Tag Heuer: The Undisputed Global Chronograph Leader

In the new generation of Carrera series, TAG Heuer launched the new century, integrating the column wheel automatic chronograph movement by Jack. The legendary chronograph series designed by TAG Heuer in 1964 has become the style of Athens ever.

TAG Heuer: the undisputed global chronograph leader
TAG Heuer has accumulated five generations of resources and technology to complete the finest time-segmentation. Endless perfection requirements have made this Swiss brand become the leader of advanced chronographs-mechanical complexity has always been considered as the most precise consideration of the watchmaking industry. For example, TAG Heuer has obtained countless extraordinary technologies in the industry, from the 1/100 second micrograph fixing code computer in 1916 to the 2006 Geneva Watch Grand Prix winner Calibre360, the first mechanical watch to achieve 360,000 vibrations per hour.
Today, 7 unparalleled mechanical chronograph movements from TAG Heuer have achieved this peak achievement in sequence (Calibre 11 and 12, designed by Dibwa de Pla, Calibre 16 and 17, from ETA, 2009 New self-made Calibre 1887 launched in December, Calibre 36 and Calibre 360 ​​jointly developed with Zenith.
In order to maintain its leading position in the high-end watch category for a long time, TAG Heuer must diversify the ‘engines’ that supply these boutique power, regardless of performance or structure, and obtain a large number of movements at any time. Therefore, since the beginning of 2006, TAG Heuer has started to design and develop the Calibre 1887, which is an excellent precision and reliable automatic chronograph movement. This powerful engine of the 21st century was officially launched at McLaren Technology Centre in December 2009. It has been equipped on the attractive new design Carlisle chronograph.
TAG Heuer Carrera 1887 chronograph continues Jack 1964 Tag Heuer creations, like the essence of the fabulous Calera series. Jack Brand, CEO of the 1960s and 1970s. TAG Heuer, he is behind the TAG Heuer indicators series such as Monaco, Silverstone or Submarine (& rsquo; 1000 & rsquo; series in 1979) and other genius helmsman. Today he is the honorary chairman of TAG Heuer and is still actively involved in the company’s business. It can be said that it is a legend in the watch industry. He also supervised the redesign project of each new generation of the Calera family.
The TAG Heuer Carrera 1887 chronograph is a 21st century evolution of the 1964 idol-grade watch, faithfully inheriting the original exquisite, innocent, easy to read and simple and elegant nature. In order to celebrate the 150th anniversary of TAG Heuer, the reconstructed ‘noble and elegant’ is originally taken from the original design and spirit, but given a brand new ‘engine’, Carella 1887 is wearing reputation, quality, performance and precision. Degree’s robe, stepping into the third millennium.
TAG Heuer Carrera 1887 chronograph: a self-engineered R & D, manufacturing and assembly boutique in TAG Heuer’s modern and majestic cutting-edge technology plant in Switzerland
The TAG Heuer Carrera 1887 chronograph combines the TAG Heuer mechanical movement and case. The key movement parts (main board, automatic disk and plywood) and case are completed by TAG Heuer’s Gauder factory in Konor. In addition to being equipped with the most advanced Swiss technology machinery and equipment, there are fully automated precision stamping in microns , Grinding and polishing equipment. The Gaode factory is also equipped with the most advanced Swiss robots that can automatically screen and install 39 diamonds of Calibre 1887 movement. This modern engineering breakthrough can produce the excellent ‘Processing’ movement with the most economic benefits-super perfectly embodies TAG Heuer’s well-known ‘reasonable cost / reasonable price’ philosophy.
Calibre 1887’s most advanced column wheel / balance wheel is integrated on the chronograph movement platform. The original intellectual property developed by SEIKO Instruments Inc-SII was designed and patented TC78 in 1997/99, becoming the latest component of the world’s advanced chronograph (most of the existing chronographs date back to the early 70 (Or early 1980s).
Since the acquisition of intellectual property rights by SII, TAG Heuer has redesigned and re-developed key originals such as various plywood and motherboards in the past 3 years, and added important technical functions, such as the balance wheel (first patented by Edward Heuer in 1887) ) Install eccentric adjustment screws.
TAG Heuer also cooperates with 22 core parts factories (of which 21 are in Switzerland), and then develops other important parts, such as accessories, shock absorbers and kits.
The final assembly operation is concentrated in the brand-new exclusive factory of TAG Heuer in La Chaux-de-Fu, Nushat town. It has a semi-automatic production line with fully sealed and dust-free conditions. Each movement is individually tracked by sophisticated software and must pass a stringent 116-layer quality control test. The T0 and T1 automated tool workstations specially made by Swiss experts replace human-made deviations-even so, they still have to pass the strict manual quality control of TAG Heuer watchmakers.
Calibre 1887 is a new generation Swiss-made, high-quality mechanical chronograph movement. The Kornall and La Chaux-de-Fon plants have invested more than 20 million Swiss francs and created 50 internal job opportunities, as well as more local TAG Heuer partners indirectly through Switzerland. This grand plan, after full full-load operation, will produce tens of thousands of movements per year.

TAG Heuer CALIBRE 1887: A new mindset and a new generation of high-quality mechanical chronograph movements
Calibre 1887, with a vibration frequency of 28,800 times / hour, is set with 39 diamonds. The 29.3mm x 7.13mm movement consists of 320 parts and has a stored power of 50 hours. The powerful and easy-to-maintain engine carries a brand new design full of bold and passion. The patented brand 1887 balance wheel matches the perfect column wheel.
By Edward. The patented 1887 balance wheel designed by TAG Heuer works flawlessly with the column wheel, just like a car’s transmission system.
The column wheel, which controls the start, stop and zeroing process of the pointer, functions like a gearbox of a car. Ultra-smooth, precise and smooth one-click activation is the ultimate element recognized by the fine watchmaking industry.
The balance wheel acts like a clutch. The optimized Calibre 1887 allows the chronograph to start in 2/1000 seconds. Calibre 1887 is also equipped with a high-performance clockwork (HER) system, recognized by watchmaking experts as the most efficient clockwork system in the world. This two-way automatic system can transmit 30 times more than the traditional intermittent system of most Swiss chronographs. %efficacy. HER is also known for her outstanding stability and durability.
TAG Heuer Carrera 1887 chronograph: a new interpretation of the most iconic chronograph of the 1960s in trendy fashion
Recalling in 1962, in the maintenance car park on the 12-hour TweLVe Hours of Sebring, TAG Heuer Carrera, the first cry, became the official timer of the race, when Jack. TAG Heuer, for the first time, experienced the most severe test of endurance in the race ‘Carrera Pan American Mexico Road Race’. At the same time, TAG Heuer’s passion for sponsoring the racing world can’t help but be respectful, such as the time journey of radical innovation (1911), the first installation of a chronograph on the dashboard; micrograph fixing (1916), the first A sports stopwatch with a precision of only 1 / 100th of a second; and Australia Pacific (1933), the first 12-hour dashboard timer for automotive and aviation events.
When Calera came out in early 1964, Jack. TAG Heuer’s highest requirement is legibility. In order to add a 1/5 second scale to the tension ring in the crystal surface, he released the dial to 2mm space. This is not only a global initiative. With its design that spans time and space and a simple style, it has outstanding features without losing its introverted elegance, and has immediately gained a high degree of popularity, and it is very popular with watch and racing lovers. Launched again in 1996 and rebuilt in 2002, Calera became the most iconic work of the TAG Heuer family. Numerous racing enthusiasts who have worn TAG Heuer watches include the well-known Juan Manuel Fangio, Kimi R & auml; ikk & ouml; nen or Lewis Hamilton ) Et al.
TAG Heuer Carrera 1887 chronograph is still ambitious in the history of horology. In celebrating the 150th anniversary, the luxurious avant-garde chronograph design, through its eye-catching sapphire crystal surface, boldly displays its star-shaped components-Calibre 1887 mechanical chronograph movement, azure column wheel, micro Top-level Swiss hairspring with shiny surface, plus TAG Heuer. The satin-polished tachymeter scale on the surface has certified its racing heritage style. The advanced treatment of silver and black dials and the best ratio can instantly feel the noble and elegant Calella tradition. Water-resistant to 100 meters, a specially designed folding wristband, and double side-pressing snaps provide better protection, easy to use and more comfortable. The special luminous indicators of the pointer and scale ensure that the cockpit instruments are as clear and easy to read under any conditions. The simple and stable design is as clear and easy to read as the original version in 1964. The TAG Heuer Carrera 1887 chronograph has long crossed the barriers of sophisticated technology and design.