Gold Watch On The Wrist, How Can Luxury Be Low-key

When it comes to gold watches, if you still have a glittering picture in front of you, you are out. The current gold watch is more than just 18K gold. Rose gold, white gold, platinum, etc. will definitely dazzle you. The popularity of the ‘gold watch’ is, on the one hand, because the value of gold has been a symbol of the wearer’s identity and status since ancient times; on the other hand, for consumers who have the idea of ​​’preservation and appreciation’, the gold watch has additional advantages.

Four kinds of gold
Gold, rose gold, platinum and platinum have become stable watchmaking materials. This includes almost all precious metal watch materials. Except platinum, the other three are used as watchmaking materials at 18K. Previously, some watch brands used 950 palladium, and now it is almost no longer used.

18K Gold
Foot gold cannot be used to make the case because of its soft texture. The watches we call ‘gold watches’ are all alloy materials regardless of color and the ratio is 18K gold that we are familiar with. The 18K gold watch is made of 750 ‰ of pure gold + 125 ‰ of silver + 125 ‰ of copper. This proportion of silver and copper can maintain the true color of gold while increasing its hardness.
Everyone says ‘thousands of gold’ is the hard currency in the money market. What is Qianjin? The chemical symbol of gold is Au. Gold with a gold content of 999.9 ‰ is thousands of gold, and what we call 18K gold is Au with a gold content of 750 ‰.

18K Rose Gold
Red gold and rose gold are basically the same material. It is cast from 750 ‰ pure gold + 250 ‰ copper. The proportion of copper is increased on the basis of unchanged gold ratio, so the color of the alloy is more red That’s why we call it rose gold or red gold. Because their color is very moist, their visual acceptance is high, and they are easy to create an elegant temperament, they are very popular with consumers in recent years.

18K White Gold + Platinum
Regarding K platinum and platinum, they must be put together because they are always asked by consumers for a long time. Simply put, they are completely different precious metals. The former is still an alloy of gold, so 750 ‰ of pure gold remains the same in platinum, and the other 250 ‰ is the addition of other metals, so that it shows this color in color. The latter platinum is a natural white precious metal, and only the watchmaking material with platinum content above 850 ‰ can bear the proprietary mark of platinum-Pt.
The origin of the phrase ‘please identify the Pt logo when purchasing platinum’ is because many traitors used to sell platinum as platinum, so the platinum chemical symbol ‘Pt’ was engraved on many objects made of platinum to prove it Identity.
How to distinguish platinum from other ‘white’ metals? Platinum is even denser than gold, so watches made of platinum are about 40% heavier than gold of the same style.
Be careful
For daily maintenance of precious metals, general wearers should pay attention to these.
K gold material’s characteristics make it very easy to scratch or leave traces due to collision, so it is stored as much as possible independently.
Keep away from chemical substances in life.
清除 Remove surface fingerprints and smudges with non-abrasive cloth.
Special gold
The above four metal materials cover almost all the main sources of precious metal watches. Some brands are very pursuing ‘Unique’ and have developed their own precious metal materials. If you have this temperament, it is a good choice for ‘click and go’.

Noun explanation for ‘王金’
King King Gold is an 18K gold alloy developed by Hublot. Its unique color is more rosy than the traditional 5N rose gold. Hublot’s smelting experts increased the proportion of copper in the alloy, and at the same time added platinum to make its color last longer and resist oxidation. As for the precise data of various metal proportions, the brand’s unique secrets.

Glossary of ‘Magic Gold’
After the ‘king gold’, Hublot has created a new ‘magic gold’ material. In the proportion distribution, the full gold of 750 ‰ is still on the list, but ceramics are incorporated in the gold to make the alloy show super resistance. Abrasive, so Hublot said that it is ‘the world’s first anti-scratch gold’, which effectively prevents other gold or alloy products from being easily scratched due to long age.

Glossary of ‘Eternal Rose Gold’
Introduced in 2005, Rolex Eternal Rose Gold is a new type of alloy created by the brand in its own foundry. It is made by adding a small amount of platinum to 18ct pink gold, which not only adds distinguished temperament to the alloy itself, but also makes pink gold The color is more durable. Named ‘Eternal Rose Gold’ and patented.

Explanation of ‘orange gold’
The orange gold used by Omega, which is similar to the eternal rose gold, is also based on 750 ‰ pure gold, adding a high copper content and a small amount of platinum. The former makes the material itself a bright color. This not only enhances the value of the precious metal alloy and strengthens its hardness, but also the oxidation resistance of platinum guarantees the persistent red color of orange gold.

Gold-& gt; Golden Eagle
In addition to being a watch material, gold can also exist on the dial in other ways. The picture shows Jacques Dro Petite Heure Minute Relief gold engraved watch.
Wrist Selection
Each precious metal material has its own unique qualities and qualities that make it completely different from each other. The color of gold is the sharpest and requires a strong aura to control it. The color of rose gold (red gold) is warmer and more elegant. More and more office people are fascinated by it. Of course, platinum is the preferred choice for low-key. How about it? In addition to being low-key, he is more noble, and no matter whether others understand its essence, he already knows it.
The domineering of the gold model is that if you can hold it, it can make you appear in a variety of styles: expensive, uninhibited, and even rock. If you can’t help it, then choose a rose gold watch for everyone.
Editor’s Choice

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Day Calendar
购买 The buying spree of Rolex gold watches promoted by a phrase of ‘golden labor’ has continued for almost decades. Therefore, in the gold watch industry, Rolex is firmly seated in the position of absolute authority. The whole body gold has pushed the magnificent temperament to the top again. If you dare to try the gold watch only once in this life, it is better to be so extreme.

Girard Perregaux 1889La Esmeralda Three Golden Bridge Tourbillon Pocket Watch
Gold + Pocket Watch is also on time. The whole retro temperament and emotions are here. It is said that it was manufactured in 1889 and presented to the President of Mexico.
The case is extremely sculpted, including CG repeating pattern, enamel dial. The movement is equipped with the classic three-gold bridge splint, tourbillon and gold bottom plate.

Mido Commander Gold Limited Edition
The commander series that was born more than 50 years ago, the biggest feature is the integrated case. There is no back cover, using the unique Aquadura cork sealing system, and the built-in cork waterproof device makes the crown extremely waterproof. When celebrating the 50th anniversary of the series, the gold version was launched. If you feel that the large-scale use of gold in the entire watch is too brave, you can consider this simple and magnificent ‘small area gold’ watch.
The platinum model is very low-key, and it is said to be low-key because many people think that it looks similar to stainless steel in the distance. Play carefully in the vicinity to notice the difference. If you are worried that the luster of gold and rose gold is too dazzling and bright, platinum is solving your urgent needs.
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Cartier Tank Anglaise Watch
We all say that the Tank Anglaise watch is very ‘Tank’: compact, clear lines, but full of tension. What distinguishes it from other Tank watches is that the crown is hidden in the vertical lugs, and the overall structure forms a perfect symmetry. The whole body is made of platinum, which makes it less expensive and more low-key and elegant.

Roger Dubuis Velvet white gold and diamond watch
Low-key and high-key choices! It is said that its low-key lies in the choice of white gold, while the high-key is studded with diamonds on white gold, cold and shining! The design of the watch is very ingenious, and the combination of diamonds and ribbons is very noble.
Rose gold
的 The rose gold that has been popular in the past two years has seen the expression ‘warm luster’ in most media reading. In fact, it does. There is no publicity of gold, and the unique color of precious metals makes it suitable for almost everyone.
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Piaget Gouverneur rose gold automatic watch
The earl, which is very suitable for professionals, is itself synonymous with elegance and gentleman. This Gouverneur rose gold automatic watch, which was launched throughout 2012, is the best interpretation of rose gold: the large dial is matched with the rose gold case, hour markers and hands. The overall shape is very simple, and it is also matched with another feature of Piaget-ultra-thin movement. Everything is at the heart of Chinese consumers.

Montblanc Nicholas Kay skeleton double time zone chronograph
推出 Nicholas Case chronograph was launched that year, it attracted much attention, this year the brand also launched a hollowed out dual time zone version. It has a single button at 8 o’clock to control the three programs of start, stop and zero. In addition to the chronograph function, this watch also has dual time zone display of local time and home time, and the hollow dial is even more unique. The selection of rose gold material makes it a target watch for mature watch buyers.

Zenith Commander Winsor Windsor Chronograph Calendar
The interesting thing about rose gold is that even if you watch three rose gold watches, they also show different levels of color and light. In addition to the legendary EL Primero movement, this Windsor chronograph calendar also has a practical calendar function that guides daily life. The subtle and elegant rose gold material sets off its reliable and stable temperament.
In addition to a low-key, more distinguished platinum model, I want to say that it is more like sharing material secrets with myself. Without observing the details, you don’t understand its true material secrets. Only the wearer is content with it and stays with it forever.
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Blancpain Minute Coaxial Carrousel
Because of the preciousness of platinum, it is basically adopted by top brands. Blancpain’s minute-axis coaxial Carrousel watch not only subverts people’s inherent prejudice and traditional thinking in function, but also strives for every detail. Carrousel automatic winding movement contains 262 parts, 100 hours of kinetic energy storage, platinum semi-hollow dial diameter of 42.5 mm, limited to 288 worldwide. Every detail is top skill.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Platinum Number One
铂 A watch named after platinum is straightforward? In order to celebrate the classics of Reverso and to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the classic rotating case, Reverso put on a platinum outerwear for the first time, a watch with a well-known rotating case and openwork movement. The essence of the watchmaking process is shown in the most subtle and high-pressure metal.

Omega Hollow Tourbillon Mid-Coaxial Platinum Limited Edition Watch
Every detail is perfect, the coaxial hollow can be regarded as the ultimate expression of art, the central tourbillon is extremely difficult, and the pointer cannot be placed on the central axis in the conventional way, so it is etched on the sapphire crystal wafer. On the disk, it is driven by a full-time transmission on the outer edge of the disk. With such complex functions, the use of platinum seems to be taken for granted, with a limited number of 18 pieces.