Bvlgari Touring Exhibition Lin Youxi Wearing Lucky Tropical Fish

The appreciation of Taiwan watch collectors has always made international brands amazing! Following the Swiss Basel Watch Fair, Bulgari headquarters specially listed Taiwan as the first stop in the whole Asia region, and moved many of the world’s most heavyweight works from Basel Watch Fair to Taiwan this year. Including Bulgari’s three-year-old OCTO Finissimo, the world’s thinnest hand-chain flying tourbillon; and the four-hammer, three-question, constant-power, hailed by watch experts as the most talked about this year and recreating the legendary ship clock craft of the 18th century The impact astronomical watch ‘Eagle at Sea’, coupled with Bulgari’s most famous ladies complex color treasure watch, the lineup is strong, each piece is a rare and rare work!

 Even with the halo of jewellery, Bvlgari continues to work hard in the field of complex clocks and watches, bringing together Swiss watchmaking elites, and with its strong vertical integration capabilities, it continues to create stunning watches. In the Basel annual watch exhibition that just ended this year, even though most brands frequently play safety cards, Bulgari’s determination to create several top-level complex watches is impressive.

 Taiwan’s well-known watch collector and critic Zeng Shixin pointed out: ‘Bulgari’s attitude and ability to study top-level watchmaking is very mature. This time, Bulgari released a number of breakthroughs in movement and escapement in 2014 Basel. The creative ideas are derived from the ancient ship clock concept representing precise timing technology, equipped with the impact observatory escapement structure and constant power device, and combined with the four-hammer three-question Westminster bell “Sea Eagle”, From the perspective of uniqueness or complexity, in terms of production difficulty, I personally think that it is the most talked about high-complexity watch at Basel this year! ”

 2014 BVLGARI Top Complex Watch Appreciation

Complicated mechanical watch showcases ultra-high watchmaking technology

 The 18 top-level complex watches exhibited by Bvlgari in Taiwan this time include the 2014 new Basel style ─ the OCTO Finissimo tourbillon (Finissimo means ultra-thin), the OCTO Finissimo small three-pin style, and the constant-force impact astronomical table ‘Eagle’ and the latest ladies complication watch-‘BVLGARI BVLGARI Lucky Tropical Fish Tourbillon’ diamond style. In addition, the “Zhongle Chronograph Tourbillon Watch” in white k gold style, recognized by celebrities for its crisp and pleasing sound, combines the three-question mechanism, the Italian micro-carved painting, and the “impact comedy three-question watch” Pulcinella.

Jewelry watches are gorgeous and eye-catching

 One of the jewellery watches on display in Taiwan this time is like a stunning star-studded ‘BVGALRI BVLGARI Tourbillon’ set with a few beautifully crafted ornate step diamonds to impress people; and it sings nature and is full of vitality animals Totem ‘BVLGARI BVLGARI Tropical Garden Lady Tourbillon’ diamond style is presented to modern women who love to appreciate the delicate craftsmanship and details. These unique and exquisite watches will be on tour at selected Bulgari boutiques. In addition, Bvlgari also strongly invited the ‘Golden Life Clock’ (May 9 to May 11) to join the line-up of the tour, allowing Taiwanese watch collectors to prioritize these wonderful works that have reached the pinnacle of art.

2014 Bvlgari Top Watch Appreciation Event-Taiwan Touring Exhibition Time and Place

Bulgari Breeze Boutique, May 6-8, 2014: 1F, No. 39, Section 1, Fuxing South Road, Taipei City (02) 8772-5558
May 9-11, 2014 Jinshengyi Watch Co., Ltd .: No. 235, Section 4, Zhongxiao East Road, Taipei City (02) 27519866
Bulgari Taipei 101 Boutique, May 12-14, 2014: 4F, ​​No. 45, Shifu Road, Taipei City (02) 8101-7966
From May 16th to 18th, 2014, Bulgari Taichung Dayuanbai Boutique Store: 1F, No. 105, Section 2, Zhonggang Road, Taichung City (04) 2254-9918

Mr. Pascal Brandt, Bvlgari watch ambassador, with Hu Rui, Managing Director of Bulgari Taiwan and top jewelry director in Greater China

 The supermodel Lin also displayed the BVLGARI lucky tropical fish tourbillon diamond watch, while the male model wore an Octo rose gold model.

 The lucky tropical fish tourbillon diamond watch worn by the famous model Lin is also limited to 50 pieces in the world, which is rare and precious.

 Supermodel Lin stands pretty and shows BVLGARI sweet berry Berrie Tourbillon emerald diamond watch

Overall Appreciation Of Rolex’s New Basel 2012 Sky Dweller Series

Rolex’s popularity in China can be said to be as high as the sun, and in my impression, Rolex is generally the case of the gold can Chan and the bracelet of the gold can, but this time Basel watch exhibition Rolex released a new Sky Dweller series products bring us a brand new Rolex!

different appearance

At the 40th Basel International Watch & Clock Fair in 2012, Rolex got rid of the habit of using stainless steel or gold. The newly released Sky Dweller series products are divided into three materials of eternal rose gold, platinum and gold. Cast from Rolex’s own foundry. And all are 42mm Oyster case, and the Ring Command outer ring adopts Rolex’s exquisite craftsmanship to quickly adjust the watch. This interface developed by Rolex will not affect the watch at any time. Damaged.

Old Rolex on the left and Sky Dweller on the right

different technology

Sky Dweller came with glory, carrying 14 patented technologies, 5 of which are brand new patented technologies. Designed for those who need to travel around the world, it is the first Rolex watch with two time zones and an annual calendar function to display the month. It has an eccentric 24-hour dial, a second time zone display that independently adjusts the hour hand quickly, and is equipped with a new Salo system at 3 o’clock, which only needs to adjust the calendar once a year.

different movement

The Sky Dweller series uses a new 9001 movement independently developed and manufactured by Rolex, which is one of the most complex movements of Rolex so far, thus breaking the rumor that Rolex cannot make complex movements, and once again confirming that Rolex is manufacturing the movement. Aspects of strength. Although the 9001 movement is a brand new movement, it still retains the characteristics of the Rolex Oyster movement, is accurate and reliable, and has passed the official timepiece certification. The 9001 movement uses the new Rolex patented Paraflex cushioning device technology, which improves the shock resistance by 50%. It adopts Rolex’s own patented paramagnetic alloy blue Parachrom balance spring. The Rolex automatic winding device is used to swing your arm. At that time, it can continue to wind the mainspring, providing up to 70 hours of power reserve.

Unknown price

Rolex currently has few watches with complex movements, and this one comes with many innovations and technologies. According to Rolex’s positioning and some rumors, it is said that the price of the Sky Dweller series watches will eventually be around 300,000 yuan. The latest price of Sky Dweller in Europe is: Sky-Dweller white gold (bracelet) EUR 38,900
Sky-Dweller yellow gold (bracelet) EUR 36,785
Sky-Dweller pink gold with strap EUR 31,460 If you have a way, you can start with relationships.

Unknown future

Although this Rolex innovation brought us too many surprises, the only tool that can verify a watch or a movement is time. Will this watch with a 9001 movement stand the test of time? Let us wait and see, maybe it will bring us new glory and classics.

The following is a picture of Rolex Sky Dweller series new products

First is the Sky Dweller series 326939

Next is the Sky Dweller series 326938

Finally, I think Rolex’s most outstanding Sky Dweller series this time 326935

Movement parameters:


Rolex 9001 movement

Two-way automatic winding constant motion pendulum


Official appraisal Swiss Recognized Timepiece (COSC)


Central hours, minutes and seconds

Off-centre 24-hour disk

Second time zone display with independent quick adjustment

Saros system at 3 o’clock

The instant jump calendar shows,

And can quickly and easily adjust the calendar in both directions

12 month display window around the surface

Second hand pause function for accurate time adjustment

Balance wheel

Frequency: 28,800 times / hour (4 Hz)

Paramagnetic blue Parachrom hairspring

Parallel bridge

Equipped with Paraflex cushioning


40 rubies

Power reserve

About 72 hours