Celebrating Astronomy With Masterpieces Of Precision Machinery Vacheron Constantin’s ‘astronomical Mechanics, Instant Thousand Years’ Astronomical Timetable Tour Exhibition At Shanghai Guojin Center

[September 19, 2017, Shanghai] Swiss watchmaker Vacheron Constantin has a long history of more than 260 years. In order to show its research in astronomical mechanics, it has continuously created astronomical complex watch Extraordinary accomplishments, presented astronomical timepieces at the Shanghai IFC Center on September 19-23, leading watch collectors, watch enthusiasts and the public to explore the sublimeness of Vacheron Constantin with physical exhibits, interactive installations, history and daily life images Astronomical world.

On September 19th, Vacheron Constantin’s ‘Astronomical Mechanics, Instant Thousand Years’ astronomical timepiece tour exhibition appeared in Shanghai IFC

   The concept of time originated from the observation of astronomical phenomena, and astronomy dedicated to the study of celestial bodies is continuously enlightening the progress of human civilization and watch manufacturing. Astronomical functions such as standard time, solar time, stellar time, moon phases, annual calendar and perpetual calendar in the timepiece are influenced by the state of interaction between celestial bodies. Since the 19th century, Vacheron Constantin has been committed to creating watches equipped with astronomical complications, constantly breaking through the superb skills in astronomical complications, and continuing the legend of the fine watchmaking industry. This exhibition vividly shows the mysteries of astronomical mechanics and the charm of astronomical watches, including the Métiers d’ Art master series Copernicus celestial spheres Copernicus celestial sphere 2460 RT watches, including all astronomical timepieces.

At the end of the exhibition area, the starry sky map over Geneva on the night of Vacheron Constantin’s birth on September 17, 1755, calculated by the Paris Observatory, shines brightly with the Vacheron Constantin astronomical timepiece’s life scene map.

   Rich images and masterpieces of watches are presented in the viewing gallery full of astronomical elements. A starry sky over Geneva on the night of the birth of Vacheron Constantin on September 17, 1755, dazzled in the circular exhibition hall. Several astronomical watches’ life-like scene pictures are laid out, echoing three antique astronomical timepiece pictures that show the brand’s long history. Multiple different series of timepieces with tourbillon, universal time or two places, three questions, moon phase display, perpetual calendar, full calendar or annual calendar with six complex functions are displayed colorfully, and the audience can also interact through the exhibition hall. The screen provides a lively tour of Vacheron Constantin’s six complex functional subtle principles and the extraordinary style of the entire watch collection.

Métiers d’ Art Copernicus Celestial Spheres Copernicus Celestial Sphere 2460 RT watch
   In this exhibition, three Métiers d’ Art master series Copernicus celestial spheres Copernicus celestial sphere 2460 RT watches show the spirit of fine watchmaking with aesthetic creativity and delicate details, showing charming mechanical charm. Introduced by Vacheron Constantin in 2017, these three watches are inspired by Nicolas Copernicus and the history of astronomical discovery, paying tribute to the ‘Heliocentric Theory’, the greatest astronomical discovery in human history. The dial is made of three art crafts, namely the glazed enamel process, the engraving process, the sapphire crystal laser engraving and the hand engraving process. The 17th century Dutch-German draftsman Andreas Cellarius painted The work is inspired by the creation, showing a beautiful starry sky chart or constellation pattern. And on the dial, the elegant orbit of the earth revolving around the sun is displayed. It only needs to be proofread once every 8,000 years to correct a day’s error. The exquisite arcs and rotations, charming subtle details are exquisitely combined with the arts and craftsmanship and watchmaking skills to vividly perform the ancient and constant interactive dance steps between the sun and the earth on the dial.

   Perceive the mechanics of celestial bodies in the vastness and experience thousands of years between square inches. Just like a encounter between a giant celestial body and micro-mechanics, astronomy and fine watchmaking are intimately connected between precision machinery. Vacheron Constantin celebrates the extraordinary charm of watchmaking art with the universe of the sun and moon. During the exhibition, visitors can appreciate the beauty of Vacheron Constantin’s machinery and handicrafts.

   Following the opening of the national touring exhibition in Shanghai, the Vacheron Constantin astronomical timepiece exhibition will continue to Chengdu, Shenzhen and Shenyang. Watch enthusiasts and connoisseurs can come to the scene to experience and explore the brand’s uninterrupted history and superb skills for more than 260 years.

Vacheron Constantin’s ‘Astronomical Mechanics, Instant Thousand Years’ Exhibition of Astronomical Clocks Shanghai Station

When: September 19 – September 23, 2017
Venue: Atrium, Level 1, Shanghai IFC Center

Hublot Launches Big Bang Unico Special One Limited Watch

Hublot CEO Ricardo Guadalupe and Manchester United head coach Jose Mourinho have launched the new BigBangUnicoSpecialOne limited edition watch. Since 2014, Mourinho has been the ambassador of Hublot, the second special watch launched by the brand named after his nickname (Special One special).

 Mr. Mourinho said: ‘Today, I am honored to receive the second Hublot Hublot watch named after my nickname. I am very satisfied with this watch. Since the beginning of cooperation, the brand watchmaker and I’m impressed by the engineer’s work ethic, technical knowledge and extraordinary creativity. These values ​​are also very useful on the football field. More importantly, we share a passion for football. ‘


 Mr. Guadalupe has worked with the maverick coach for five years and considers the latter to be the best candidate to represent Hublot. He said: ‘If I didn’t know his nickname before, I would definitely give the same answer after meeting him. Ruoze’s personality and expectations are unique, which is also the quality we share. Mourinho and Hublotyu Watches, two special ones. ‘
 The Hublot BigBangUnicoSpecialOne watch is blue-toned and embellished with red details. It is limited to 200 pieces. The ceramic case and bezel are sandblasted and polished, with a diameter of 45 mm. They have a built-in HUB1242 automatic flyback chronograph movement. The movement can be viewed precisely through the dial and case back. (Photo / text watch home Xu Chaoyang)

Audemars Piguet’s Valentine’s Day Gifts Together With The Eternal Clous De Paris Lovers’ Watch

A two-handed mechanical watch is extremely rare for Audemars Piguet, and even more rare is the three-circle Paris stud decoration. Although simple, it has the qualities of a masterpiece, especially Suitable for relatively traditional Chinese people. Coupled with 18K white gold material and limited production, it is rare and noble. Men’s watch diameter 38 mm, case diameter 30 mm. Men and women on the table
    The more top-of-the-line watches, the less need to write so many reasons. Long-established brands like Patek Philippe and Audemars Piguet, their watches have gone beyond simple functions or beautiful appeals. Just making a watch can make you want to buy it. Choosing a Patek Philippe couple watch is tantamount to saying that our love is eternal and can be passed on to the next era.

Classic Of The Horse Racing World – Longines Conqueror Classic Series

As a partner of the world’s top horse racing flat, Longines has launched a new series of watches to match the splendid atmosphere of horses in the circle of Chantilly in France, Hong Kong, Royal Ascot or Dubai Racecourse. In 1881, Longines produced a stopwatch for New York horse race enthusiasts and jockeys; today, this well-known Swiss watch factory introduces the Conquest Classic to commemorate the stopwatch. The new watch series is loyal to the brand’s values ​​of elegance, tradition and performance. In particular, the self-winding movement is selected, which is not only full of contemporary characteristics, but also shows a perfect and timeless style.

 On May 25, 1954, Longines obtained patents for the ‘Conquest’ series through the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). Over time, Longines has launched a number of best-selling watches through this collection. Today, Conquest Classic joins Longines’ world-renowned classic aesthetics. This new collection is dedicated to horse racing enthusiasts who love top-notch horse racing events such as Chantilly in France, Hong Kong, Dubai and Royal Ascot in the UK.

 The Conquest Classic is available in three sizes. The women’s watch has a diameter of 29.5 mm and can display hours, minutes, seconds and dates; material options include stainless steel, rose gold, and two-tone gold in stainless steel and rose gold. The black or silver dial is inlaid with numbers such as 12, 6, and 9, giving this model a true sporty look. 40 mm diameter models are also available in various versions. A mother-of-pearl face plate inlaid with 12 diamonds adds a refined atmosphere to a female watch, and some models have 30 diamonds in the face plate. These models are available with a black alligator leather strap with a dial, a stainless steel strap, or a two-tone gold strap with stainless steel and rose gold. Leather strap and steel strap are equipped with folding safety buckle.

 The chronograph has a diameter of 41 mm and is equipped with a special L688 column wheel movement specially developed by ETA for Longines. Case materials include stainless steel, two-tone gold with stainless steel and rose gold, and rose gold. The silver or black dial shows the hours and minutes, and is equipped with a small 9 o’clock dial and date indicator. Its stopwatch features include a central seconds hand, a 30-minute counter at 3 o’clock, and a 12-hour counter at 6 o’clock. The chronograph comes with a black alligator leather strap, a stainless steel strap or a two-tone gold strap with stainless steel and rose gold, all with a folding safety clasp.

 Conquest Classic men’s watch, stainless steel, stainless steel / K gold or 18K rose gold case, 40 mm diameter, hours, minutes, seconds, date, L691.2 self-winding movement, power storage 42 hours, 50 meters waterproof.

 The watchmaker Longines, which originated in Saint-mil, Switzerland in 1832, insists that the watchmaking process combines tradition, elegance and performance. Longines has long been a chronograph manufacturer for various sports world championships and has long-term cooperation with different international sports associations. Longines is a member of the Swatch Group, the world’s leading manufacturer of timing products. The brand Longines, with its flying wing hourglass as its registered trademark, is world-renowned for creating exquisite timepieces, with operations in more than 130 countries around the world.

 Conquest Classic chronograph, stainless steel, stainless steel / K gold or K gold case, 41 mm diameter, hour, minute, 9 o’clock small seconds dial, date indicator, chronograph, L688 automatic Winding movement, power storage 54 hours, waterproof 50 meters.