How About Fiyta Mechanical Watch? How About Fiyta Mechanical Watches?

Watch is a combination of engineering and art, a resonance of inspiration and technology. Since 1987, Fiyta has focused on this, constantly surpassing itself, learning the world’s most advanced watchmaking skills, and leading the country Watch industry trends. Fiyta has developed its own precise mechanical movement. Next, let’s explore how Fiyta mechanical watches are.
Fiyta mechanical watches are mainly classified into manual winding multifunctional mechanical watches, multifunctional automatic mechanical machines and fine tourbillon mechanical watches. Let’s understand together.
Fiyta manual winding multifunctional mechanical watch

During the mission of Shenzhou VII, the space watch needs to face the dangerous space environment. To this end, Fiyta’s watchmakers have developed mechanical movements with complex timing. Shenzhou VII’s flight-out mission has more stringent requirements on the space watch: the space watch must be timed accurately during the entire flight, worn outside the space suit when it leaves the cabin, withstand instant environmental changes, and completely exposed in outer space-Fiyta To this end, watchmakers have developed Fiyta’s first complex chronograph mechanical movement.
This mechanical movement paired with the extreme series ‘Skywalker’ uses manual winding to face the limit of zero gravity; the AM / PM display frame is implemented to facilitate the timely identification of earth time in the day and night chaos; greatly improved The movement’s resistance to temperature difference is able to withstand sudden changes in temperature difference; in order to meet special flight missions, it has innovatively realized 45 minutes, which is the first internationally.
When China’s manned spaceflight industry decided to take the first step of “space walk”, Fiyta also continued to advance a mark on the road of watchmaking skills.
Fiyta multifunctional automatic mechanical watch

The multi-function automatic movement was first applied to the extreme series of watches, and has been upgraded, accompanied by the Chinese motorcycle team in the 2010 Carr rally. Each Fiyta movement embodies Fiyta’s response to time, and continuously deepens its skills to become more refined.
Fine-tuned tourbillon mechanical watch

The tourbillon is known as one of the most complicated and connotative watchmaking crafts in the world. Micro-carved fish scale decoration, the edges are polished by hand with oak strips to make a 45-degree chamfer, showing the atmosphere and moist. The tourbillon watch, that is, a mechanical watch equipped with a ‘rotating escapement speed regulation mechanism’, was originally developed to eliminate the influence of gravity on the accuracy of the mechanical watch. This is one of the most complicated and connotative watchmaking crafts in the world. Today, the tourbillon utilizes the dynamic beauty of clocks in a unique way of operation, which also determines its precious value.
For 18 years, Fiyta has focused on this, constantly surpassing itself, learning the world’s most advanced watchmaking skills, and leading the domestic watch industry trend. Every Fiyta mechanical watch, in the rigorous and exquisite design, production and assembly, in the in-depth event, not only condenses the aesthetic value of art, comfortable wearing experience, but also expresses the temperament and uniqueness of the wearer Life claims.

How about TAG Heuer? How about TAG Heuer?
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Breitling Breitling Launches The New Bentley B04 Gmt Two-time Watch

In 2013, in order to celebrate the 10-year glorious journey of the Breitling for Bentley series, Breitling specially launched the new Bentley B04 GMT two-time watch, equipped with 100% mechanical timing machine independently developed by Breitling Xin, to the greatest sincerity for this partnership.

  Breitling’s new Bentley B04 GMT dual time watch
 The Breitling for Bentley series has several distinctive features: a bezel pattern inspired by the classic water tank cover pattern of the Bentley car, a dense dial configuration, and an oversized 49 mm diameter case. First of all, I saw that the dial of the Bentley B04 GMT watch is also shaped like a water tank cover. You can glance at the movement plate and gems. As for the B04 automatic winding movement, it has a COSC Observatory certification. With a frequency of 28,800 times / hour and a power reserve of 70 hours, it provides timekeeping, date and dual time functions. The wearer can also see the self-winding dial in the shape of a wheel frame through the transparent case back. You only need to pull out the crown to rotate forwards or backwards. The main hour hand can be adjusted to the local time in hours, and the date will be adjusted simultaneously. As for the original GMT red pointer, it is 24 hours. Instruct for a circle.

 Breitling for Bentley dual time stainless steel models are available in black and white dials. The Bentley B04 GMT time watch retains the Breitling for Bentley series bezel, and the dial is also presented in a Bentley tank cover check pattern. Equipped with a practical dual time zone, the Bentley B04 GMT timepiece is bound to be popular with travellers and business travelers around the world.

The Grand Opening Of The Flagship Store Of Omega Shanghai Ganghui Hang Lung Plaza And The First Glory Of The Omega Planet Exhibition In Shanghai

On May 2, 2017, Shanghai—The new flagship store of the famous Swiss watch brand OMEGA held a grand opening ceremony at Shanghai Ganghui Plaza. The well-known Chinese actor Miss Liu Shishi was invited to attend the event and visited the ‘Omega Planet’ exhibition in Shanghai for the first time with the guests to appreciate the brand’s outstanding watchmaking charm.

New Omega flagship store blooms gorgeously

   On the morning of the same day, Mr. Yang Yan, Vice President of Omega China, and Ms. Liu Shishi jointly cut the ribbon for the opening of the flagship store of Shanghai Omega Hang Lung Plaza. Ms. Liu Shishi wore an exquisite Omega Constellation Small Chronograph Watch on her wrist, and she raised her hands to shine. The white mother-of-pearl dial with 18K gold and stainless steel case and bracelet, the elegant timepiece complements the fresh and elegant temperament of Miss Liu Shishi.

   Omega Shanghai Ganghui Henglong Plaza flagship store upholds the brand’s latest design concepts and styles, and integrates many design elements in a space of nearly 150 square meters. The design of the entrance of the flagship store is ingenious. The black wall is made of electroplated brushed bronze and covered with the irregular Omega brand logo. The lighting in the store is soft and comfortable, and the newly designed zebra wood counters are matched with red seats matching the brand’s logo color, which demonstrates Omega’s focus on details and quality, and is committed to bringing customers elegant and comfortable shopping enjoyment.

‘Omega Planet’ Exhibition Shanghai Station Exhibits Omega Speedmaster Series Moon Phase Zhizhen Observatory

‘Omega Planet’ Exhibition Shanghai Station Exhibits Omega Constellation Series Zunba Calendar Watch

‘Omega Planet’ Exhibition Shanghai Station Exhibits Omega Seahorse Series Ocean Universe 600m Zhizhen Observatory Watch

   From the world’s first “Omega Observatory” to the noble and stylish constellation series, the elegant and sporty hippocampus series, and the superpower series that has accompanied astronauts to travel in space, simple and elegant disc flying Collections are available at the flagship store. In addition, Omega luxury jewelry series, exquisite leather goods, fashionable sunglasses and Aqua Terra perfume are also available in the store. At the same time, there is also a customer service center in the flagship store, which can provide customers with global unified after-sales service and a more comprehensive shopping experience.

Exploring the mysteries of Omega-‘Omega Planet’ exhibition debuts in Shanghai

   After the ribbon-cutting ceremony, Ms. Liu Shishi visited the ‘Omega Planet’ exhibition held at Shanghai Ganghui Plaza. This exhibition full of endless inspiration and inspiration reveals the brand’s rich historical heritage and contemporary development by showing the immortal story of Omega and the most representative timepieces.

   The theme of the ‘Omega Planet’ exhibition will be reflected on large-scale installations by means of projection. Rich topics include Omega’s innovative technology, sportsmanship, certification of the Observatory, her time, flying to space, James Bond (007) And social responsibility. Each thematic exhibition area will present the famous Omega timepieces and the wonderful stories behind these works. From the famous Speedmaster series chronograph watches that have landed on the moon to the timepieces commemorating Omega’s official timekeeping in the Olympic Games, rich watch collections fully display the essence of the brand in front of the audience.

   The ‘Omega Planet’ exhibition continued to be open to the public from April 30 to May 9 in Shanghai Ganghui Plaza. During the exhibition, the flagship store of Omega Harbour Plaza Hang Lung Plaza will also warmly welcome every watch enthusiast to come, and wholeheartedly present Omega’s outstanding watch products and professional customer service to customers.

   Since 1848, Omega has been the pioneer of technological development in watchmaking. In this glorious journey, Omega has many milestones worth remembering and celebrating. The ‘Omega Planet’ exhibition wonderfully showcases the brand’s long history and the endless passion to lead the brand into the future.

‘Omega Planet’ Exhibition Shanghai Station Zhizhen Observatory Certification Theme Pavilion

‘Omega Planet’ exhibition information:
Exhibition time:
April 30, 2017 to May 9, 2017
Monday to Sunday 10:00 – 22:00
Exhibition address:
Atrium on the first floor of Hanggang Plaza
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Gong In The Contemporary Tasting Iwc Classic Pilot’s Reissue Edition Watch

This (IWC) IWC Classic Pilot Series replica watch inherits the essence of most IWC pilot watches, not accidental, because of its cabin dial design, luminous hands and big time The standard and black color tone are based on tradition, without any changes; at the same time, it is a model representative of leading technology in terms of movement. Next, let’s take a closer look at its charm. The official model is: IW325401

   It can accompany the pilot to fly through the clouds and stand in the watch industry as a representative of the model; the overall lines of the watch are not smooth and delicate, nor are they presented in a smooth posture, but its unique coarse-grained toothed bezel design makes people relish Le Dao, a kind of ecstasy posture over the center of the strap.

   The case and crown are made of stainless steel, and the 44mm case diameter makes the watch stand out from the air; the checkered bezel design adds more innovation to the watch and can be manually rotated.

   From the picture, you can see the big triangle mark. When you manually rotate the bezel, the triangle mark will rotate accordingly. Presumably it is a mark function specially made by the watchmaker for pilots.

   The classic knurled crown design has also been common to most watches, which also means that the knurled crown is the leader; the front of the crown is engraved with the unique symbols and logos of IWC.

   The dial that retains most of the design elements of the IWC Pilot’s Watch still uses black as the main color, and the small second hand at 6 o’clock shows the dial. It is recessed, as if it is embedded. In addition to the special font design, it is also coated with luminous material, and its outer ring is designed with orbital time scales; below the 12 o’clock position is the classic logo of IWC.

   After seeing the hands, I like to say that this is a very loving watch. The hour and minute hands are sword-shaped as a whole, but the details are very individual; the tip of the hour hand is designed in the form of a heart, and the minute hand is geometrically shaped. The shape is mainly, both are coated with luminous material; the tip is delicate and exquisite, which facilitates better reading time.

   The matching brown leather strap can be said to be a unique aspect of the watch. Fully hand-stitched to meet the pilot’s watch needs to consider the comfort and safety of wearing; the strap uses a stainless steel polished pin buckle This is exactly the same as most pilot watches.

   Like the table mirror, the bottom mirror is polished by sapphire crystal, through which you can clearly see the internal movement structure; the original model generally uses the 83 type movement, but this watch is a modern version, it is selected A Cal.98300 movement from the 98000 movement family is a hand-wound pocket watch movement with a large screw balance and a Baoji spring.

   As shown in the figure, the stripe-decorated movement splint is engraved with ‘FAST’ and ‘SLOW’ and the scale mark, and its function is an elongated pointer. This is the first ‘Jones’ machine inherited from 1868. ‘Core’ two technical features: beautifully decorated nickel-silver 3/4 bridge plate, and ‘Jones Arrow’ (lengthened adjustment pointer in the picture), used to adjust the swing frequency of the balance wheel, which is still the Jones wrist A unique mark for the table. This movement can guarantee a power reserve of up to 46 hours and a vibration frequency of 18,000 times per hour.

To sum up: The phrase “gong in the present age, benefit in the past” is used to describe this classic pilot’s watch of IWC, which is more appropriate. It has inherited the previous culture in terms of appearance design and movement matching. The way of thinking to explain the essence of modern watches, I think this is not only unique to the IWC pilot series watches, it is more than enough to extend it to the entire brand. The market price of this watch is 72000RMB. In terms of cost performance, I believe this is a good choice.

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