arrive 2 hours in advance. I found a bar nearby for a small drink to cultivate emotions. . . By the time of the entrance, the Iron Man and the crowd at the scene had already detonated the excitement of expectation! As for the plot, the uncle will not spoil it. It can only be said that it is super burning! Burn! Burn! Burn! More blood than any superhero movie you have ever seen, the fate of each character has always affected your nerves. Uncle has not seen a movie for a long time and was so sweaty! Compared with Fulian 3, the Civil War of US Team 3 is just a piece of cake ~ and everyone has speculated, which are the most concerned superheroes who lead the bento? The uncle can only say, don’t forget that there will be a reunion 4 next year. I believe that no matter what you encounter in this episode, you should see it again in the fourth episode! Otherwise, how can we let everyone obediently continue to dig into the cinema? Tip: This episode of Marvel will go directly to the theme after the prelude, so don’t be distracted to chat and watch the phone (it is really unethical to look at the phone, the screen is so bright and affects others)! And it is the egg next to Thor 3, so I haven’t seen Thor 3 and the last egg. Please make up the progress first to avoid being confused! Based on this topic’s highly discussed ‘Avengers 3’, the uncle specially teamed up with ‘REVOLUTION’ to plan a watch for several superheroes and see how they wear the watch super Hero Fan! (There are many heroes, and you ca n’t play them one by one, please forgive me.) * (The following big pictures are for those who like superheroes. Welcome to save the beautiful mobile desktop, thank you!) Iceman & Patek Philippe AQUANAUT Series Ref. 5168G Wolverine & Bulgari Octo Finissimo Automatic ultra-thin self-winding watch Superman & RICHARD MILLE RM53-01 Pablo Mac Donough manual winding tourbillon watch stealth female & Blancpain Fifty Fathom series deep dive wrist Watch Batman & Omega Speedmaster Series ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ Catwoman & Breguet Reine de Naples Queen Naples Series 8908 Iron Man & URWERK UR-110 Torpedo Watch Fantastic Four -MR.Fantastic & amp ; Vacheron Constantin-Wulness Series Weekly Calendar Power Reserve Watch