Swatch’s Rare Treasures Sold For More Than $ 6 Million

On November 24, 2011, Swiss businessman Peter Blum and his wife Linda Blum collected the most complete Swatch in the world. Qi watch, also one of the series that can best witness the history of Swatch, has successfully auctioned for 51,707,500 Hong Kong dollars (about 6.6 million US dollars). This is the highest auction price ever achieved by a Swatch.
The Swatch Collection includes more than 4,000 Swatch classics, including special collection watches that have never been released before: prototypes, hybrid electronic watches, and pre-production versions.

The history of many of the initial design models of these watches can be traced back to the early 1980s. Before the first Swatch watches were officially released, they were rare and rare. Collected by Swiss businessman Peter Blum and his wife Linda Blum, these watches are the historical proof of the perfect fusion of Swatch and fashion and art. The collection of prototype watches that most appeal to collectors is a series of watches created by the famous American artist Keith Haring and Swatch Swatch.
Before the well-known art auction house Phillips de Pury & Company held an auction, some of the treasures of the Blum collections were exhibited in New York, London, and Shanghai, China, making this extremely precious watch a global watch before it even started Focus.
Original source: Swatch