Watch House Takes You To The Nomos Factory

German NOMOS watches have always been highly respected by our website. But how does the elite team behind them produce watches that appeal to us so much? With this question, Love Watch Network took readers to visit together, and took an eyeball trip at the NOMOS factory in Germany.
Glashütte, a watchmaking “holy place” in Saxony, eastern Germany
Glashütte Railway Station
Company plant built on the original site of the old station
NOMOS Observatory Studio
Reading seats
General dictionary prepared by NOMOS, 36 euros each
Service department
Homemade movement components
Homemade substrate splint (automatic core)
Homemade substrate splint (manual core)
Production of substrates
Preliminary processing results
Block arm bow spring
CW1 model base plate for the WEMPE Observatory series
Further hand processing
May be cleaning up
Substrate finished product
German craftsmanship ‘Glasutti’s Sun’
Processing of steel wheel sunburst
‘Sun Dust’-the residue left by grinding
A pile of waste