Magic Reflection Demonstrates The Magic Of Bulgari’s Italian Garden Water

Bulgari BVLGARI uses the Italian gardens that emerged during the Renaissance as a source of inspiration to open an eternal dialogue between art and nature. It is in this dialogue between nature and art that more than a hundred pieces of Bulgari fine jewelry were born. Among them, this high-quality jewelry necklace called ‘Magic Reflection’ is full.

Bvlgari Italian Garden Collection Jewelry-Magic Reflection

   In this dialogue, nature is not a replica of the template, but a great artist. Nature is both a source of inspiration and the most primitive incarnation of charm. Natural flows between gems and precious metals, while art flows through the work of designers, gemologists and jewelry technicians. More than a hundred masterpieces of jewelry art, reflecting the most original appearance of nature.

   The Langte is just a few kilometers from Rome, and its chain of water is a classic masterpiece of Renaissance architecture. The chain-shaped water body introduces the stream into the garden, and the design is unique and precise. This ‘Magical Reflections’ high-end jewelry necklace sparkles and sparkles. The inspiration for this creation is based on the magic of diamonds and cutouts, which is full of magic. It is another perfection of Italian garden Deduction.

   White gold and bright pear-cut diamonds create the serpentine beauty of a garden’s body of water. The unique design of Magical Reflections highlights the sheer purity of diamonds between light and shadow interactions. In this regard, BVLGARI Bvlgari vividly depicts the beautiful picture of water flowing on the spiral stone steps and glittering with gold.