In Order To Put On The Black Water Ghost, His Whole Life Was Ruined

Recently I saw such a real watch case. In Lingang University Town, Pudong, Shanghai, college student Fan saw his roommate wearing a more than 80,000 Rolex blackwater ghost, jealous and dreaming. After all, the watch is a roommate, so you ca n’t just grab it openly. What should you do? The real black and fake black water ghost pictures provided by the police, so Fan Mou came up with an idea. He bought a fake black water ghost online at a very low price, and while the roommate was not paying attention, he dropped the bag with the real black water ghost and hid the real watch in the roommate’s shoes. Take the real watch away. His wishful thinking abacus worked well, thinking that God did not know it. But the fake watch is a fake watch after all, not only the workmanship is very rough, but also the calendar displayed is not correct, so it didn’t take long to reveal the filling. When the roommate noticed that the Blackwater Ghost was dropped, he immediately called the police. According to the situation and experience of the police, the police may have committed the crime. After investigation, finally locked Fan, and found a fake express box in Fan’s wardrobe. Fan has been released on bail by the police pending trial. At the time of his youth, I am afraid that the whole life will be rewritten. What is the charm of the freshly-produced Heishuigui Heishuigui, so that Fan will not hesitate to try? Blackwater Ghost is a member of the Submariner series, divided into versions with and without a calendar according to function. According to the picture, more than 80,000 black water ghosts are the version of the Golden Band calendar. Rolex’s calendar is usually located at 3 o’clock, with a design commonly known as ‘bubble eyes’. The biggest advantage of this design is that it can enlarge the calendar and make it more visually clear. Rolex is also the first brand to ‘open’ the calendar on the dial. Since Rolex opened the window, many brands have followed suit. As the explosion-proof model of Rolex, the Blackwater Ghost is a diving watch with a water resistance of 300 meters, but it is less heavy than a sea-dweller with stronger waterproof performance. It achieves a balance between water resistance and practicality, so it is also very suitable for daily wear. Coupled with the classic shape and Rolex’s name, the black water ghost has been very hot. And it’s easier to buy than Green Water Ghost. Although compared with most watches, Black Water Ghost is still difficult to buy, which is a premium style. The Green Water Ghost is even more difficult to buy, not to say how high the technical content of the watch and how difficult it is to make it. In fact, this is the brand and distributors working together to limit production, hoard watches, raise prices, and jointly create the ‘scarcity’ illusion in the market. Let’s take the stainless steel black water ghost (model 116610LN) as an example. Its public price is 65,900 yuan. As usual, if you go to a specialty store or watch shop to buy a Swiss watch, it may be slightly discounted, such as ten percent off. In other words, you can usually start with a Swiss watch at a price slightly lower than the public price. When encountering some brands with a high public price, the discount might be a little bigger. But this situation does not apply to black water ghosts (more certainly not to green water ghosts). Although the price of the stainless steel blackwater ghost is 65,900 yuan, the actual market price is more than 70,000 yuan, which is a super-common price, and a lot of money. Although this watch is actually not too small, you really can’t buy it smoothly. Rolex is a brand that knows how to make watches and knows how to do business. To put it bluntly, even the best brands are also profitable. Regardless of how long your brand has a long history and high technological content, you can only wait to close the door without making money. Rolex is no exception. It is a brand that knows how to make watches and also knows how to do business. In the hype of their own watches, Rolex is a first-class master, black water ghosts, green water ghosts are living examples. To be practical, the quality of this black water ghost in the case of this article is still good. It is made of Oystersteel (904L stainless steel) and yellow gold, with a gold bracelet and a scratch-resistant ceramic bezel. The watch has passed Rolex’s exclusive Observatory precision timepiece certification, and the time difference between the time and the range reaches plus or minus two seconds. The green tag is a waterproof and durable Oyster case certified by the Super Chronometer Precision Chronometer. It uses Rolex’s classic 3135 movement. This movement has been around for decades since its introduction in the late 1980s. Rolex has been making minor changes and improving it even more. Even big brands such as Rolex have continued to improve after developing their own movements, let alone other brands? Therefore, having a reliable self-produced movement is actually very difficult. Some of Rolex’s new watch movements have been upgraded to 3235. Although hard indicators such as power reserve are much higher than 3135, it still takes time to test how the market performs. Blackwater ghosts are of course a good example, but no matter how good the blackwater ghosts are, they can only be achieved through legitimate means. In order to put on the black water ghost as soon as possible, holding on to luck, and eventually breaking national laws, this approach is really not desirable. There are many good watches in this world. Even if you can’t afford black water ghosts for a while, there are many other watches to choose from. Buying a watch must be within your means, and a watch that suits you is the one that is really comfortable to wear.