Classic Reproduction Seiko Launches Nano Universe Steve Jobs Limited Watch

One of Steve Jobs’ most famous photos was taken by Norman Seeff, at his home in Woodside, California in 1984. In the photo, Apple Co-founder Steve Jobs sits on the ground, holding a Macintosh, wearing a small-sized, ordinary, unremarkable Seiko watch from the wrist. Last year, the original Seiko Chariot watch that Steve Jobs had worn was sold for $ 42,500. It is reported that Seiko will cooperate with Tokyo clothing design retailer Nano Universe to re-launch classic replica timepieces in the Japanese domestic market in the form of limited editions.

Norman Schiff’s classic Steve Jobs photo
   Photographer Norman Schiffer later recalled Time magazine: ‘We just sat and talked about his creativity and everyday items in the living room. I started to establish a close relationship with him, he rushed out, returned, and then He sat there with his buttocks. He naturally put the Macintosh on his lap and sat down, and I caught this moment. Then, we took a few more photos, and he even did a few yoga poses-Jobs lifted up Legs, then put them on the shoulders-it feels like we are two old friends hanging out, chatting and enjoying this relationship. There is no prior creative, completely improvisational, spontaneous, we never thought about (That photo) will be the cover of the magazine. ‘

The original Seiko Chariot watch that Steve Jobs once wore, sold for $ 42,500 in 2016
   The new watch will be available in two sizes, 33 mm (or original diameter) and 37.5 mm, and will be available in white and black dials. The case is made of black stainless steel with a dense stainless steel caseback. It is equipped with a simple hour-minute-second three-pin quartz movement with a monthly movement error of +/- 15 seconds. It is also equipped with a black calf leather strap and a pin buckle.

Seiko and Nano Universe launch new limited edition watch in white and black dials, 37.5 mm diameter
   Among them, the 33mm (SCXP051) and 37.5mm (SCXP041) white dial models are limited to 1,982 pieces; the 33mm (SCXP071) and 37.5mm (SCXP061) black dial models are limited to 300 pieces, and the stainless steel caseback is engraved with independent limited numbers. It is understood that the new watch will be released on March 10, 2017, the price is 20,000 yen, equivalent to about 1,230 yuan.

Crafting Vacheron Constantin’s Year Of The Sheep Presents The Legend Of Art

On December 12, 2014, Vacheron Constantin’s Masters of Vacheron Constantin series, the Chinese Zodiac Legend Year of the Sheep watch appeared in Beijing and met with media friends. Vacheron Constantin introduces a Zodiac watch every year, the latest tribute to the Métiersd’Art master series. The goat is a symbol of vitality and independent spirit. Both of the two limited edition zodiac watches of the Year of the Goat use enamel craftsmanship and sculptural art to show extraordinary quality. As we are about to enter the Year of the Goat, the Lunar New Year’s Night Watch also carries Vacheron Constantin’s blessings and praises for the new year begin the chapter of the new year.

  The venue for the event was the ‘Jade’ restaurant at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel. Near the end of the year, the decoration here is especially warm, a beautiful Christmas tree ignites the enthusiasm and atmosphere in the winter.

  With the arrival of media friends and guests, the event is about to begin. In order to make this event more exciting, the brand also specially prepared a wonderful zodiac paper-cutting for everyone. There was a special person at the scene to show you the ancient Chinese paper-cutting art. Through the dexterous hands of the paper-cutting master, small animals appeared vividly. In front of me.

  The banquet hall is carefully decorated to make it feel very warm.

  After the event, the staff explained the history and culture of Vacheron Constantin through slides, so that everyone could better understand this long-established watch brand. Since its establishment in 1755, Vacheron Constantin has distinguished itself in the field of top decoration craftsmanship. This Geneva-based watchmaker emphasizes the core values ​​of the brand with its superb craftsmanship, which of course includes the unremitting pursuit of excellence and unconditional support for the country Different artistic expressions to share passion and knowledge, and show the spirit of looking at the world.

Staff explain the history of Vacheron Constantin and watches

  During this period, the staff focused on introducing the making process and source of inspiration for this year’s zodiac watch. Since 1845, Vacheron Constantin has established a trusting relationship with this land of China. China is world-famous for its many inventions such as papermaking and is also the birthplace of the art of paper cutting. The art of paper-cutting is listed by UNESCO as an ‘intangible cultural heritage’, which is similar to the popular silhouette art (Scherenschnitt) from Switzerland’s Paysd’Enhaut region. According to the principle of paper-cutting, people cut out twelve animals of the Chinese zodiac on paper. This process needs to make full use of the blank space of the paper to maximize the paper-cutting process.

The goat’s hair is very delicately carved, less than a millimeter thick. Through this creation, the craftsman showed us a tangible artistic vision.

  Vacheron Constantin’s skilled craftsmen, with their superb skills and experience, dare to accept this challenge and apply it to the field of watchmaking. The engraver and enameler worked together to create two sheep year watches, made of pink or platinum, each limited to 12 pieces, available only at Vacheron Constantin stores.

Everyone observes the watch carefully through the loupe

  Subsequently, the two watches were circulated and appreciated at the table. The leaf decorative pattern on the dial was derived from the classic Chinese pattern and etched directly on the gold dial. The pattern is semi-embedded and carefully combined through reliefs of different depths to create a deep depth effect. The highlighted honeysuckle appears to be suspended above the dial. The goat’s hair is very delicately carved, less than a millimeter thick. Through this creation, the craftsman showed us a tangible artistic vision.

The center of the dial is inlaid with a fine goat pattern, which looks peaceful and peaceful against the sapphire crystal.

Clasp with Vacheron Constantin’s famous Maltese cross

  This is followed by the Great Fire Enamel stage. The Daming fire enamel craftsmanship originated in Geneva, and so far only a few artisans are proficient. By using several layers of enamel glaze, the enamel master further highlights the visual tension of the blue or bronze dial. When the enamel dial is fired in a kiln at about 800 to 900 degrees Celsius, the color of the glaze and the reaction caused by the firing must be strictly controlled, which requires the enamelist to have a rational inferential ability, which requires a number It will take years to master. Before the last firing, the last layer of transparent enamel should be applied, so that the dial has a smooth and shiny glass texture, making the flower pattern more clear and easy to see.

From the side, every detail of the watch is carefully treated

  Vacheron Constantin’s Métiersd’Art master ‘The Legend of the Chinese Zodiac Chinese Zodiac Legend’ series has ample space to display decorative art, thanks in large part to the 2460G4 movement. In order to maintain its long tradition of providing various original display functions, Vacheron Constantin uses hands-free time display on this movement to showcase its breathtaking watchmaking skills, and displays the hours, minutes, Day and date. The first two displays are sliding, while the last two are skipped, each of which is presented through four windows around the central dial pattern.

Summary: During the banquet, it was fun, and there were specially invited teachers to explain the relationship between the Chinese zodiac and foreign constellations, and to explain the fortune of the zodiac for everyone. Its content is quite interesting, letting people understand that the zodiac contains rich cultural connotations. As one of the works of Métiersd’Art’s ‘LegendoftheChineseZodiac Chinese Zodiac Legend’ series, this year of the sheep watch is engraved with the Geneva seal, and is therefore endowed with a unique soul. Vacheron Constantin hopes to continue the unique way of communication between the brand and fine watch collectors and fine watchmaking enthusiasts through this unique watch series. (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)