Passion For Adventure, Passing The Authentic Taste Of Montblanc’s New 1858 Series Automatic Winding Watch

Montblanc has inherited the history of fine watchmaking from Minerva for more than 160 years, drawing inspiration from Minerva Watch Factory, and presenting the watch to us with a new and fashionable attitude. We all know that the Minerva Watch Factory has now become a watch factory under Montblanc. It is a leader in the field of professional watchmaking and chronographs. Its movement is also known as one of the most beautiful movements. This year, the Montblanc 1858 series introduces a brand new watch timepiece with a history and heritage of excellence in fine watchmaking at the Minerva Watch Factory. With the mountain adventure spirit as the soul and khaki green as the keynote, Montblanc’s new 1858 series inherits the classic soul with modern aesthetic characteristics, echoing the Minerva pocket watches and chronographs of the 1920s and 1930s. Let’s enjoy it together. (Watch model: U0119907)

  The new 1858 series includes a new World Time watch, a chronograph and two self-winding watches. These two self-winding watches have a bronze case with a green dial, or a stainless steel watch. Case with black dial. In these watches, we can see Montblanc’s personality style, not only in appearance, but also in performance.

Watch real shot

  Montblanc’s new 1858 series self-winding watch has a stainless steel case with a size of 40 mm. The front and sides are polished with a brushed process, which is full of the unique texture of metal, showing a calm and low-key visual effect.

  Seen from the side, the round box-shaped convex sapphire crystal glass has a retro feel.

  The case naturally extends to the lugs and exhibits a certain degree of bending. This design conforms to ergonomic settings and can better fit the wrist when worn.

  The grooved crown imitating the antique timepiece is engraved with a Montblanc special logo, which can be recognized at a glance, highlighting the brand’s overall aesthetic style.

  The stainless steel case is paired with a black dial, coated with beige Arabic numerals and the cloisonné-style cathedral hands that complement each other in a very historic style. Montblanc’s classic rail-type minute scale is also used on the dial. The 12 o’clock position uses the trademark style used by the brand in the 1930s: text written in historical fonts and the MontBlanc peak logo.

  The bronze case version of the watch is paired with a khaki green NATO braided strap, and this watch uses a khaki green calfskin strap and pin buckle, which is consistent with the style of the watch, showing a timelessness from the years together charm.

  The watch has received the ‘Montblanc Lab 500 Hour Quality Test’ and has passed special tests under various extreme conditions. It has a water resistance of 100 meters. The MB24.15 self-winding movement is equipped with a flat balance spring, which can provide a power reserve of 38 hours. The stainless steel case back is engraved with the Mont Blanc mountain pattern, a compass decorated with Montblanc’s classic logo in the center, and two ice axes, highlighting the mountain adventure spirit.

Summary: Montblanc combines modern aesthetic features with traditional Minerva style, and continuously innovates to create practical watches. It not only provides watches for modern young people who are adventurous, but also conveys its philosophy of pursuing its true personality, and has become an indispensable part of watchmaking. Reference price: ¥ 18,900 (Wu Fengqi, the home of the picture / text watch)

Jaeger-lecoultre Reiterates Its Support For The Marine Site Protection Plan

When launching the diving watch series, Jaeger-LeCoultre discovered some unspoiled magnificent natural marine areas. The watch factory in Rugu Valley immediately realized that these ecosystems are extremely vulnerable and the protection of biodiversity is extremely important and urgent.
It is for this original purpose that Jaeger-LeCoultre signed a cooperation agreement with the UNESCO World Heritage Centre and the International Herald Tribune in 2008 to raise public environmental awareness, and defend and protect these not immediately rescued An extraordinary marine site that cannot be effectively preserved.

Jaeger-LeCoutlre Clive Owen, Jaeger-LeCoultre Jaeger-LeCoultre Global President Jérôme Lambert, UNESCO Director-General Irina Bokova; French film director Jacques Perrin • Behan; Stephen Dunbar-Johnson, publisher of the International Herald Tribune, and Nic Vandermarliere, Flemish Representative to UNESCO, Nick Vandermaril

For this reason, Jaeger-LeCoultre has been insisting on an annual auction of unique Jaeger-LeCoultre watches for the past four years, in order to provide direct financial support to the World Heritage Management Team-all proceeds from the auction are donated to the protected Marine ruins.
In 2012, Jaeger-LeCoultre held the fourth online auction event to auction the unique Jaeger-LeCoultre Deep Sea Vintage Chronograph No. 1 prototype. The proceeds of the auction were donated to the Underground River National Park in Puerto Princesa, Philippines, some of which were used to purchase materials-lifeboats, GPS, portable sonar equipment, and diving equipment (including oxygen cylinders and air compressors). Diving training was provided by two staff members monitoring the Sagang Underground River National Park.
In 2013, this mission will continue. Jaeger-LeCoultre announced at a press conference on February 7 that it will adhere to its partnership with UNESCO and reiterate its support for the project. The film ‘Marine World Heritage: the Crown Jewels of the Ocean’ was also shown at the meeting, and everyone was invited to pay attention to this event.
On this 180th anniversary, Jaeger-LeCoultre’s commitment to this cause has never been stronger. With the release of the new Jaeger-LeCoultre Deep Sea series, Jaeger-LeCoultre will launch a variety of special events to support UNESCO-protected sites.
Source: Image.Net by Getty Images for Jaeger-LeCoultre