Glasuti Seventies Big Date Series Watch

Recalling the seventies, I was still in elementary school. At that time, the national gate had not been opened, people’s thinking was generally simple, and the social atmosphere was not as impulsive as it is now. In the world, the 1970s was an era of innovation in all walks of life. From cars to airplanes, from furniture to fashion, they all showed the style of the time-simple, curved and streamlined. . The stunning new art and design in this decade are enough to stand on their own even today, so this design style was naturally reflected in the production of watches at the time.
    Such as the Glashütte Seventies Panorama Date 1970s big calendar series watch, since it is called ‘re-engraved’, its style of the 1970s is naturally very clear: the curved and streamlined stainless steel case, also with polished and matte contrast The method of processing, the simple and solid dial and calendar display, to a certain extent, represent the aesthetics and values ​​of people of that era.
    Whether it’s a rounded square case, an integrated lug, or a four-link chain strap, the watch’s components are all quirky. However, we can still see the designer’s intentions from the design of the dial: on the silver dial with a blue light feeling, the watch’s only three-pin indicator and the 6-point calendar display make this practical atmosphere more obvious Steady, it’s no exaggeration to say that such a design not only guarantees the legibility of the watch, but it is even more unintentional to reveal a different kind of freshness in today’s numerous complicated functions and opposite-design watches.
    In retrospect, I was naturally at an age when I was not interested in watches in the 1970s, and the situation was chaotic at the time. A good watch was definitely a rare treasure. There was no way for ordinary people to contact. Glashütte Seventies Panorama Date The Chrono-Calendar series of watches more or less made up for this regret that I missed the 1970s watch.