Enable Flight Mode On The Wrist: Oris Flight Time Meter

The flight watch comes from the pilot’s need to read time. In order to complete the task within a certain time, the role of the timing tool is very important. In the early pocket watch era, it was really difficult for the cockpit to control the flight instruments and pull out the timer from the arms. It also caused trouble for pilots; the appearance of wristwatches resolved the inconvenience of pilots when reading. It also makes the flight watch a classic type of modern timepiece. The most prominent feature of the flight timepiece is nothing more than its huge crown, which is also the constant highlight of Oris since the first Big Crown watch was launched in 1938.

Big Crown ProPilot calendar week watch stainless steel case, diameter 45 mm, hour, minute, second, date, day of the week, luminous hands and time stamp, Oris 752 automatic movement, 38 hours power reserve, sapphire crystal glass, Transparent back cover, waterproof 100 meters, alligator leather embossed leather strap / textile strap / stainless steel chain strap, and brown leather strap.

   There are several specific elements in the watch of the flying series: the simple design of the dial, the clear and easy to read Arabic numerals and the large crown. This is not the only flight model owned by Oris, but the Big Crown ProPilot Day Date watch does present the characteristics of a flight watch in a low-key way; such a low-key makes the watch more practical when the wearer stares at the dial At the same time, you will find that the amount of time information is just as much as you need daily.

   Oris’ first BigCrown series flight watch was launched in 1938 and is still an important series in the four major areas of the brand’s four fields of culture, diving, racing and flying. The name ‘BigCrown’ is of course its particularly enlarged crown, and this design is for the pilot to adjust the time without taking off his gloves; as mentioned above, this is a common design for flight watches. However, Oris’ BigCrown is a bit different. The coin pattern above is presented at an oblique angle, just like the jet engine turbine; the same inspiration is more obvious when applied to the bezel, which is very bright under the brushed stainless steel case. In addition to the integration of flying elements in the two details, it also highlights the exquisiteness of the Oris watch, which still retains its characteristics in a simple style. The dial design of this DayDate watch is also the simplest in the brand’s BigCrownProPilot series. The junior pin, plus the date and day indication, together with the legible Arabic numerals, is definitely a practical watch for everyday wear. Some brands of straps have also introduced a variety of different materials and colors. According to the design of the watch, whether it is matched with stainless steel chain strap, crocodile leather embossed leather strap or textile strap.

Air Racing V Limited Watch Black DLC stainless steel case, 45 mm diameter, hour, minute, second, date, day of the week, luminous hands and time stamp, Oris 752 self-winding movement, 38 hours power reserve, sapphire crystal , Special engraved back cover, waterproof 100 meters, textile strap, limited to 1000 pieces.

   Another Air Racing V limited edition watch launched at the end of 2015 has the same design, both the case, bezel and large crown are meticulous with Oris flight models. The stainless steel case with black DLC creates a completely different sports style from the Big Crown ProPilot date and week watch; the end of the second hand and the word ‘AIR RACING’ at 6 o’clock are expressed in red, lighting up the overall vision in an all-black style effect. This series of watches commemorates the flying achievements of the brand ambassador Don Vito Wyprächtiger, including the 2013 National Championship of Flying Championships, and the 2014 Scarlet Screamer aircraft to win the second place.

The back of the Air Racing Edition V is engraved with the Scarlet Screamer airplane driven by Oris brand ambassador Don Vito Wyprächtiger.

   The limited edition of 1,000 Air Racing Edition V and Big Crown ProPilot Day Date watches are equipped with Cal. 752 self-winding movement with a frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour; of which Air Racing Edition V is engraved with the Scarlet Screamer aircraft pattern on the back cover. Big Crown ProPilot Day Date shows the movement with a see-through back cover and Oris’ famous two-way winding red automatic disk. When the wearer adjusts the time through the screw-in crown, the movement’s stop-second device can improve the accuracy of proofreading.

   It is also a flying watch. The different style of the OrisBC3 series watch is even more conspicuous. This series was launched for the first time in early 1999, and it has been 6 years since the most recent change, and finally this year finally released a new work again. The new BC3Advanced date and week watch has a unique appearance design. Compared with other brand flight series models, the case and the lug are more closely connected; the PVD coating or stainless steel case is used, and the dial is in a calm dark gray and blue. The color is unobtrusive, and the textile strap with the same color tone has unique flavor. Both timepieces have a screw-in crown design, but the design of the texture is different from that of BigCrown, and the glossy polished texture also corresponds to the matte case; the most characteristic is of course the shock-proof covering on both sides The device provides perfect protection for the most vulnerable parts of the watch’s outer layer.

BC3 Advanced watch stainless steel case, 42 mm diameter, hours, minutes, seconds, date, day of the week, luminous coated hands and time stamp, Oris 735 automatic movement, 38 hours power reserve, sapphire crystal glass, transparent Back cover, waterproof 100 meters, textile strap.

   In order to meet the basic time display and easy adjustment characteristics, in fact, flying watches are flying in the field of aviation timing in their own style. In addition to providing time information, these three Oris timepieces are also very ingenious in design; with a variety of straps, they enrich the choice of watch lovers.