Breaker Reviews Brand History In New Zealand

A few days ago, the Breguet Australia branch focused on the history of Breguet’s watchmaking series successfully concluded in Auckland, New Zealand.

   Continuing the previous event format in Sydney and Melbourne, Breguet joined hands with local retail partner Partridge Jewellers to invite New Zealand watch collectors and customers to experience the brand’s watchmaking art.

   As a representative of great historical and cultural heritage, as well as advanced watchmaking technology, Breguet has an unparalleled ability to innovate. This tradition is also fully reflected in the brand’s modern timepiece series. The invited guests took this opportunity to appreciate the content in a private dinner.

The First Collection Of Contemporary Watches From The Palace Museum Blancpain And Caruso Nanjing Appreciation Meeting

BLANCPAIN watch is the first contemporary watch treasured by the Palace Museum. According to the characteristics of Chinese and Forbidden City culture, BLANCPAIN tailored this extraordinary watch with a large number of advanced craftsmanship, and named him ‘Balpa Qiankun Carrousel’. And its design is as Chinese as its name: on the dial, the designer takes the form of ‘Chinese Tai Chi’ as the main shape, blending yin and yang with the moment to give people the feeling of being able to accept the world; Inscribed: ‘1735’, ‘Qianlong’, ‘BLANCPAIN’. The pattern at the bottom of the Palace Museum is extremely elegant and exquisite, and the surrounding is decorated with classic and exquisite Chinese glazed tiles. A large number of Chinese elements reflect the charm of light under the interpretation of Blancpain. As the watch moves around, the semi-hollowed dial shows a charming floating Carrousel, making every detail and every part feel the extraordinary craftsmanship of Blancpain. Taste carefully, this watch is like a ‘mechanical scroll of Chinese and Western’.

     On the occasion of the first anniversary of the collection, we will bring our team to the ancient capital of Nanjing to show you the mysterious colors and legends of BLANCPAIN Blancpain Carloso. From September 11th to 19th, Blancpain brought its full range of classic watches covering all complex functions, including the most famous ultra-thin, dual-time, full-calendar moon phases, flyback chronograph, tourbillon, spring palace three Q. The full range of Fifty Fathoms diving watches and the limited-edition Chinese Dragon Caruso, which first landed in China, were displayed for 9 days at Nanjing Golden Eagle Hotel Xinyu Sanbao Watch Museum. The rustic spirit and restrained wisdom contained in Blancpain is enough to achieve a noble faith, which is relentlessly pursued by perfectionists in the time art he has cast.

If You Want To Play A Super Complicated Diving Watch, These Five Must Know

Dive watch is a watch watch favorite by watch fans for many years. Although not everyone will actually wear it to dive, the word ‘diving watch’ is given to us. An inexplicable sense of security, as if wearing it, you can conquer the ocean, break through the shackles of unknown domains, and pursue the real world that touches us most. In diving watches, Rolex water ghosts, Blancpain fifty cents, Omega seahorse and other models have long been famous. But they are undoubtedly simpler functions. If you prefer ultra-complex diving watches, the following five must be known.
Blancpain X Fathoms (5018-1230-64A)

   When it comes to complex diving watches, Blancpain X is not willing to let it go. Its size is 55mm, which is comparable to a diving computer and represents the highest level of diving watches. Water-resistant to 300m. X 噚 is provided with two depth lines, one is 0-15 meters and the other is 0-90 meters. Every 10 meters of water depth increases by 1 atmosphere. When a person dives 15 meters into the water, they can generally rise directly and quickly to the surface without any problems. After exceeding the limit of 15 meters, with the increase of underwater pressure, the total amount of gas dissolved in human blood and tissues (mainly nitrogen, which accounts for about 4/5 of the total volume in the air) will gradually increase. It needs to be decompressed. The 5-minute countdown on the dial can be used to conveniently control the decompression time of underwater stays. It is worth mentioning that it can also tell the time.
Richard Miller RM 032

   This flyback chronograph has a large calendar and a power reserve display (55-hour power reserve), which looks rough and fine. The unique feature is that the crown can lock or unlock the timing button. The case is made of titanium alloy with a diameter of 50mm and a water resistance of 300m.
Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Compressor Diving Pro Geographic Navy Seals (Q1852470)

   This watch is equipped with the Jaeger-LeCoultre 979 automatic movement, with a mechanical depth gauge and a second time zone time display at 9 o’clock, which is convenient for users to go to any diving spot on the earth to dive and travel. The 18K rose gold case has a diameter of 46mm, a water resistance of 300 meters, and a limited production of 300 pieces.
IWC Aquatimer Perpetual Calendar Digital Date-Month
Ocean Time Perpetual Calendar Digital Date Month Watch (IW3794)

   This is a boutique in a diving watch with a perpetual calendar function; the rubber-coated titanium alloy case and rose gold bezel make the watch interesting. This watch is not only the most complicated IWC marine timepiece diving watch, but also the largest watch ever produced by the country, with a diameter of 49mm and a water resistance of 100m.
Breguet Marine Royale (5847BR / Z2 / 5ZV)

   This watch has a diameter of 45mm, uses an 18k rose gold case, and a rubber strap decorated with ‘Paris studs’. It is breathtaking and waterproof up to 300m. The crown at 4 o’clock can be set with an alarm, which is joked by watch lovers: You can also remind the mermaid to get up when diving. The dial has a mechanically carved radial sun pattern, which is extremely gorgeous. Power reserve indicator and bezel lock. If you don’t like rubber straps, there are also gold chains to choose from.