The World’s Most Worth-gold Watch

The Patek Philippe logo is a combination of the knight’s sword and the priest’s cross, also known as the ‘Kaldoraba cross’. When you first saw the Patek Philippe logo, it felt like a snowflake in full bloom. The sword tip and cross of the Patek Philippe logo are combined into one, representing the solemnity and bravery of the priest and knight. It also represents the spirit of cooperation between Anthony Patek and Jane Philippe. The Patek Philippe logo has been in use since 1857.
The meaning of the Patek Philippe logo, the world’s most valuable gold watch
    Patek Philippe watches are the most worthwhile watches for watch lovers in the world. ‘No one can own Patek Philippe, it’s just for the next generation.’ This is the essence and soul of Patek Philippe, which symbolizes the indelible brand philosophy.

  Patek Philippe Logo: Men’s Calatrava Watch in 18K Yellow Gold
  This PatekPhilippe men’s 18K yellow gold Calatrava watch 5120-1J, series: Calatrava series, style: luxury sports style, rotation: fully automatic mechanical rotation, engine: Caliber 240, function: hour, minute hands, dial material: 18K yellow gold, dial Shape: round, dial back: sapphire crystal series, workmanship: 18K yellow gold, clockwork color: milky white, numerals: gold practical style.
  Patek Philippe logo: men’s 18K gold universal perpetual calendar fashion watch This PatekPhilippe men’s 18K gold universal perpetual calendar fashion watch 5136-1, style: luxury style, rotation: 240 Q caliber mechanical rotation, functions: hour, minute, second, Calendar, moon phase, annual calendar, AM / PM function, dial material: 18K yellow gold, dial size: 37 mm, case back: transparent and wear-resistant sapphire crystal, dial color: white.