French Elegance Sheshan City Style Cartier Chongqing Vientiane City Boutique Dress Up Curtain

On February 10, 2018, on the eve of the Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day, Cartier’s Chongqing Vientiane City boutique officially opened in romantic love and the Chinese New Year, and continued to write a harmonious relationship between French aesthetics and mountain city style . The unique moments of the two festivals also marked the opening of Cartier’s Vientiane Boutique with a distinctive mark and witnessed another extraordinary journey of Cartier in the mountains and rivers.

Cartier Chongqing Vientiane City boutique
   The newly opened Cartier Chongqing Vientiane City boutique was designed and designed by French national treasure architect Bruno Moinard. The entire boutique follows Cartier’s classic “bronze concept” style, It embodies Cartier’s ultimate work and distinguished atmosphere. Different from the previous store display, the Vientiane City boutique innovatively divided the display area into a men’s work area, a women’s work area and a diamond work area to provide guests with a more comfortable shopping environment with a more intimate display method.

Cartier Chongqing Vientiane City boutique

Cartier Chongqing Vientiane City boutique

   Adhering to the essence of the brand, combining traditional and modern design elements, the exterior windows of Vientiane City boutiques are large and transparent, reflecting the modern image of Cartier. Stepping into this noble and elegant palace, it feels like being in the blend of French art style and the profound historical heritage of Bayu, and feels the past and present of Chongqing Mountain City. A display area inspired by heavy mountains, the moving space is winding and flowing, and all series of jewelry watches and elegant accessories surround it, echoing the modern chandeliers, reflecting the shining light. Whether it’s a public space or a private VIP salon, the exquisite decorative design and sophisticated furnishings present Cartier’s historical heritage and ingenious craftsmanship. Bronze wooden floors, soft wool rugs, silk curtains and tan leather sofas … rich materials and oriental decorative details make every corner elegant. This is a perfect balance between classic and modern, and it will surely become an unforgettable experience for every visitor. Since the opening date, Cartier Vientiane Boutique will also display 13 pieces of fine watchmaking, fine jewelry watches and 27 pieces of fine jewelry, and invite guests to appreciate and taste together.

Cartier Chongqing Vientiane City boutique

Cartier Chongqing Vientiane City boutique

   In addition, guests can enjoy Cartier’s classic jewellery, watches and accessories in this place: the LOVE series, which declares never to be separated, and celebrates the passionate love, transforms the things you see everyday into nails into extraordinary masterpieces of jewelry The independent Juste un Clou series, as Cartier’s iconic totem, a variety of cheetah series vividly jumping on the wrist, neck, ears, and diamond series that imprinted love and witnessed countless true love legends, conquered countless jewelry lovers. Cartier, the leader in jewelry, is also a pioneer in watchmaking: the first wristwatch in human history, the Santos de Cartier Cartier Santos series, pays tribute to the heart with an elegant retro pincushion design. The Men’s Drive de Cartier series, as well as the Cartier Cheetah series with the perfect combination of jewellery and watches, with a comfortable and timeless beauty, all reflect the brand’s unique design aesthetics and superb watchmaking technology. On the occasion of Valentine’s Day and the Spring Festival, the limited edition blue balloon red watch that is exclusively listed in China has been endowed with a profound and profound connotation, witnessing the beloved moment of the ‘Red’ movement in 2018. In addition, a wealth of accessories: leather goods, glasses, perfumes, writing instruments, etc., will also convey endless French charm in Cartier’s Vientiane boutique.

Ballon Bleu de Cartier
Cartier Blue Balloon Watch
Chinese Red Limited Edition

Cartier LOVE bracelet
18K Rose Gold

Cartier Juste un Clou bracelet
18K Rose Gold, Diamonds

Cartier Cheetah Ring
18K white gold, diamonds, emeralds, onyx

Cartier Destinée engagement ring

Panthère de Cartier
18K rose gold, bezel set with diamonds

Drive de Cartier moon phase watch
18K Rose Gold, Leather Strap

Santos de Cartier Dumont skeleton watch
18K White Gold, Leather Strap

   With a history of more than 3,000 years, Chongqing has long occupied an important position in Cartier’s China market strategy. As early as 2007, Cartier has been stationed in Chongqing. With the brand-new opening of the Vientiane City boutique, the brand will continue to bring pure French elegance and immortal aesthetic craftsmanship to Chongqing guests, writing a colorful chapter on the Chinese land.