Interpretation Of Blancpain Moon Phase Table What Exactly Is The Moon Phase Function

Moon phase watches are now more common watch styles, that is, with a moon phase display function on the watch dial. It is undeniable that the application of this function makes the watch more beautiful and charming, and the most representative one is the Blancpain moon phase watch. However, there are many friends who don’t understand this function so well, and what the moon phase function is doing has become their question. So today, the watch house will take you to interpret the Blancpain moon phase watch!

   For the use of the moon phase watch, some people may think that it can remind the tide rise and fall, which is convenient for fishing people or those who love fishing. But we ca n’t help wondering, does n’t the tide rise and fall every day? Maybe the days when the moon is full may rise even more, but what about it? Is it true that people on the water will wear a moon phase watch to make up for the sea? A fish? If it is really like this, the moon phase watch should have the same function as if it were a big, magnetically resistant one called a pilot watch, and a thick, waterproof and light-emitting scale called a diver’s watch. Just call the fisherman’s watch.

   Seven days a week is from the Jews, because they believe that God uses six days to create heaven and earth, and rests on the seventh day. Doing twelve months in a year is even more late. Westerners thought that there were only ten months in a year, but later found that they were wrong, and added two more months. Later, some kings were so happy that they felt very important, so they added one more day to the month they were born. It’s as if Emperor Nishizawa was born in July, so there are 31 days in July. Emperor Augustus learned everything and was born in August, so he added another day to August, making August into a big month.

   Einstein said the length of time was relative. In addition to subjective emotional influences, happiness does not know how time passes, and painful times can be spent like years. Acacia naturally disappears as if it were three autumns. But judging from the facts, time is really not static. Ignore the relationship between time and gravity, and don’t bother about how the time of the earth and the time of other galaxies in the universe appear to fall; the time of the earth itself is always changing. We think that a day is sunrise and sunset, and scientists use a more accurate mid-day to define the difference between each day, that is, the time when the sun appears above your head. And found that the day is not necessarily 24
Hours, hours and hours, so Equation of Time appears. The history of 24 hours a day has evolved, and you can do it for 12 hours. Do it in one hour 60
Minutes, minutes and minutes, and 60 seconds are related to ancient geometries. It is the same reason that a circle is divided into 360 degrees.

   The time calendar as we know it today is simply not true, and it is still chaotic at all. It is because of the change of the earth’s axis that the spring and autumn equinoxes are actually slightly different each year. It’s just that the change is slight, we usually don’t notice it, and it will not affect our daily lives. So what’s the use of the moon phase?

   Among the many time concepts, the period of the moon phase is actually the most stable, with an average period of 29.53
day. And the moons we see are almost the same, because we see only one side. Ordered at four o’clock, the sun and the moon alternate, not only metaphorizing life changing, but also metaphorical ups and downs. But on the timepiece, the sun-turning stars moved too fast and the seasons could not be seen, but the full moon and the lack of the moon could be clearly seen. This is probably the attraction of the moon phases. Among many brands, only Blancpain has always kept the moon phase in mind. They have the most moon phase styles, and they are also the first to add moon phase functions to women’s watches. If you look at the universe, or if your life changes, you will want a moon phase watch.
   What exactly is the moon phase function, do you understand? The moon phase function does not affect people’s normal use. In addition to its existence as a decoration, it may just represent the changing feelings of people!