2012 Sihh Vacheron Constantin 14 Days Power Reserve Watch Introduction

-A new 2260 movement developed and manufactured by Vacheron Constantin
-14 days power reserve
-Round classic case design with outstanding tourbillon complication
-The first Vacheron Constantin watch that has passed the ‘Mark of Geneva’ new standard certification
 The outstanding tourbillon function, beautiful and timeless classic case design, equipped with the extraordinary performance of the new Vacheron Constantin 2260 model complex movement, creating an unparalleled Patrimony Traditionnelle 14-day power reserve tourbillon watch. The newest member of this Patrimony Traditionnelle series is the first Vacheron Constantin watch that has passed the ‘Mark of Geneva’ new standard certification. All these qualities make this watch the perfect choice for collectors.
The most beautiful watchmaking process
 Vacheron Constantin’s tourbillon brings a new and stunning interpretation of high-level complex watches, clearly showing its outstanding watchmaking technology and precise and exquisite skills. Exquisite technology is revealed through the watch’s inherent superior performance and elegant characteristics. The pure and simple appearance design fully displays the complex functions hidden in the watch. The new Patrimony Traditionnelle 14-day power reserve tourbillon watch is the perfect crystallization of superb watchmaking arts. The watch’s new standard through the “Geneva Mark” is even more prominent; the detection of the new standard is no longer limited to the movement The certification is a rigorous inspection of the entire watch. At the 125th anniversary of the “Mark of Geneva”, the new inspection standard represents a major advance in high-quality labels, and also echoes the demand of customers who are seeking for better watches that meet strict standards.
 Vacheron Constantin has a long-standing reputation in the field of tourbillon movement manufacturing. The brand has also used the tourbillon display in conjunction with other complex functions in its watches, demonstrating its superb craftsmanship and extraordinary innovation. Because of this, the brand is determined to develop a simple and beautiful tourbillon movement, which echoes other watch elements, while making the characteristics of the tourbillon more vivid. Vacheron Constantin movement design engineers and watchmakers have jointly developed this 2260 manual winding tourbillon mechanical movement with an outstanding power reserve of up to 14 days.

 In order to provide a full 14-day power reserve, the new Vacheron Constantin 2260 movement is equipped with two pairs of four barrels. Can wind and interact at the same time, of course, four times slower than a single barrel. The total length of the spring of the barrel is about 2.2 meters, and each can rotate about 13 turns. The diameter of the movement is only 12 & frac34; minutes, which is 29.1 mm! In addition to being practical, these barrels enhance the long-term stability of the watch.
 The new Calibre 2260 movement, consisting of 231 parts, is equipped with two large splints (different from the three splints in Vacheron Constantin’s previous tourbillon). The huge surface of the movement makes the polished paint on the movement more flashy. Bright, also makes Geneva Ripple (C & ocirc; tes de Gen & egrave; ve) fully show its beauty. The two new splints increase the accuracy of the assembly, but add difficulties to the watchmaker because it makes the movement more difficult. The design of the tourbillon disc is inspired by the brand’s Maltese cross logo, which perfectly displays the extreme decorative processing of each part of the movement, including a large number of hand-cut inner corners. Only the tourbillon trimming process of the tourbillon must take more than 11 hours of manual grinding to achieve the perfect result.
 In addition to the tourbillon display at six o’clock and its small seconds on the frame, the Vacheron Constantin movement 2260 also features an eccentric hour and minute display. It provides a 14-day power reserve function, and its 280-degree wide-angle display mode is also easier to read. It is placed on the silvery-white dial at 12 o’clock, and the design of the outer ring minute scale is inspired by many classic Vacheron Constantin pocket watches.
 The new Patrimony Traditionnelle 14-day power reserve tourbillon watch adheres to the consistent design features of the series, interpreting the pure tradition and precision quality of the Vacheron Constantin heritage series. The watch is equipped with an exquisite bezel, a layered case, a screw-in sapphire crystal case back, a carefully carved hour marker, 5N pink gold pointed sword hands and a silver milky white with a traditional charm and various surface decoration Dial: Combining exquisite elements, it has achieved the extraordinary characteristics of calm style and exquisite technology, which shows to the world that Vacheron Constantin has always dedicated itself to the perfect fusion of traditional and modern elements.
Meet & ldquo; Geneva Mark & ​​rdquo; Brand New Standard
 The Patrimony Traditionnelle 14-Day Power Reserve Tourbillon is the first Vacheron Constantin watch to pass the “Geneva Stamp” new standard test.

 & quot; Imprint of Geneva & quot; Since 1886, co-founded by the Swiss Federal Government and the General Assembly of the legislative body of Geneva, it is a guarantee of origin, quality craftsmanship, durability and watch expertise. On the 125th anniversary of its birth, the Geneva mark has further improved its standards in response to the ever-changing trend of watchmaking technology and continuous innovation of materials.
 Since 2012, the Geneva Seal is no longer applicable only to the movement, but also to the certification of the entire watch. The production of watch components, the watch production process and the inspection of finished watches will also form a systematic requirement. The standards are more stringent and must be performed by an independent agency in Geneva. After the movement has passed the inspection of the Geneva Seal Standard and obtained official certification, the authorities will still conduct regular surprise inspections of the company to ensure that the entire production process meets the requirements. The inspection will specifically check whether the assembly, adjustment and casing of the watch is actually carried out in Geneva, and also evaluate the quality of the production parts and assembly movement.
 In addition to the movement, the new standard should be on the entire watch, so the case will be printed with the Geneva mark. The outer layer of the watch must also be inspected, especially for the components that connect the movement and the case, that is, the casing ring, plywood, tie rods and set screws, etc. to ensure that all parts must conform to the production process, and the finished product can be engraved with the Geneva mark .
 Testing of finished watches has also become part of the Geneva Seal Standard. All technical characteristics, such as water resistance or power reserve, need to be cross-checked and regularly tested by the Geneva Imprint department. Finally, the simulated wearing test of the accuracy of the watch’s travel time has become an important part of the mark. The Geneva mark inspection department needs to perform a seven-day watch movement accuracy test to ensure that the weekly error rate does not exceed one minute. All the elements attest to the high quality of the watch and the independence and perfection of the Geneva Seal.

Technical specifications
Model 89000 / 000R-9655
Patrimony Traditionnelle 14-Day Power Reserve Tourbillon Watch with Geneva Seal
Calibre 2260 caliber developed and manufactured by Vacheron Constantin
Power Manually wound mechanical movement
Movement diameter 29.10 mm (13 law minutes)
Movement thickness 6.80 mm
31 jewels in movement
Number of parts 231
Vibration frequency 18,000 times per hour (2.5 Hz)
Display functionHours, minutes and small seconds at tourbillon frame at 6 o’clock
Other features Tourbillon driven by two pairs of barrels and 14-day power reserve
Power reserve about 336 hours (14 days)
Case 18K 5N pink gold
Diameter 42.00 mm
Thickness 12.20 mm
Case back with transparent sapphire crystal
Water resistance tested to 3 bar (approx. 30 m)
Dial Silver milky white, black flat scale (minutes, seconds and power reserve)
Strap Hand-stitched Brown Square Mississippi Crocodile Leather Strap
18K 5N Pink Gold Folding Clasp
Polished Half Maltese Cross Design