Ten Celebrities Appeared, Just To Tell The Story Behind Their Minutes

A recent video is very popular. It has gathered Chinese supermodel Liu Wen and popular actor Chen Weiting, international stars Keira Knightley, Vanessa Paradis, Lily-Rose Depp, international supermodels Naomi, Claudia Schiffer, and international The movie stars Ali MacGraw, Anna Mouglais, and Carole Bouquet are ten superstars. They come from different countries and industries, but they all truly represent the most important moment in their lives in front of the camera. Which moment is decisive? Come and find out.
Good-looking people always have similarities

Liu Wen wears Chanel J12 series black

Our familiar ‘big cousin’ Liu Wen is often used as a template for wearing, because she can always use a basic item to match a set of bright shapes. At the just-concluded Beijing J12 new product event, Liu Wen unveiled a black model with a black version of the Chanel J12 series watch. The whole set is fashionable and advanced.

Chen Weiting wears Chanel J12 watch black

   Chen Weiting, who also attended the event, chose a light-colored sweater with a black watch from the Chanel J12 series, which is handsome. The contrast between the shades and the way of dressing, Chen Weiting grasped it well.

Keira Knightley wears Chanel J12 watch white

Recently, Keira Knightley, who is pregnant with her second child, is still working, and she does not shy away from her pregnant figure. She wears a dress with a Chanel J12 watch, so some collision combinations are very reasonable on her. .

Lily-Rose Depp wears Chanel J12 watch black

At this year’s event, Lily chose a tweed suit, dignified and elegant. After taking off the jacket, it showed a fashionable and lively style, and the Chanel J12 series black watch she wore was matched with the two sets without any sense of harmony, showing the versatility of this watch.

Speaking of which, everyone must have guessed-they all chose the Chanel J12 watch by coincidence. In addition to the versatility of the watch itself, they also fit the spirit of the Chanel J12. Their personality is the same as that of Chanel’s J12. ‘Neither black nor white’ is very clear. They dare to challenge themselves and constantly seek breakthroughs and growth in their own work areas. Just like the J12 watch, from the first black-and-white precision ceramic watch to the complicated chronograph and tourbillon watch, to the new self-produced movement in 2019 … continuously subverting the entire advanced system Watch field recognition of the CHANEL brand.

The story behind the minute

Chanel J12 watch design-2000

The Chanel J12 watch was inspired by racing and sailing. In 2000, the first J12 watch made of black precision ceramics set off a revolution in the watchmaking world upon its introduction. It was hailed as the new classic of the 21st century watch. Opening a new chapter for modern watchmaking. The new J12 introduced this year has been adjusted based on this. High precision ceramics are used on the case, bracelet and even the crown to achieve overall consistency.

Caliber 12.1 self-winding movement
More importantly, this time they focused on ‘behind the clock’. The new J12 watch is equipped with the Caliber 12.1 self-winding movement developed by Kenissi movement factory for Chanel. We see the movement through the sapphire glass at the bottom. Details. The addition of the new movement gives the watch absolute guarantee in terms of travel time, accuracy and stability, and also gives the brand absolute say.

The release of the new J12 series watch has a unique significance, so Chanel invited ten highly representative Muse to shoot a series of commercials, including the aforementioned five. The theme of this short film is ‘Behind the Minutes’. Ten Muse spoke about the most important moments in their lives. Every decision seems to be instantaneous, but behind this minute seconds, it may bring something completely different. life.

Chanel watch image ambassador Liu Wen appears in the new advertising campaign for the J12 watch

In the video, Liu Wen said, ‘In the autumn of 2005, when I boarded a one-way train from my hometown of Yongzhou to Beijing. Since then, I have entered a modeling career.’ Without a second decision, we can still See Liu Wen now?

Chanel watch ambassador Chen Weiting appears in the new J12 watch advertising campaign

Chen Weiting shared with us his decisive moment, the singing competition he participated in at the age of 17. Chen Weiting, who was standing in the middle of the stage, won the game, and her dream became a reality from that moment.

Keira Knightley’s new advertising campaign for the Chanel J12 watch

‘At this moment, I live in the present.’ This is what Keira Knightley said, and she also proved this idea to us through her own experience. Classic literary adaptations, sci-fi, espionage, romantic comedies … Keira Knightley has been challenging different roles. Life is not static, every moment is different, all we can do is live in the moment.

Lily-Rose Depp debuts new Chanel J12 watch ad campaign

In 2015, Lily-Rose Depp was selected as the face of the Chanel sunglasses advertising blockbuster and shot advertising videos for No.5 Water. In 2017, she became the face of Miss Coco Lipstick and Miss Coco Glare Lipstick. Chanel seemed to go all the way Accompanying her growth. She appeared in the new J12 watch advertisement this time, telling us in front of the camera: ‘From the moment my brother was born, my life changed.’

Ali MacGraw appears in the new advertising campaign of the Chanel J12 watch

In addition, there are legendary supermodels Naomi and Claudia Schiffer from the fashion industry, actor Ali MacGraw and Carole Bouquet who have been with Chanel for a long time, Vanessa Paradis, who is very accomplished in music and movies, and graduated from Paris National Anna Mouglais, who majored in acting in the School of Drama, told the decisive moments that changed their lives.

Behind the minutes of the new Chanel J12 watch is the new Caliber 12.1 movement. Behind the minutes of the 10 Muse is their unique life perception. What is behind your minutes?