Glashütte Grande Cosmopolite Tourbillon

This unique, extraordinary and delicate watch is a miracle. Travelers wearing this watch can know the day and night time and travel time of their hometown in any two of the 37 time zones in the world. They can also accurately grasp daylight saving time and standard time in order to continue clockwise to the east. Go forward or return counterclockwise to the west. Using the watch’s perpetual calendar function, it is possible to record the traveler’s clockwise or counterclockwise movement, and the time difference between forward and backward during the trip; therefore, all the time and date changes of the wearer when arriving at the destination Can be displayed.
 This watch is also the world’s first mechanical watch to integrate a variety of complex functions, using a unique flying tourbillon. This technology was invented by Glashütte master watchmaker Alfred Helwig in 1920; Glashütte has applied for patent protection four times, making it a unique artistic masterpiece. This watch is limited to 25 in the world.
Grande Cosmopolite Tourbillon is designed for travelers who want to know both home time and destination time when traveling. The home time remains unchanged as a reference time, and a 24-hour day and night time scale is set at 6 o’clock; the destination time is displayed in the center of the main dial, which records the local time of the passing place during the trip.
 When starting to use this unique watch, the wearer first sets the home time so that the home time can change in sync with the destination time.
 When selecting the home time, the user selects and sets the time zone where the long residence is located from 37 different world time zones, including using a 30-minute deviation (such as Delhi) and a 45-minute deviation (such as Ukra) Adjust to standard time or daylight saving time. The international time zone is represented by a three-letter international airport code (for example: FRA stands for Frankfurt, LAX stands for Los Angeles, and DXB stands for Dubai), and two small windows are displayed on the dial at eight o’clock, one for standard time and the other Daylight saving time. The wearer can then set a perpetual calendar to display the day of the week, date, month, and year (including leap years).
Travelers can also change the destination time of the Grande Cosmopolite Tourbillion watch or follow another time zone. For example, if you travel to the east, you can use the crown at the two o’clock position to adjust clockwise; if you travel to the west, you can adjust the crown counterclockwise. If the destination time is one day earlier or one day later, the five displays of the perpetual calendar can be adjusted accordingly. The accuracy of this watch can even be adjusted from March 1st to February 29th or February 28th without additional manual adjustment. This hand-made watch combines a variety of complex functions into one, and its extraordinary and perfect craftsmanship is truly amazing, and it can be called the world’s leading mechanical watch.

The large 18-karat gold dial is accented with silver texture, with black Roman numerals around the dial. The home time (24-hour) display is located at the six o’clock position, which is aligned with the destination time display to reflect the watchmaker’s artistic temperament: the flying minute tourbillon is a highly regarded and respected Master watchmaker Alfred Helwig invented it in 1920.

The back of the 48mm platinum case is made of anti-reflective sapphire crystal glass, which clearly shows the exquisite manual winding movement. The Glashütte manual winding movement 89-01 is composed of more than 500 parts. The bottom splint is decorated with classic Glashütte threads, and the gold sleeve is also threaded, with winding gears and a 72-hour power reserve indicator. The back of the case is fitted with a platinum cover engraved with 37 time zone charts. Each time zone is indicated by the three English letters of the international airport code. In addition, this watch is equipped with a black Louisiana alligator strap and a platinum folding clasp.

In order to highlight the excellence of Glashütte’s watchmaking technology, this watch is also equipped with a beautiful box made of oak, which reflects the extraordinary complexity of this watch. Covered with a stainless steel ball-shaped shell, a map is displayed on the side, reminiscent of the ancient adventures of the world. When this extraordinary and unique watch is placed in the center of the watch box, the constantly running machine can keep the watch in the winding state at all times.

If customers want to change the time zone setting, this will not be a problem for Glashütte master watchmakers and engineers. The brand is happy to change the city ring to provide better service for customers. Glashütte is proud to bring personalised service to watch owners-allowing travelers to be engraved in the city ring with their hometown names and in the form of international airport codes.