The Pinnacle Of Vacheron Constantin’s Moon Phase Watch: Teardrop Watch Ear Section

Teardrop Lunar Phase Moon Watch
There are not many moon phase watches in modern VACHERON & CONSTANTIN. The teardrop-shaped lugs are the most classic and most representative moonphase watches of VACHERON & CONSTANTIN. This vintage moon phase watch is very popular, as early as 1946 this model watch became very popular.
There are many moon phase watches on the market, but Vacheron & Constant’s moon phase watches are unique. The design of the dial is perfect. The silver-white dial with sea ripples is engraved with the three-dimensional scale time scale of K gold and the Arabic numeral time scales of 3, 6, and 9. The 12 o’clock is VACHERON & CONSTANTIN. ) Trademark Maltese cross sign, VACHERON & CONSTANTIN GENEVE is surrounded by a carved T-shaped frame, with a week display window on the left, a month display window on the right, a moon phase profit and loss display window at 6 o’clock, and a fan-shaped Chinese calendar 29.5 days mark; the moon phase disk with bright blue represents the universe is full of gold dots represents the stars, and two gold circles represent the moon; at the outermost periphery of the faceplate is a track-shaped minute scale mark, and the calendar indicator plate consists of one tail The moon-shaped K gold hands indicate that the calendar display and face plate are composed of a gold ring-shaped boundary line, pen-shaped K gold hour and minute hands and delicate face plates, which look elegant and generous.

Inner core
Above: The moon phase disk represents the universe with bright blue dots representing stars, and two golden circles representing the moon. The calendar display and dial are bounded by a golden ring. The Vacheron Constantin 1126 movement is a thin rhodium-plated movement with Geneva ripples and fish scales, a ring-shaped 21K gold side automatic tourbillon, and a set of small steel wheels pushed by two sets of ball bearings for automatic winding in both directions.
Movement production retains the traditional Geneva watchmaking spirit
VACHERON & CONSTANTIN is one of the oldest watch factories in Switzerland. Its movement keeps the traditional Geneva watchmaking spirit. Even the machinery hidden under the faceplate is not sloppy. It also uses traditional watchmaking techniques for polishing and polishing; the function operation is also very simple: The button at 2 o’clock can be used to quickly adjust the month, the button at 4 o’clock can be used to quickly adjust the calendar pointer, the moon phase profit and loss can be adjusted by the button at 8 o’clock, and the button at 10 o’clock is to quickly adjust the day of the week.

Even the machinery hidden under the faceplate is not sloppy at all. It is also polished by traditional watchmaking techniques.
VACHERON & CONSTANTIN is one of the oldest watch factories in Switzerland. Its movement production retains the traditional Geneva watchmaking spirit, and even the machinery hidden under the faceplate is not at all sloppy.
VACHERON & CONSTANTIN 1126 is a thin rhodium-plated movement with Geneva ripples and fish scales, and 33 rubies protect the shaft of the gear, making the watch longer life; after 5 different temperatures Various orientation tests to ensure the accuracy of the watch, dual-arm ring alloy balance and balance spring resistant to temperature difference, KIF shock absorber, thread trimming speed adjustment device, horse-style escapement, ring 21K gold side automatic tourbillon Ball bearings push a set of small return steel wheels for automatic winding in two directions, with a vibration frequency of 21,600 times per hour. This 18K gold retro moon phase watch with curved sapphire crystal glass and daily waterproofing is a classic masterpiece of VACHERON & CONSTANTIN moon phase watch.

Meidu Automatic Helium Valve Diving Watch

This perfect series has firmly grasped the marine theme. Through new sports watches, it is dedicated to diving enthusiasts inspiring watches. The perfect series automatic helium valve watch combines the advanced watchmaking technology with aesthetic charm, which is another heavyweight personalized watch in the perfect series. Accurate and reliable, for marine lovers, it can ensure safe wearing during underwater adventures.
深 Deep diving with underwater breathing apparatus is a very attractive extreme sport. It is dangerous and romantic, and has no doubt its special attraction. Under the water, as the water pressure continues to rise, the perception of danger becomes less sensitive. It is for this reason that a reliable watch is especially important for divers. It not only guarantees the safety of life , And can maximize the fun of diving. The Mido Perfect Automatic Helium Exhaust Valve Watch is just such a way to make divers have no worries; they are convinced by the unquestionable safety guards to escort deep diving.
腕表 While this watch is a perfect fusion of high-tech and beautiful appearance, it does not forget the original design intention of the perfect series, and incorporates more sporty fashion elements, ensuring that you can enjoy unlimited sports fun.
刮 The large dial protected by scratch-resistant sapphire mirror can accurately provide you with timing requirements. Super-LumiNova® luminous scale marks and 6.9.12-point eye-catching Arabic numerals make the readings clear, ensuring the best readings even in low-light conditions. The date and day window are at 3 o’clock. The luminous palm-shaped hands can also read the time easily at night. Through the transparent bottom cover, you can clearly observe the mechanical operation and the beautifully decorated oscillating weight movement.
独特 The unique automatic helium exhaust valve treatment of this watch ensures that the watch is absolutely safe and reliable even if it is placed in a submarine in the deep sea for a long time. In deep-water environments, the built-in valve automatically releases helium that has penetrated into the inside of the watch. In this way, the watch mirror is protected from returning to the water surface and will not pop out due to a sharp water pressure difference.
Water-resistant to 300 meters. This watch has a two-piece folding buckle and diving safety buckle on a rubber strap.

Technical Information
Movement ETA2836-2 mechanical movement, 11½’’’, 25.60 mm, thickness 5.05 mm, 25 diamonds, amplitude 28,800 A / H, INCABLOC and NIVACOURBE anti-vibration system, NIVAFLEX NO main spring. Carefully decorated automatic rotor, HMSDD function, 3 directions to adjust its travel time accuracy. 40-hour power reserve, automatic helium exhaust valve at 10 o’clock.
Case 316L stainless steel (DIN X2CrNiMo 17 14 3), 2 parts, scratch-resistant sapphire mirror, spiral crown and back cover, transparent back, observable, finely carved movement engraved with 11-digit serial number, waterproof The depth reaches 300 meters. The top of the rotatable bezel is plated with PVD.
Strap Rubber strap with two-piece folding buckle and diving safety buckle.
Dial Black dial. The scales are treated with Super-LumiNova® to ensure high-quality readings in the dark.
Hands Palm-shaped hands are treated with Super-LumiNova® to ensure high-quality readings in the dark.