Parmigiani Opens A New Boutique On Nanjing West Road In Shanghai Originating From The Ingenuity And Aesthetics Of Fleurier, Interpreting The Natural Elegance Of Traditional Watchmaking

In 2018, Parmigiani Fleurier, a fine watch brand originating from Fleurier, Switzerland, opened a new boutique in Nanjing West Road, Shanghai. The brand new boutique uses simple and bright windows and a warm and elegant environment to create an art hall for appreciating high-end watches, conveying Parmigiani’s watchmaking philosophy that respects traditional skills and respects natural aesthetics. The new boutique features a collection of Parmigiani’s iconic watch collections, including the TONDA series with the most functional styles, the KALPA series inside and outside, the classic TORIC series, the BUGATTI series representing innovation and beyond, and several models An extraordinary work that showcases the essence of high-end watchmaking skills, together interpreting Parmigiani’s unique style and inherent elegance. Parmigiani’s Shanghai Nanjing West Road boutique offers BUGATTI TYPE 390 high-end customized services, dedicated to guests who love high-end watches and services, such as home and hospitality.

Parmigiani Shanghai West Nanjing Road Boutique

Parmigiani’s Shanghai West Nanjing Road boutique interprets the natural elegance of traditional Fleurier watches
Simple and elegant, harmonious and natural
  The founder of the brand, Michelle Parmigiani, draws inspiration from the creation of watches, and follows the natural golden ratio to create ergonomic watches of superior quality and the highest standards of grooming. This pure beauty and rational elegance can be seen in the space design of the Nanjing West Road boutique in Shanghai. Harmonious and orderly and concise layout, the decorative wall composed of dark and luxurious gold is exquisite, coniferous oak furniture and wood grain floor complement each other, the display cabinet is exquisitely decorated with hollow gold petals, and the details show that Parmigiani is from nature. Get creative ideas. A timepiece that combines exquisite craftsmanship and golden aesthetics shines in the natural light and shadow. Parmigiani’s Shanghai West Nanjing Road boutique will open a new sensory world for watch lovers.

The interior environment of Parmigiani Shanghai West Nanjing Road boutique

The interior environment of Parmigiani Shanghai West Nanjing Road boutique

Exclusive luxury
  The new Parmigiani Shanghai West Nanjing Road boutique brings together various watch collections, including the BUGATTI series, which rarely appears in China. Professional watch consultants provide high-quality services with exclusive VIP privileges, share Parmigiani’s unswerving pursuit of excellence, innovative values ​​and respect for traditional watchmaking culture. The BUGATTI series watch is the perfect embodiment of Parmigiani’s repeated challenge to the limit of complex craftsmanship. It is an amazing work that the brand and the super sports car brand Bugatti are united together. Watch and clock enthusiasts can enjoy the BUGATTI TYPE 370 equipped with a horizontal movement, the BUGATUI SUPER SPORT, the world’s first 90 ° time display system, and pay tribute to the Bugatti Chiron with a cylinder tourbillon movement BUGATTI TYPE 390, appreciate the infinite charm of Parmigiani’s extraordinary combination of aesthetic design and high-tech craftsmanship.
  Founded in 1996, Parmigiani has now spread to more than 60 countries. For more than two decades, it has been sharing the infinite passion of traditional fine watchmaking through the introduction of restoration-inspired artworks. Mr. Dong Mingliang, General Manager of Parmigiani Greater China, said: ‘Parmigiani Shanghai West Nanjing Road Boutique will further narrow the distance between the brand and Chinese consumers. We look forward to the respected service provided by boutiques to lead The new generation of consumers feels from the craftsmanship and elegant aesthetics of Fleurier. In the future, Parmigiani will gradually establish and improve a comprehensive sales network in China, and is committed to the watchmaking of Michel Parmigioni The concept and his passion for watchmaking skills are conveyed to more consumers and watchmakers. ‘