Smart And Intelligent Creation, The World’s First, Casio Blooming Technology Inspiration

CASIO, a pioneer in science and technology from Japan, has been committed to the research and development of original electronic technology since the brand was born. Adhering to the brand concept of ‘technology drives time forward’, Casio’s forward-looking creativity actively challenges the limits of science and technology, creating a new SMART ACCESS intelligent operating system to inject extraordinary wisdom into watches. Today, Casio perfectly integrates unparalleled advanced functions with design concepts derived from the pursuit of practical utility. Its six major watch brands have released the latest 2012 models in Beijing, and they have unlimited inspiration.
    The intelligent operating system is perfectly integrated with the functions of the four major men’s watch brands, with more outstanding performance and unique personality: the tough and shockproof G-SHOCK allows you to freely navigate the vast sky; the intelligent and dynamic EDIFICE allows you to experience the wisdom and speed of F1 racing; Professional outdoor PROTREK will help you explore the unknown areas of nature; light and elegant OCEANUS will let you exude mysterious deep sea charm. The two major women’s watch brands Baby-G and SHEEN also interpret the infinite style of the wrist with their unique personality and elegant temperament.
Unparalleled Advanced Features-Intelligent Operating System
    The new SMART ACCESS intelligent operating system brings versatility and easier operation to the watch based on the world’s unique global 6-station radio wave reception technology * and solar power * that converts light into kinetic energy. The use of five-motor independent drive technology ensures the three major hands (hour, minute, and second hands) and the center position display disc to display the flow of the watch, improving the convenience of the watch’s functions. A smart electronic crown for intuitive control of various functions. Simply push the crown to complete the easy switching of multiple functions, perfect for multi-functionality and ease of operation.

Trendy or dynamic business-G-SHOCK & EDIFICE
    Casio made its debut at the Beijing New Product Launch Conference with its advanced and original intelligent operating system and its six watch brands with excellent performance. With infinite inspiration and creative heart for future scientific and technological insights, forward-looking creativity and original research and development philosophy, we will continue to innovate cutting-edge technologies in the field of timekeeping, and promote the continuous evolution and breakthrough of watch technology! G-SHOCK and EDIFICE, two popular brands popular with young people, released the latest products equipped with intelligent operating systems.

G-SHOCK against gravity
    G-SHOCK aviation series unique 3G protection structure-shockproof, vibration resistant, and can resist extreme centrifugal force. The newly launched GW-A1000 is equipped with SMART ACCESS intelligent operating system on the basis of its super tough structure. It can ensure that various functions operate correctly under the severe gravity environment of aerobatic flying up to 12G or at high speeds. Professionals who are often in extreme environments, such as stunt pilots, can meet the special needs while enjoying the convenient timing experience brought by the intelligent operating system.

EDIFICE Advanced Technology Dynamic Design
    EDIFICE EQW-A1110DB with dynamic design, excellent technology, revolutionary fusion of pointer watch and sense of speed. EDIFICE, endorsed by F1 defending champion Red Bull Team, uses strong metal materials and an original dial design to bring excellent high quality and visual effects. Equipped with a new intelligent operating system, the EQW-A1110DB incorporates the sense of speed of the F1 car into the functional design. With such simple actions as “pushing” and “pulling” the electronic crown, not only the number of laps, but also the average number of laps, display Unique features such as maximum laps! In addition, a stopwatch accurate to 1/20 of a second, quickly switching between local time, world time (29 cities) and Greenwich time, and other powerful functions, makes EDIFICE use the advanced power of technology to perfectly interpret the intelligent fusion of speed and time.

* Receiving technology for 6 stations worldwide:
    Casio radio watches have built-in tiny antennas to receive standard time radio signals, and automatically adjust the time to keep the watch accurate. Casio’s leading 6-station radio wave technology can all receive signals from 6 transmitting stations in different regions of the world. The 6 stations of radio waves are China, Japan (2 stations), North America, Germany and Britain in Europe.

* Solar drive technology:
    The light-driven Casio’s unique solar drive system is not only sunlight, but even weak fluorescent light sources can be converted into electricity. The solar panel on the dial can convert light into electricity and store it in a large-capacity battery. It can ensure the stable operation of high-load functions such as radio wave reception and automatic pointer position repair.

CASIO Casio six major brands 2012 new introduction:
G-SHOCK: GW-A1000-1A
3G protection structure × intelligent operating system
Fighting Gravity
    Based on the six stations of the world’s radio wave reception, solar drive technology and strong movement, the SMART ACCESS intelligent operating system is perfectly combined with the 3G protection structure. Even in extreme environments, you can perfectly experience the watch’s versatility and ease of operation. . This pilot watch, which has both ruggedness, easy identification, and functionality, adds anti-centrifugal force and vibration resistance to the original anti-shock structure of G-SHCOK, forming a strong 3G protective structure, breaking through Another limit in the field of earthquake resistance. Whether under the pressure of air aerobatics up to 12G, or when flying at high speed, all functions can be guaranteed to operate correctly. By simply pushing, pulling, and turning the electronic crown, functions such as quick switching to Greenwich time and aviation-standard time can be achieved to meet the special requirements of professional pilots.

Multi-function timing × intelligent operating system
Driving speed • Pursuing precision
   The metallic texture and simple and elegant appearance actually contain the powerful technology inside. This EQW-A1110DB watch perfectly matches the excellence of the men’s elite who are pursuing speed, efficiency and value. A stopwatch accurate to 1/20 of a second can measure lap speed while watching a racing game. Equipped with the SMART ACCESS intelligent operating system, the simple operation of “pushing” and “pulling” the electronic crown can realize the readability and operability of the multi-function timekeeping, and can easily perform stopwatch and lap speed memory. Powerful operation, you can quickly adjust the local time, world time (29 cities) and UTC world standard time through the electronic crown, allowing you to calmly cope with regional changes. In addition to the powerful chronograph function, the watch is also exquisite in design. The metal three-dimensional time scale, the hour and minute hands are coated with special light-storage materials, which is easy to read. The two small square dials form a straight line, reflecting the advanced and functional sense of the text version. The small dial at 9 o’clock, like the dashboard of a car, interprets the infinite dynamics of EDIFICE’s speed control and the pursuit of precision.

Slim and elegant × intelligent operating system
Thin and light body • Elegant style
    OCEANUS originated from the name of the ancient god of the sea. It contains unparalleled innovation and elegant design in the field of timepieces, realizing the versatility of high-end watches. The OCW-S2050PS is a limited edition model launched by the Casio OCEANUS brand this year. It is equipped with the original SMART ACCESS intelligent operating system. This watch is the first in the world to adopt a blue sapphire glass mirror. The glass mirror uses recrystallization technology to achieve the same texture and abrasion resistance as natural sapphire. The crystal clear mirror reflects the elegant light. The text board is made of mother-of-pearl, as if the sea surface is sparkling; the crown is set with an 8-facet artificial sapphire, which is perfectly cut to show the luxurious atmosphere. The strap, bezel and case are all SALLAZ polished, making the watch top-quality, with mysterious and elegant deep-sea blue shining everywhere. The entire watch is full of dynamic and refined shapes, the pursuit of perfect exquisite craftsmanship, and has achieved the pinnacle of excellent quality!

Triple sensor × intelligent operating system
Explore Nature • Outdoor Essentials
    This all-pointer climbing watch PRX-7001T is equipped with an intelligent operating system and triple sensor. It will provide you with professional outdoor equipment and technical support when you conquer the dangers of nature and constantly challenge your limits. Triple sensor technology uses tiny and sensitive sensors to measure changing natural phenomena such as direction, temperature, pressure, and altitude, and is controlled by the electronic crown, which is precisely indicated by the hour, minute and second hands. This breakthrough operating system has opened a historic page for all-pointer technology with triple sensors. This watch uses fully automatic backlight technology, and adds light storage materials to the hands and scales to ensure that you can read in the dark as clearly as in the day. The mixed material of titanium and resin makes this watch extremely high hardness and light weight, which will not bring any burden to your adventure. The original cutting-edge technology, simple and convenient operation, provides you with comprehensive technical guidance for exploring outdoor unknown fields, and also opens up more functional areas of Casio watches.

Romantic moon phase, shining bright
    The inner self-confidence and elegance, and the long-lasting shine, SHEEN brand presents limited edition models for female users of Casio-the new Star Moon series SHE-3500SG-7 watch. Pick the bright starry sky and vowed to leave a romance and elegance on your slender wrist. The finishing touch of the watch is the moon phase display at 6 o’clock. The unique and interesting design fully interprets the dynamics of the moon, and it also hides the infinite changes in the vast starry sky, allowing you to grasp the moon phase profit and loss at any time. The 7 o’clock position represents the hour-scale star, which shines brightly, as if sliding on the three-dimensional text board along the wavy lines toward the moon. The multi-angle cut crown set with Swarovski crystals is also in motion, flashing a looming light. The three-dimensional star shape, the lifelike Milky Way galaxy, all turned into infinite dreams and reveries of the brilliant stars, shining the most innocent light.

Baby-G: BGA-160
Neon colorful, advocating unique personality
    Tough, cute, and cool, Baby-G ignites your many facets with its innate unique personality! Baby-G’s new BGA-160 neon colorful series will continue to present a unique personality that advocates independence and freedom for young and energetic you. The new watch has a 3D three-dimensional dial, a four-layer dial structure, a Roman scale and a text plate full of metal texture, and an LED fluorescent lighting system, which makes the dial shine with colorful jumping. The use of a special paint strap enhances the gloss of the entire watch from IN to dazzling. At night, BGA-160 is as colorful as neon and radiates charming light. It locks the audience’s eyes and becomes a unique focus.

Da Vinci Entry Model Real Shot Iwc 2017 Sihh Da Vinci Series Metal Chain Watch

Reinterpret the charm of Da Vinci. This year, IWC restored and re-innovated the circular design of its Da Vinci series in the 1980s. This time, we appreciate the three-hand watch among them. This watch uses rock gray dial, three-dimensional Roman numerals, metal bracelet, as an entry-level men’s watch, quite exciting.

   This year IWC welcomes the year of Da Vinci, remodeling the watch case, equipped with new movable lugs, equipped with a 5-row metal bracelet, and the case diameter reaches 40 mm. The IW356602 is equipped with a new butterfly folding clasp, which allows the watch to be optimally fixed to the wrist. Thanks to the clear and orderly dial design and the date display at the ‘6 o’clock’ position, the striking Arabic numerals and willow-shaped hands are best displayed. The crown subtly connects with the curve of the case, harmonizing with the overall appearance of the watch.

   As an entry-level model, the official version of the stainless steel bracelet version of the Da Vinci automatic watch is priced at 48,100 yuan, with a built-in 35111 automatic winding movement. This movement is widely used in IWC’s entry-level junior models. It is used by pilot series, Portugal, Portofino, etc., and it can be stored for 42 hours.

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