Daniels Anniversary Watchdaniel’s Anniversary Watch

After two years of development research, a project started by George Daniels George Daniel and his former apprentice Roger W. Smith is now delivering its first George Daniels Anniversary Watches .
But unfortunately, the great watchmaker died before these watches were completed, but they will always pay tribute to the pioneering achievements of George Daniel, and the most memorable of them is undoubtedly The coaxial escapement system has long been adopted by Omega’s movements for a series of production.

Daniels Anniversary Watch

In fact, the Anniversary Watch Anniversary Watch marks the 35th anniversary of the coaxial escapement invented by Daniels, which greatly reduces the sliding friction in the escapement, thereby greatly improving the accuracy and reliability of the watch movement Sex.
Equally important, this new collection is the first hand-made watch available to the public, equipped with a movement designed by George Daniel and manufactured on the Isle of Man.
The limited edition of 35 watches has distinctive George Daniels design features, such as the arrow hour hand and the eccentric ring on the dial, but also hides Roger W. Smith’s personal style. Daniel’s coaxial escapement system. The escape wheel uses a separate coaxial gear.) Daniel’s coaxial escapement design has been improved.

Co-axial escapement of George Daniels Anniversary Watch

In order to further improve the accuracy of the coaxial escapement system, a cardless balance spring system and a relatively low vibration frequency of 18,000 times (2.5 Hz) per hour are used. The power reserve of the movement is also limited to 36 hours to use the The ‘extra part’ of the balance spring.
The case and dial of the watch are hand-made in 18K yellow gold, in keeping with Daniel’s traditional tradition, while the sapphire crystal on the case back shows the movement of the movement. Each finished watch is wrist-tested for its aesthetics and accuracy by Roger Smith himself prior to final delivery.

Charms And Miracles Cartier Celestial Mystery Tourbillon Watch Tasting

For more than 100 years, Cartier has fully exerted the charm of mysterious timepieces. The watch with its own mysterious atmosphere gives people a bright feeling. The mysterious timepiece originated from the creation of the mysterious clock. The reason why the mysterious clock is ‘mysterious’ has endless charm is that its hands made of platinum and diamonds are like floating on a transparent clock body, without any connection to the movement. As we all know, a clock with a broken power connection cannot drive the hands, but such hands not only do not stop, but also can accurately move the time, full of ‘magic’. And this magical clock creation method, Cartier today brings us a visual feast again. At the 2016 SIHH watch exhibition, following the mysterious hour watch and the dual mysterious tourbillon watch, Cartier once again launched the Astromystérieux celestial running mysterious tourbillon watch, equipped with a center escapement that rotates with the axis of the hand, and opened. A new chapter in Cartier’s mysterious aesthetics. Want to know how the Cartier watchmaker made the mysterious tourbillon watch with the needle and core separated accurately? Then follow me to explore the mysteries. (Watch model: W1556249)

‘Blind Eyes’ and Magic

See the gears around the glass dial?

   In fact, the mystery is the ‘eye-blindness’ that Cartier watchmakers bring to us: the effect of the interaction of two pieces of fixed glass and the fine gears around the dial. The hands are fixed on the glass, and the minute hand is connected to the movement and does not rotate by itself. The rotation is actually glass and the entire structure. The gear is driven by the center escapement, and the glass dial is rotated by the gear. ‘Illusion’ to complete this seemingly incredible, but it is full of brand wisdom ‘magic’ movement.

Close-up watch display

   The watchmaking inspiration of this series of mysterious watches is inspired by the great French magician and the pioneer of modern magic, Jean-European Robert-Udan, when the clock was invented: the hands are not directly connected to the movement, It is fixed on two glass discs with jagged metal frames. The disc is driven by the movement (mostly located at the bottom of the clock), which rotates the hands to indicate the hours and minutes, respectively. Today, Cartier’s mysterious watch inherits and reinterprets this unique craftsmanship in a modern style.

Not only mysterious but cold

Watch case display

   Platinum is rarely used in watch materials, and is mostly used in brand limited editions or special models (not exclusive). And this watch is made of 950 platinum as the watch case. The 43.5mm is not as bright as the gold case. Platinum is full of high-cold aristocracy, full of classic and low-key luxury. The treated 950 platinum reflects a soft light and is very beautiful.

Watch dial display

   The guilloché dial, decorated with the classic and elegant Cartier Roman numerals, not only provides eye-catching viewing conditions, but also decorates the watch as a whole, elegant and beautiful. Apple-shaped hands, integrated with the center escapement, interpret the ‘miracle’ on the watch.

Watch crown display
  The 950 platinum bead-shaped crown is set with a brand-convex sapphire. The polished platinum crown has a good feel and does not slip hands when operating the watch, bringing an excellent operating experience.

Watch lug display

   The polished platinum lugs are naturally smooth and highly ornamental. The strap is perfectly connected to the watch and adds luster to the watch as a whole.

Watch back cover display

   The watch has a double-layer transparent design on the top and bottom, so that the operation of this movement can be seen clearly, and there is no expression of interest. It is equipped with Cartier 9462 MC movement, the balance frequency is 21,600 times per hour, and the power reserve is about 50 hours.

Watch strap buckle display

   The watch is equipped with a black crocodile leather strap with a comfortable texture and classic urban style. Attaching an 18K white gold folding clasp can protect the watch from the wrist and prevent it from falling off easily.

Watch overall display

Summary: The extraordinary watch innovation has created such a Cartier celestial mysterious tourbillon watch, which closely combines the tourbillon that represents the highest achievement in watchmaking technology with mysterious innovation, showing the brand’s unique watchmaking concept. Inheritance and innovation have always been a powerful driving force for brand watchmaking. The combination of mysterious charm and urban classic style is truly ‘a miracle in the watch industry’.