Lehman 24 Hours Endurance Sweet Fruit Rolex Daytona Chronograph

The 2018 Lehman 24 Hours Ended. The TOYOTA GAZOO team organized this classic event. It also won the historic championship and was awarded a trophy and Rolex classic. Cosmograph Daytona watch.

The 2018 Lehman 24 Hours Ends. © Rolex, Jean-François Gaperon

After a day of fierce and arduous struggle, Toyota Razor Team (TOYOTA GAZOO) finally achieved its wish and won the 86th Liman 24 Hours Endurance Championship. In the past few years, the Toyota team that has passed by the champion several times, this year’s car No. 8 driven by Kazuki Nakajima took the lead after completing 388 laps, and the No. 7 car, which belongs to the Toyota team, followed closely After that, the race was completed only two laps away, allowing the Japanese automaker to organize the first or second place in this classic race, and also won the historic first championship. Lehman’s 24-hour endurance race is always stunning and unexpected. The drivers and the team must maintain a stable performance, show first-class standards, and reflect the Rolex brand value concept of the designated timepiece.

A glimpse of the event-# 8 TOYOTA GAZOO RACING TS050-HYBRID and # 7 TOYOTA GAZOO RACING TS050-HYBRID (LMP1) lead the event. © Rolex, Jean-François Galeron

Toyota’s two hybrids took the lead in the 2018 race, taking full advantage of fuel-saving performance, and the stoppage interval exceeded the opponent’s Lehman prototype level 1 (LMP1) model. At night, the No. 7 car cleverly coped with dense traffic and slow areas, and once led, but No. 8 came later. At dawn, the No. 8 car still maintained a strong advantage, far ahead of the opponent, and finally won the championship. After grabbing Toyota, Rebellion Racing maintained their position as the strongest non-hybrid LMP1 team, and their No. 3 car finally won third place. The G-Drive team’s No. 26 car dominated the LPM2 class and showed outstanding performance. The car continued to lead from the first hour and eventually won the championship, ranking fifth in the overall ranking.

Qualifying-LMGTE PRO- # 66 FORD CHIP GANASSI TEAM UK, FORD GT, STEFAN MÜCKE (Germany), OLIVIER PLA (France), BILLY JOHNSON (USA). © Rolex, Jean-François Galeron

As expected, the GT class competition is fierce. In both groups, the Porsche team is roughly ahead. The LMGTE professional group race was particularly exciting, making the audience hold their breath and watching the game. The three major automakers, Porsche, Ford and Ferrari, competed fiercely and finished with only a few laps between each other. In the end, the Porsche GT team’s No. 92 car surpassed No. 91 and won the championship. The LMGTE after-market competition is even more thrilling, with the No. 77 car winning the popular Dempsey-Proton team finally ranking first.

The Rolex countdown clock can be seen on the track. © Rolex, Had Sherif

For Fernando. For Fernando Alonso, this victory is very significant. Not only has he won the FIA ​​Formula 1® World Champion, but he also vowed to win the three thrones in the racing world: F1 Monaco The Grand Prix (FORMULA 1 GRAND PRIX DE MONACO), the Le Mans 24 Hours and the Indianapolis 500. The Spanish star has won the Monaco Grand Prix and the Liman Endurance Championship, becoming the fifth driver to win this award. His teammate Zhong Yigui said after the game, ‘We have been looking forward to this day for a long time, and our mood is beyond words. Winning this game has always been our dream. We have been fully focused until we saw the checkered flag waving and winning the line. At that moment, there was no slackness. ‘

Rolex spokesperson Tom. Christensen. © Rolex, Had Sherif

Rolex spokesperson Tom. Tom Kristensen shared his thoughts on the Liman competition, emphasizing that in order to win in consecutive 24 hours of competition, you must have excellent qualities. The nine-time champion of the Lehman 24 Hours said: ‘To win here, absolute determination and humility must be maintained within 24 hours, as drivers and teams must accept and anticipate challenges. This quality can still be demonstrated under the most severe conditions, and it is indeed worthy to win the championship. Through this hard work and perseverance, he won the podium and received a Rolex Oyster Perpetual Daytona (Rolex Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona) is even more memorable, because this watch will always remember this extraordinary moment. ‘

The winner of this event was awarded the 2018 Liman 24 Hours Endurance Trophy and the engraved ROLEX Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona watch. © Rolex, Had Sherif

A total of 43 cars were completed in the Lehman 24-hour endurance race in 2018, demonstrating the wonderful combination of the highest level of technology and the first-class performance of the players. The significance of Lehman’s 24-hour endurance goes beyond mere motorsports, and it also reflects the deep connection between Rolex and sports: with excellence, innovation and enthusiasm, constantly breaking the limits and creating a new peak.

The winners of the 2018 Lehman 24-Hour Endurance Race-# 8 TOYOTA GAZOO RACING, TS050-HYBRID (LMP1), Fernando Alonso (Spain), Sébastien Buemi (Switzerland), Kazuki Nakajima (Japan) (from left to right). © Rolex, Jean-François Galeron

Extra-long Standby’ Tasting Panerai Radiomir Series 8 Days Red Gold Watch

Since 1993, Panerai first introduced three limited edition series models to the public. Basically every year, Panerai will release several limited edition series models, it can be said that all models have attracted much attention. Today, the Watch House brings you a limited edition Panerai Radiomir eight-day power reserve two-time red gold watch in 2013, the official model is: PAM00538.

   Loyal to Panerai’s classic pincushion design of 1936, the diameter is the same as the old style. It is a special limited edition watch that perfectly blends history, design and production technology, showing elegance.

47 mm diameter
   The 47mm diameter of this Radiomir 8-day dual time zone red gold watch, with a dark blue dial and crocodile leather strap, sets off the warm luster of the red gold case. The P.2002 / 10 manual winding movement is entirely developed and produced by Panerai Watchmaking Factory in Neuchâtel.

Screw-down red gold crown
   The screw-down red gold crown with a chamfered serrated edge design is ideal for manual winding. The matte polished crown is engraved with the Panerai OP logo.

Dark blue alligator strap
   The dark blue Panerai crocodile leather strap is exquisitely crafted and designed for the special size of the Panerai case. The quality meets strict standards. With a polished red gold folding buckle, it is easy to wear. The edges of the buckle are soft and engraved with the PANERAI logo, which is more elegant than the large pin buckle of Panerai.

Cushion polished design
   The pillow-shaped polished design on the side of the case is smooth and bright. The high proportion of copper in the 5Npt red gold used by Panerai makes the color deeper, and a certain proportion of platinum prevents oxidation of the case, making it more durable.

One piece of metal
   The lugs and case are made of the same piece of metal and fit perfectly with the curve of the wrist to ensure a comfortable experience when wearing the watch.

‘Sandwich’ dial
   The blue dial continues Panerai’s consistent minimalist design style and has excellent readability. This is also a precious tradition and wealth passed down from generation to generation. ‘Sandwich’ structure, the surface is satin-finished, and the second time zone arrow pointer is set at the middle position to display the time in the second time zone.

Provide eight-day mobile reserve display
   At 9 o’clock, there is a small seconds dial and 24-hour display, at 3 o’clock, there is a date display window, and at 6 o’clock, there is an eight-day moving reserve display. In addition, there is not much decoration, and it is simple and unadorned.

P.2002 / 10 manual winding movement
   A limited production of 300 engraved on the edge of the case back. The beautiful movement of the sapphire caseback is at a glance. The movement is a P.2002 / 10 manual winding movement. This movement, entirely developed by the Panerai Neuchatel watch factory, consists of 246 fine parts, 21 gems, 6.6 mm thick, three barrels, and an eight-day power reserve.
   The difference is that this movement is not covered by a large splint like most Panerai movements. In this new Radiomir watch, the movement’s splint and two barrels are carefully cut out, and the edges are manually chamfered and polished. Through the hollow-out process, you can enjoy the fine retouching details of the movement, such as the pearl polishing of the main splint, the gear mechanism and the gold-plated engraved pattern; the wearer can also appreciate the precision operation of the watch movement, on the winding and watch When running, you can see the beautiful state that the spring of the barrel is turned clockwise and counterclockwise.

   Summary: The limited edition Panerai is very attractive. This limited edition of 300 watches is a scarce product, with a unique 5Npt red gold case from Panerai, and a special skeletonized self-produced movement, simple and beautiful. The second time zone function and eight-day power reserve are also very practical, which is very suitable for collectors who like Panerai. The current domestic price of this watch is 270,000 yuan.