Girard Perregaux Richeille Series Watch Introduction

Girard Perregaux Richeille Series Watch
Estimated price: 10,000 ~ 15,000 HKD
Including commission price: 15,000 Hong Kong dollars (about 12700 yuan)
整体 [Overall description] All steel, 18K pink gold bezel, chronograph, produced in the 1990s.
[Accessories] None.
[Diameter] 35 * 45 mm
[Condition] Three-piece set, Richeville series, 18K pink gold bezel, all-steel case, sapphire crystal. Equipped with 8380 movement, 18 diamonds, hand spin, with timing function. The dial, case, and movement are all signed and in good condition.
评论 [Review]
Girard Perregaux’s Richeveille collection focuses on barrel-type watches. This watch, produced in the 1990s, is a classic Girard Perregaux watch. It is worth mentioning that the early Girard-Perregaux watches were not as good in quality and quality as they are now. Many watch friends paid a large price to buy back Girard-Perregaux watches, and many were affected by the popularity of Girard-Perregaux watches today. After the merger and reorganization, Girard Perregaux has been very successful in improving the movement and design, and the brand awareness has also improved significantly. The price of 15,000 yuan for this hand-rolled chronograph is still good!

Fashion And Fresh Chopard Summer Watch Jewellery Series

Blending fine watchmaking with fine jewelry is a dream carefully crafted by top brand Chopard. In order to welcome the coming of summer, Chopard has specially launched jewelry watches and jewelry series full of happiness and enthusiasm, full of colorful colors, to bring more fashionable and fresh personal style to your summer.
Passionate and radiant Xtravaganza

 The new Xtravaganza watch is full of sunshine, happiness and enthusiasm, reminiscent of gushing volcanic lava, and dazzling stars … or a dazzling firework show! Dials in rose or white gold with a fine guilloche pattern are set with diamonds, large and small, as are pendants. Like the dazzling light emitted by the brilliant morning star, it is actually issued by scattered diamonds. This radiant lucky pendant is supported by a slender double ring necklace. It is available in white and rose gold and in two different sizes. The watch’s case design also echoes it, and there are two sizes to match it perfectly. The solid gold lugs on the case are connected to a noble black alligator leather strap. The strong color contrast makes the dial more dazzling. The bezel is available with or without diamonds. The hot and intoxicating beauty of the new Xtravaganza will surely enchant all who are shrouded in its unique light.
The life of a rose that never fades

 The latest masterpiece of the Happy Sport series, ‘La vie en rose’, shines with incomparable charm and femininity, and of course retains the essence of the Happy Sport series: a dynamic and chic look combined with classic activities Diamond design.

 From the bezel set with pink corundum, to the rose mother-of-pearl dial, and the matching satin strap, this romantic piece boldly uses pink tones even the most subtle details, bringing endless summer fun! The delicately designed rose pattern on the dial, as well as the active diamonds and pink corundum dancing like dewdrops on the petals, add charm and elegance to this precious timepiece. The realistic design is almost unbearable to lean down to deeply inhale the fragrance of this rose. Of course, this rose will not fade like the rose sung by the French poet Ronsard, and its radiant beauty will never fade away. ——I believe that the ‘protector of the flower’ all over the world will appreciate this quality. Whether it’s to appreciate it or wear it on your wrist, this ‘Life in a Rose’ watch is a fine work of art. This watch is available in gem-set rose gold bezel and bare body bezel.

Tanabata Good Things Recommended Blancpain’s ‘valentine’s Day On The Wrist’

Maybe some people think that time will take away a lot and it is ruthless. But often can witness many beautiful, warmest and affectionate, it is precisely time. For affection, time is the most wonderful measure. On the approaching of the Star Festival, Blancpain uses his wrist to make a beautiful timepiece to witness your happiness, extend romance, and add points to sweetness.

Want to be together every minute

   Balance and harmony, elegant and indifferent, are Blancpain’s distinctive aesthetic style. As the first brand in modern times to combine the full calendar with the moon phase, Blancpain represents the completeness of time on the wrist, the craftsmanship is perfect, and the years of life have no regrets. Classical, yet endowed with feelings. Blancpain’s ‘Moon Beauty’ full-calendar moon phase women’s watch, classic red gold and diamond-set bezel, precious metal inlaid with Roman numerals and dotted diamonds complement each other, very eye-catching. The mother-of-pearl dial is gentle and soft, and the month and the week window are symmetrical in the middle, echoing the six-point smart and slightly mysterious moon beauty, which is unforgettable. The Villeret classic series eight-day long-powered watch with big fire enamel plate breaks through the industry standard of full-calendar moon phase watches, and is equipped with loss prevention and safety adjustment functions on the mechanical structure. Blancpain’s exclusive hidden adjustment technology makes the adjustment more dexterous and convenient, and the watch looks smooth, simple and refreshing. Lunar phases, months, days of the week, dates, and Roman numerals made of micro-painted enamel are complex and uncomplicated, accessible at a glance.

Careful thinking in love

   Long-term love requires a sense of ritual. Creativity and surprise can move each other best. It is a true skill to dare to play with your mind in love and enjoy yourself. Without experience, without precipitation, a small effort cannot become pleasant wisdom. When Moon Beauty opened her eyes full of smiles, she opened a window to show her feelings. Blancpain’s ‘Moon Beauty’ eccentric date retrograde women’s watch, with moon phase and retrograde date display functions, integrates Blancpain’s romantic elements-mother of pearl, gorgeous diamonds, smart hands, etc. The perfect fusion of watchmaking creativity. Six-point eccentric small dial, delicate and slender hands and classic Roman numerals with retro charm; blue steel snake-shaped date retrograde hands, sharp dotted with bright star emblem, across the date half arc like a shooting star The diamond starry sky is bright and beautiful. The hunting watch with the front flip removed for the convenience of reading time is called ‘half hunting watch’. According to legend, the first half-hunting watch was made by Napoleon. In the French-Austrian war, eager to watch the time, he cut off the front flip of the pocket watch with a sword. More than a hundred years later, the master of Blancpain following the ‘origin’ of the semi-hunting watch, brought the Villeret classic series full-calendar moon phase semi-hunting watch, also has a strong classic pocket watch style. Continuing the classic series of signature aesthetic elements (double-layer bezel, willow-shaped hands, blue steel snake-shaped hands, precious metal inlaid waist Roman numerals), the dial’s radial sun pattern exudes a delicate texture with a slight luster. With a smart, but also a young and energetic.

It belongs to the star festival of summer and wants to see the sea together

    Sun, beach, breeze-the taste of summer. It is very important to watch the sea blow, and more importantly, to protect you with the most authentic sense of security when you travel to the unknown. Blancpain has always believed that women always highly appreciate the wonderful world of mechanical watches, and have been committed to providing mechanical watches that meet the needs of modern women. The Blancpain Fifty Fathoms women’s watch has the classic characteristic design elements and excellent diving performance of this series. The large-sized dial and time scale indicator and pointer design guarantee the best time discrimination. The soft and elegant color scheme exudes the feminine elegance and elegance. The dial decorated with white mother-of-pearl presents a changing color, reminiscent of beautiful shells and the underwater world that is closely connected to diving. Blending with elegance. The Blancpain Fifty Fathoms series always exudes a passionate sporty atmosphere. This Fifty Fathoms series full-calendar moon phase flyback chronograph perfectly combines the traditional flyback chronograph function with full-calendar moon phase function. The industry-renowned, powerful and outstanding movement can ensure the smooth operation of the watch day and night, allowing the wearer to adjust at any time and place without compromising the stability of the watch. The timing function is controlled by Blancpain’s classic vertical column wheel. At the same time, the vertical clutch mechanism is used to make the timing start and stop more smoothly. At the same time, it also has the flyback timing function, as long as a single button, you can stop the timing, reset to zero, and restart the timing.

Too high profile? Distressed single? nonexistent!

   Men are black and cool, women are responsible for shining beauty, whether they are out of the street or Party, they are the most eye-catching pair. With the blessing of the tourbillon, love has a passion for a lifetime. It is a well-known legend that the wish made in the face of a meteor shower will soon be realized. However, the meteor shower cuts through the sky, and it is rare to see it spectacularly, thus showing its romance and mystery. Blancpain has always pursued top-level complex watchmaking craftsmanship, using bright diamonds to create an unprecedented gorgeous meteor shower between square inches, creating a dream that never ends. This Blancpain Meteor Rain Tourbillon watch uses the brand’s exclusive ‘orbital inlay’, with a twelve o’clock floating tourbillon as the center, emitting a whirlwind-like trajectory. Through the sapphire glass back, the approximately transparent oscillating oscillating weight swings handily, and the tourbillon flight trajectory and the linkage operation of the movement can be seen at a glance. Blancpain vividly interprets complex watchmaking technology through the Fifty Fathoms Series Tourbillon watch, reaching another new peak. The tiny balance wheel assembly ‘rotates’ on its own frame in units of one minute without any need to support the splint, so it seems to float in the air. In 1989, Blancpain introduced the world’s finest floating tourbillon. Now, on this watch, the great design and dreamy structure are highlighted by the large circular opening at 12 o’clock, adding dynamics to the black dial, and also with sports hour markers, hands and circular bezel In sharp contrast.