Two ‘day And Night Distinguished’ Mechanical Watches

Panerai Luminor1950 titanium single button chronograph

Franck Muller Dual Hour Retrograde Watch
The functionality of today’s mechanical watches is gradually diversifying. Even the most basic hours, minutes, and seconds have been made by design masters. ‘Unrecognizable’ and other auxiliary functions are even more. The most commonly used timing tools have surpassed the original concept, giving designers who are eager to mechanical watches a wider stage to show their original and innovative ideas. The 24 o’clock display is the most frequently used function in the watch. Below I will give you a detailed introduction to various forms of the 24 o’clock function.
Day and night division
The 24 o’clock display of this type of watch is the same as the basic principle of the pointer type, except that they are more simple and intuitive to set the day and night display function on the dial to achieve the purpose of 24-hour display. They all use the power output by the hour wheel to drive the 24 hour wheel, but the central adjustable device needs the crown to connect and drive, making its structure more complicated. The off-center 24 o’clock adjustment device is installed on both sides of the crown by quickly dialing the 2 o’clock hands.
For example, a mechanical watch of Panerai has an unadjustable 24 o’clock display hand at the off-center position, and its printed marks are AM and PM, which represent morning and afternoon, thus replacing the traditional 24 digit In addition, there is also a way to replace the 24 digits display. & Mdash; & mdash; The star display, this display method is to change the original pointer into a disc printed with stars and the sun, through which it constantly rotates the stars To indicate the change of the sun and the moon, and also to indicate the 24-hour alternation.