Panerai Classic Sailing Challenge Imperia, Italy, Sailing

Imperia, Italy became the focus of the classical sailing world from September 5th to 9th, as the fourth stop of the Panerai Classical Sailing Challenge Le Vele d’Epoca di Imperia will be held locally Held. Imperia, Italy became the focal point of the classical sailing world from September 5th to 9th, as the fourth leg of the Panerai Classical Sailing Challenge, Le Vele d’ Epoca di Imperia, was held locally. This international classic sailing event has been sponsored by Panerai for the past eight years. This year it attracted more than 80 historic classic sailing boats.
    The 17th edition of Le Vele d’ Epoca di Imperia has not only an astonishing number of sailing yachts, but also the quality. Several classic sailing ships built from the end of the 19th century to the beginning of this century will gather at the Porto Maurizio pier, the hull of the younger is 8 meters,
The largest can reach 70 meters, carrying thousands of crew members, sailing with the watch of 200,000 tourists, and welcoming five days of exciting events.
    The participating sailing boats are divided into four groups: classic sailing boats (built before 1950), classic sailing boats (built from 1950 to 1975), traditional spirit (modern sailing boats with antique design), metric sailing boats (15 meters, 12 meters, 8 meters, 6 meters and other international class sailing).
    Every exciting period in the history of international sailing can be represented in more than 80 classic sailing ships in the race. The early 1900s were represented by the Elena and Atlantic, two large schooners with 55-meter and 69-meter long hulls, respectively, proudly showing the majesty of the giant sailing ships of the past. Atlantic is modeled after the schooner of legendary captain Charlie Barr. In 1905, it was with this schooner Long March 3,000 challenge that Charlie Barr went straight from the United States to England in just 12 days to win the Kaiser’s Cup Transatlantic Championship.
    The competition also attracted four of the world’s last 15-meter international class sailing boats to gather together. The Tuiga (1909), Prince Albert of Monaco, has just returned from Antigua, Guatemala, and entered the second race, preparing to compete with Hispania (1909), the love boat of King Alfonso XIII of Spain. Higher. The Lady Anne (1912) and Mariska (1908) will also compete in the event. There are also many notable giant ships in the classic sailing group, such as the 40-meter Cambria (1928), the 64-meter Adix, the 38-meter Altair, the 40-meter Orion (1910), and the 36-meter Sunshine , And Sylvia (1925), 43 meters long.
    The Italian Navy has also sent a whole team of traditional sailing teams to participate in this event, many of which have just returned from a training course at the Naval Academy. Classical sailing ships such as Artica II, Capricia, Caroy, Chaplin, Corsaro II, Stella Polare, and the later Orsa Maggiore sailed on the sea to break the waves, which really gave a lot to the race.
    Panerai’s 1936 brig schooner Eilean will also debut in this event. Eilean’s restoration work was extremely difficult. It took more than 40,000 hours to complete the restoration work at the Del Carlo shipyard in Viareggio, and two years ago he won the Best Classical Sailing Repair Award in Imperia. Eilean has competed this year in the Antigua Classic Sailing Challenge Transatlantic Race, Panerai English Classic Week (Cowes) and Mahon Classic Sailing Challenge (Mahon), and is now preparing to challenge Imperia.
    Competitors in the same group as Eilean are Il Moro di Venezia I. Il Moro di Venezia I is the world’s first laminated giant Italian sailing ship. In 1976, it was heavily designed by Argentine designer German Frers. In addition to this sailing ship, many sailing ships written by the famous sailing industry master have repeatedly made great achievements in the America’s Cup, leaving the designer a prominent reputation in the history of Italian sailing.
    The race will arrange all sailing boats to register at the pier on Wednesday, September 5th. Thursday, September 6th to Sunday, 9th and 9th will be the race time for each group, one day for each group. Before the start of the fourth group race on Sunday morning, the conference arranged a unique cruise for all participating sailing boats. The awards ceremony for each group was held in the afternoon on the same day.
    There are exciting competitions on the sea and excellent activities on the shore. Owners and crew can relax in the Panerai Rest Area and talk about their feelings after the game. Visitors can also participate in multiple themed exhibitions and performances, learn about deep-sea diving, marine beauty, the traditional trade of Italian Ligurians, and taste local products. Le Vele d’ Epoca di Imperia is held every two years, hosted by Assonautica Provinciale di Imperia, and sponsored by the CIM of the Mediterranean International Commission.