Mainly Environmental Protection And Women’s Workplace Casio Released A Variety Of Theme Watches

Casio itself has a very rich watch product line. In addition to the well-known G-SHOCK, there are also SHEEN series and colorful Baby-G series, which are mainly professional women. From these three product lines today, Casio has released a variety of summer styles.

 Shining bright series SHE-3028 for women in the workplace, there are three black and white and red. The dial is inlaid with Swarovski crystals, supports a stopwatch, is 50 meters waterproof, and the date is displayed. The price is 1490 yuan.

 Another smart simple series watch SHE-4511, with a small and exquisite mother-of-pearl dial, with pink, blue and white three-color refreshing colors. SHE-4030 is decorated with a rose gold bezel decorated with Swarovski crystals. The prices are RMB 1,490 and RMB 1,390 respectively.

 The Baby-G series has two styles: BA-110-7A1 and BA-110-1A. In addition to supporting hands and digital dual display, there are neon lighting, shockproof, 100 meters waterproof, world time (48 cities), stopwatch (1/100 second), countdown, automatic calendar, 12 / 24-hour timekeeping, etc Features. The price is 1290 yuan.

 In addition to the above two models, Baby-G also has two new products: metal sweethearts BGA-131-4B2 / BGA-131-8B (date red and black) and dark green forest BGA-161-3B. The price is 1190 yuan.

 Facing the recent global extreme weather, Casio has collaborated with the environmental protection organization ‘I.C.E.R.C.JAPAN’ to create a watch with the theme ‘LOVE THE SEA AND THE EARTH’. The GWX-8901K-1JR, which belongs to the G-SHOCK series, is a whale-themed limited edition that supports shockproof, solar power, 200 meters waterproof, automatic time synchronization (Japan / North America / Europe / China), 48 cities world time, moon phase Display, tide display, alarm, LED backlight.

 BGD-1030K-7JR belonging to the Baby-G series is a limited edition with a dolphin theme. It supports shockproof, solar power, 100 meters waterproof, automatic time synchronization (Japan / North America / Europe / China), 48 cities world time, alarm , EL backlight. The G-SHOCK series GW-9301K-6JR limited edition watch with the theme of EARTHWATCH supports shock, solar power, dust, mud, 200 meters waterproof, automatic time (Japan / North America / Europe / China), compass, Thermometer, 48 city world time, moon phase display, tide display, alarm, fully automatic EL backlight.

A Watch Worth 3.41 Million Is Only Available At Jacques Rodriguez Beijing Apm Store

The New Year’s bells of 2018 have been struck. Although the Lunar New Year has not yet passed, the days are counted. We have also reached the new year. New Year should have new plans and plans The new goal, after all, until the lunar calendar ends, 2018 will pass by almost a quarter. What kind of watch do you aim to buy this year? Recently we went to Jacques Dro’s APM store in Beijing. Sometimes we need some external force to put some pressure on ourselves. In the store, we saw Jakodro’s watch worth 3.4919 million yuan-a charming bird of time. This is a work of art, not an ordinary clock. Its value is equivalent to a set of two small houses in Beijing. House, seeing it immediately made me recognize the reality, not work hard.

   Closer to home, everyone can still buy a watch with a price of tens of thousands of yuan, but for a watch worth several million, most people don’t have the financial resources. Of course, a watch with a value of millions has a value of millions. As for this watch, the piston-driven songbird mechanism is unique among watch brands. It originates from the bird chimes made by the brand’s founder in the early days. Mr. Jacques de Lo presents the landscape of the Swiss valley where he is, and uses the clock as a carrier to present the kingdoms of the princes. Birds are one of the elements. Today, Jacques Dross reproduces the “natural sceneries” of birds singing in watches by means of handcrafted creations through sophisticated micromechanical devices.

   To this end, Jacques Droe added three miniature crystal tubes to this watch, and through the piston-driven method, the air and the crystal tube cooperated to make a regular bird sound. What’s more interesting is that the birds have been carved and painted by the master craftsman, showing a beautiful look, and the birds themselves can ‘cheer and jump’ on the dial, rotate back and forth and quickly flap their wings, and come alive.

The Fascinating Bird of Time from the Jacques Dro Art Workshop Collection

   This is a veritable artistic creation. The arched mirror can accommodate the three-dimensional space of the birds. The large 47mm red gold case allows the movement to fully arrange the mechanical structure, and these tiny parts are hand-polished and decorated, especially Beautiful. Through the transparent dial space, we can admire the wonderful process of the movement and the mechanical transmission of the bird’s ringing.

   This watch is limited to 28 pieces. At present, it is only available in APM stores in Beijing. For those who are interested, you need to know people to appreciate its value. It may just be waiting for you.

Jacques Dro APM Store

More details:
   This quotation was collected on January 03, 2018. The watch price / spot is subject to change at any time. For the final price, please pay attention to the store details.
[Dealer Name]: Beijing APM Jacques Dro Boutique
[Dealer Address]: APM 107A, 138 Wangfujing Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing
[Contact]: 010-65211738 Please call as a ‘watch home’ user

Earl Piaget Extraordinary Carved Watchmaking Craftsmania

The extraordinary craftsmanship and creativity have been deeply rooted in the genes of Piaget Piaget. Piaget has never been confined to a specific form of art, and even made exquisite watches with techniques that are rarely used in watchmaking. Talented sculptors work day and night to forge chain skills, show the pursuit of perfection in daily work, and show meticulous and superb results in their works.

Piaget Altiplano 38mm Baywatch (limited to 88 pieces)

Shell carving was born in the 18th century. It was originally an entertainment for whalers to spend time in the long and boring sea life. Shell carvings use whale and walrus teeth, as well as bones from different mammals, often with fishing scenes or book illustrations as patterns. Eighteenth-century sailors used needles for sewing sails, coal ash, or even tobacco juice to color and retouch sculptures. To this day, the essence of shell carving has not changed, and the precise and delicate techniques of the past are almost intact. Shell carving is a needle-type carving technique. The density of the carving materials must be extremely high and the surface smooth and flawless to draw fine lines. In order to protect endangered species, today’s engravers need to find other suitable new materials, and long-haired elephant ivory fossils have become an alternative to ivory and whale teeth. Such beautiful new materials can be traced back to 40,000 years.

Piaget Altiplano 38mm Baywatch (limited to 88 pieces)

Piaget specially invited the most prestigious artisans in the industry to add magnificent carvings to the dial. The veritable shell carving master Richard Maier used deep painting and sculpting knowledge to create an amazing ‘map of the world’ dial for Piaget. The map captures inspiration and leads us around the world again. The sculptor creates an arched effect on the dial surface. The ocean and the continent are gradually formed on the sphere, and then connected by fine dots to form a dotted line. effect. The ingenious details on the fascinating world map are extremely detailed and can only be carefully appreciated under the magnifying glass. From time to time during the process, the craftsman grinds the chisel pins and miniature engraving knifes with a diamond file to ensure accurate and fine lines. After finishing the dial engraving, the engraver gives the pattern life with ink, highlighting the delicate details and enhancing the contrast. Black ink penetrates the bottom of the engraved pattern to deepen the delicate strokes on the dial. The subtle light and shadow effects bring soft matte to the uninked engraved dots, making the map like painting on parchment. The Altiplano 38mm watch is available in rose or white gold with a world map on its dial, making it an absolute favorite for connoisseurs and collectors of extraordinary timepieces.
Metal carving
Another ‘metal micro-engraving’ technology was developed by an Italian engraver. Traditionally, this specialized craft was used to decorate daggers and hunting weapons, and its name is derived from the engraving tools used by Italian artisans. Because the micro-carving effect is extremely detailed, it can only be performed under a microscope and carved along points and lines. The effect is engraved by the craftsman with different strengths.
Piaget Piaget applied this technology to the Altiplano dial, praising its proud position. The metal micro-engraved horse pattern was first drawn on the gold dial with transparent paper and pencil to outline the original sketch. Using a microscope, the craftsman engraved the horse’s outline with a metal pointed needle on the gold dial, and then used metal micro-engraving technology to polish the horse’s glittering body part. The craftsman handles the horse’s dial with ingenuity, and the background pattern is carved with a diamond head chisel, making the composition particularly delicate and moving. The gray part of the horse must be micro-engraved at a 90-degree angle, and the deeper shadows are engraved at an 80-degree angle. The final finishing of the metal micro-engraving pattern is completed by craftsmen relying on icon magnification technology.

Piaget Altiplano 38mm metal micro-engraved watch (limited to 18 pieces)

The micro-carved steed pattern blooms with rich colors after undergoing an oxidation process. Then, the craftsman polished the work with wooden pins and sanding paste to add gloss. Finally, paint the surface with ink color, and then further polish the dial. Throughout the complex micro-carving process, the craftsman sometimes grinds the engraving tools with diamonds and ceramic discs to achieve sharp blades and precision comparable to scalpels. Such exquisite and magnificent craftsmanship is only displayed in the Piaget watch series. .

Raymond Weil Launches Nabucco Cello Tourbillon Watch

As a watchmaking brand that loves music, RAYMOND WEIL is loyal to its inexhaustible source of inspiration and has created a shining star for the Nabucco collection, witnessing the brand’s integrated system Watch technology and cutting-edge creativity. The current CEO of Raymond Weil, the grandson of the founder, Mr. Elie Berheim, is also an excellent cellist, and the champagne city Cello Tourbillon is a brand new work based on his creativity. This timepiece also created a precedent for luxury watch design inspired directly from the cello.

    ‘Grandfather’s love of music throughout his life, combined with my personal passion for the cello, are two factors that inspired us to design and develop the Champagne Cello Tourbillon watch. This watch shows Raymond Weil’s expertise in watch design. Rich imagination, ‘Elie Bernheim said. ‘In addition, the Cello Tourbillon watch in Champagne also reflects the many core values ​​of the brand. In particular, its inspiration is completely derived from music and has combined a variety of advanced watchmaking techniques, which ultimately makes this unique timepiece. ‘

   As the blockbuster new product of the Champagne City series, the lines of the Champagne Cello Tourbillon watch are exquisite and simple, which contrasts sharply with the sentiment and tenderness. The clever interweaving of watch components embodies the theme of the cello, while also giving this manually-wound movement alive. Inspired by the soul of Raymond Weil’s music, this new watch not only possesses rigorous essence, pure lines, and excellent performance, but also shows superb watchmaking skills and powerful musical expression. This is more than a coincidence.

  A deconstructed cello. The dial and case back are equipped with sapphire crystals, a deep surreal world of transparency and precision: the movement splint supporting the tourbillon escapement and main barrel is inspired by the unique F-hole shape on the cello The slim hands and the arc of the cello bow secretly match, while the lines on the bezel mean the staff.

   The most striking thing about the Champagne Cello Tourbillon is the four thin strings that cross the dial between 9 o’clock and 3 o’clock, combined with the F-hole splint to create the visual impression of a miniature instrument. These extraordinary musical elements were conceived entirely by Raymond Weil’s in-house research and development department, which was established by the brand in 1999. In addition to its aesthetics that cannot be ignored, the tourbillon frame also plays an important role in adjusting the accuracy of the watch and plays the role of the final compensation element. The visual aesthetics and technology guarantee the full display of this masterpiece.

   Raymond Wey Tourbillon skeleton watch. The tourbillon rotating frame is in harmony with the stainless steel and titanium case. Although the case diameter is 46mm, it has a light and comfortable wearing experience. The carbon fiber material extends along the black PVD coating on the side of the case, which completes the perfect finishing touch. In addition, this watch has a wealth of details that watch connoisseurs appreciate: the screw-down crown engraved with the Raymond Weil logo echoes the curve of the case, and the alligator strap secures the watch firmly On the wrist, these details add elegance and subtlety to this watch.

   Each Champagne Cello Tourbillon watch is equipped with an exclusive design case, which not only reflects the watch’s musical elements to a greater extent, but also inherits the quality and craftsmanship of traditional handmade cellos. You can join the discussion on the social network via the topic #RWTourbillon.
Technical parameters of NABUCCO CELLO tourbillon watch

1842 BSF 20001

Mechanical movement with manual winding-RW1842-Tourbillon device at 6 o’clock; 105 hours power reserve; 27 ruby ​​bearings
Hour hand, minute hand and tourbillon device at 6 o’clock
Titanium, polished stainless steel; black PVD coating; carbon fiber; diameter: 46mm; thickness: 15.25mm; stave bezel; screw-down stainless steel crown with RW mark groove
Table mirror
Sapphire crystal with anti-glare treatment on both sides
Black; scale and cello pattern
Hour / minute hands Stainless steel, diamond sharpening, luminous material coating, Boston style
Black alligator leather strap with engraved folding clasp, titanium / stainless steel, two-button safety mechanism

Water resistance 200 meters

Cartier Hangzhou Tower Shopping Mall Boutique Reopened

In October 2012, Cartier Hangzhou Tower Shopping Center boutique reopened, adding style landmarks to the beautiful West Lake, showing the unique and timeless charm of the hall-level brand.

Exterior of Cartier Hangzhou Tower Shopping Center Boutique

 Since its establishment in 1847, Cartier has made countless classic legends with its outstanding artistic charm and enjoys the reputation of ‘the emperor’s jeweler, the emperor of jewelers’. In October 2012, Cartier’s Hangzhou Tower shopping mall boutique opened again, adding style landmarks to the beautiful West Lake, showing the unique and timeless charm of the hall-level brand.

Exterior of Cartier Hangzhou Tower Shopping Center Boutique

 The refurbished Cartier boutique occupies the most prominent core location of the Hangzhou Tower, expanding from the previous floor to two floors above and below, with an area of ​​nearly 400 square meters. Guided by Bruno Moinard, an internationally acclaimed designer, the store design follows Cartier’s globally synchronized ‘bronze concept’ style, which embodies Cartier’s ultimate work and distinguished atmosphere.

Accessories display area on the second floor of the boutique

 Adhering to the essence of the brand, Cartier Hangzhou Tower Boutique combines traditional and modern, classic and innovative. Bronze wooden floors, soft wool rugs, brown leather sofas, gorgeous silk curtains ?? The exquisite details make customers feel as if they are at Cartier Paris Heping Street 13, and experience the culture of the hall-level brand for a century Inheritance and aesthetic style. Behind the crystal clear window, every piece of jewellery watch embodies Cartier’s infinite exploration of superb craftsmanship and extraordinary creativity. The newly renovated ‘Elegant VIP Private Meeting Room’ enables distinguished customers to enjoy more private and considerate care and service.

Boutique jewelry display area on the second floor of the wedding

 Stepping up the corner stairs, a precious photo on the wall seems to open a tunnel of time. From representative works to celebrities wearing Cartier’s shadow, it shows many of Cartier’s 165 years of glorious history. time. The newly opened second-floor area is wide and comfortable, providing customers with more exclusive space. The brand-new wedding series jewelry display area is set against the bright lights, creating a romantic and warm atmosphere, remembering the most gorgeous moments in life for the lovers. The accessory display area is designed with the new ‘HOME’ theme, allowing customers to get closer and experience Cartier’s full range of works and exclusive lifestyle.

Watch display area on the first floor of the boutique

 As early as 2004, Cartier opened its first boutique in Hangzhou at the Hangzhou Tower Shopping Center. Together with Vientiane City Boutique and Hubin Mingpin Street Boutique, the re-opened Hangzhou Tower Boutique will not only bring more Cartier classics, but also provide customers with a unique style experience. With this ancient city of Hangzhou, Cartier’s never-ending palace legend writes a new chapter of glory.

Jewelry display area on the first floor of the boutique

Cartier Hangzhou Tower Shopping Center Boutique
Address: Shop B102-202, Hangzhou Tower Shopping Center, No. 1 Wulin Square, Hangzhou, China
Phone: 0571-8510 5993