Introduction To Athens Blue Wave Observatory Limited Watch

The Ulysse Nardin, which has always been stunning in the world of high-end watchmaking, has launched a limited edition watch that has made players crazy to chase! The innovation of the Athenian watch is not only shown in the design of the movement structure or watch performance, but also in the use of the movement material. The latest limited edition blue wave of the Athens watch inherits the wonderful skills of the Blue Max released the previous year. This time Ulysse Nardin once again turns the ordinary movement into a deep blue ocean with a thorough blue, which makes people unbearable. Immerse yourself in it.

 This Blue Wave limited watch, equipped with the UN-26 movement, is a rare blue-steel movement. In order to make such a deep blue ocean, all movement parts must be burned with a complicated electrolytic process and high temperature over 300 ℃. In addition, because the blue-tempered parts will increase a little thickness, in order to avoid affecting the stability of the operation, all the movement structure must be redesigned or calculated and modified. Blue treatment, the effort behind it is far more than most people understand. The Athens watch not only presents the complexity and life of the movement through superb polishing and watchmaking techniques, but also embodies the rare and lively atmosphere with colors.

 In the design of the faceplate, Athens Ulysse Nardin even exerts its unique artistic aesthetics, integrates the marine elements that symbolize the spirit of the brand, and uses irregular marine ripples to interpret the outstanding achievements of Athens Watch in the Marine Observatory. The Athens Maritime Observatory Clock, known for its precision performance, can be calculated to the difference of half a second. It has won a gold medal at the Paris Universal Exposition in 1878. It has passed the severe environmental test in various extreme temperatures and laid the Athens watch in the navigation watch field With its status as a giant, more than 50 countries around the world have designated Athens’s marine observatory timepieces as professional equipment for the naval fleet. In terms of performance design, there is a power reserve display at twelve o’clock, following the straight line configuration of the Athens Navigation Observatory clock used on ships a hundred years ago. The word ‘1846’ on the plate is the year when the Athenian watch was founded. It has a strong originality and is very memorable. It outlines the classic elements and spirit of the Athenian watch.
 The see-through case back reveals the clever movement of the blue-steel movement. The 41 mm case, coin-shaped bezel, luminous embossed hour markers, independent numbering, water resistance to 100 meters, sapphire crystal glass, can be used with a leather strap or aquamarine Rubber band. The Athens Blue Wave, which combines pragmatism, technological innovation, artistic design, and traditional craft values, sets a new paradigm for today’s watches. Blue Wave is available in two materials, including a limited edition of 350 in 18K rose gold (equipped with a 22K rose gold marine corrugated automatic plate) and a stainless steel limited edition of 1846 (equipped with a blue steel automatic plate).