Raymond Weil Launches Nabucco Cello Tourbillon Watch

As a watchmaking brand that loves music, RAYMOND WEIL is loyal to its inexhaustible source of inspiration and has created a shining star for the Nabucco collection, witnessing the brand’s integrated system Watch technology and cutting-edge creativity. The current CEO of Raymond Weil, the grandson of the founder, Mr. Elie Berheim, is also an excellent cellist, and the champagne city Cello Tourbillon is a brand new work based on his creativity. This timepiece also created a precedent for luxury watch design inspired directly from the cello.

    ‘Grandfather’s love of music throughout his life, combined with my personal passion for the cello, are two factors that inspired us to design and develop the Champagne Cello Tourbillon watch. This watch shows Raymond Weil’s expertise in watch design. Rich imagination, ‘Elie Bernheim said. ‘In addition, the Cello Tourbillon watch in Champagne also reflects the many core values ​​of the brand. In particular, its inspiration is completely derived from music and has combined a variety of advanced watchmaking techniques, which ultimately makes this unique timepiece. ‘

   As the blockbuster new product of the Champagne City series, the lines of the Champagne Cello Tourbillon watch are exquisite and simple, which contrasts sharply with the sentiment and tenderness. The clever interweaving of watch components embodies the theme of the cello, while also giving this manually-wound movement alive. Inspired by the soul of Raymond Weil’s music, this new watch not only possesses rigorous essence, pure lines, and excellent performance, but also shows superb watchmaking skills and powerful musical expression. This is more than a coincidence.

  A deconstructed cello. The dial and case back are equipped with sapphire crystals, a deep surreal world of transparency and precision: the movement splint supporting the tourbillon escapement and main barrel is inspired by the unique F-hole shape on the cello The slim hands and the arc of the cello bow secretly match, while the lines on the bezel mean the staff.

   The most striking thing about the Champagne Cello Tourbillon is the four thin strings that cross the dial between 9 o’clock and 3 o’clock, combined with the F-hole splint to create the visual impression of a miniature instrument. These extraordinary musical elements were conceived entirely by Raymond Weil’s in-house research and development department, which was established by the brand in 1999. In addition to its aesthetics that cannot be ignored, the tourbillon frame also plays an important role in adjusting the accuracy of the watch and plays the role of the final compensation element. The visual aesthetics and technology guarantee the full display of this masterpiece.

   Raymond Wey Tourbillon skeleton watch. The tourbillon rotating frame is in harmony with the stainless steel and titanium case. Although the case diameter is 46mm, it has a light and comfortable wearing experience. The carbon fiber material extends along the black PVD coating on the side of the case, which completes the perfect finishing touch. In addition, this watch has a wealth of details that watch connoisseurs appreciate: the screw-down crown engraved with the Raymond Weil logo echoes the curve of the case, and the alligator strap secures the watch firmly On the wrist, these details add elegance and subtlety to this watch.

   Each Champagne Cello Tourbillon watch is equipped with an exclusive design case, which not only reflects the watch’s musical elements to a greater extent, but also inherits the quality and craftsmanship of traditional handmade cellos. You can join the discussion on the social network via the topic #RWTourbillon.
Technical parameters of NABUCCO CELLO tourbillon watch

1842 BSF 20001

Mechanical movement with manual winding-RW1842-Tourbillon device at 6 o’clock; 105 hours power reserve; 27 ruby ​​bearings
Hour hand, minute hand and tourbillon device at 6 o’clock
Titanium, polished stainless steel; black PVD coating; carbon fiber; diameter: 46mm; thickness: 15.25mm; stave bezel; screw-down stainless steel crown with RW mark groove
Table mirror
Sapphire crystal with anti-glare treatment on both sides
Black; scale and cello pattern
Hour / minute hands Stainless steel, diamond sharpening, luminous material coating, Boston style
Black alligator leather strap with engraved folding clasp, titanium / stainless steel, two-button safety mechanism

Water resistance 200 meters