Hermès Hermès Arceau Temari Japanese Style Elegant Perfect Display

Hermès Arceau Temari watches, inspired by Japanese craftsmanship, combine extraordinary craftsmanship such as snowflake inlays and hard stone inlays into a collection of jewellery watches.
Temari (手 Ju) is a traditional Japanese handicraft, meaning ‘handball’, which is closely related to kimono. Sewing the remaining rags of silk kimono is enough to make these gadgets loved by court figures. Simple needlework step by step, develop complex geometric line embroidery and patterns step by step.

HERMÈS Arceau Temari watch

These ancestral Maoju crafts inspired the creation of Hermes square silk cloth. One of the patterns is now reinterpreted by the Arceau watch series. The watch is made of white gold, limited edition. Diamonds are paved with snowflakes. The dial combines diamonds with white mother-of-pearl, agate, lapis lazuli, or opal to reproduce one of the wool ball patterns in a fine setting process.
There are no specific rules for the technique of snowflake inlay; each gem is independently selected and set by the craftsman; the claws need to be cut one by one to connect each diamond particle in series to form a harmonious and consistent overall effect, which is unique to each watch Place. A senior gem inlayer sets no less than 700 stones for each case, which takes almost three weeks.
The dial of each watch is carved using traditional diamond inlays and hard stone inlays. Take this watch as an example. Twenty precious stones of various shapes and sizes are ground from a single gemstone, or from a delicately cut mother-of-pearl plate. The parts are then assembled independently on a stone-set dial. Because the delicate size of the gemstone is particularly fragile, these two procedures require a high degree of precision and skill and skill, which is ingenious. As if you were in a miniature building, each part occupies a seat in the picture, forming a moving landscape.
Luxurious and precious materials, engaging a fascinating dialogue with these patterns. When traditional craftsmanship meets professional wisdom, the two are compatible, adding the glory of the Japanese court to these unique creations.