What Does Sun Yang Wear To Fight?

In August 2004, the 28th Olympic Games returned to Athens, Greece, the birthplace of the modern Olympic Games. With a century of reincarnation, this Olympic Games has attracted wider attention worldwide. The Chinese people have the memory and pride of this Olympic Games, no less than the Beijing Olympic Games held at their doorstep four years later: ‘Asian Flying Man’ Liu Xiang won the 110-meter hurdle championship in Athens, becoming China’s first track and field event since participating in the Olympic Games. This men’s championship achieved a zero breakthrough. The ‘spirit of women’s volleyball’ once again exploded. In the unfavorable situation where the score was stalemate but lost two games in succession, the Chinese girl beat the rival Russia three times in a row to complete the shocking reversal. After 20 years, she once again won the Olympic trophy. Luo Xuejuan, a swimmer from Zhejiang, broke the Olympic record on the 100-meter breaststroke circuit and won the 88th gold medal in the history of China’s Olympics. Yixue’s Chinese swimming team had the shame of Sydney’s zero award four years ago, known as the ‘Frog Queen’. This year, Luo Xuejuan’s Hangzhou fellow Sun Yang was only 13 years old. Soon after he joined the Zhejiang team, he looked at his fellow sisters after the Olympic closure and was extremely envious. At that time, the young man Sun Yang planted the same dream of professional athletes-one day he would need to be on the Olympic champion podium. What Sun Yang didn’t expect is that not only will his dream come true a few years later, but he can definitely be said to ‘dominate’ the world swimming pool, with many more titles than his sister. In 2007, Luo Xuejuan, who was only 23 years old, retired due to injury and ended his career. Sun Yang, who has just reached 16 years of age, officially joined the national team and began his freestyle world championship journey. Later, everyone knows the story. In the 2012 London Olympics, Sun Yang won the first Olympic gold medal for Chinese men’s swimming. In the Rio Olympic Games in 2016, Sun Yang won another gold and silver. Sun Yang has become the Chinese swimmer with the most gold medals in the Olympic Games so far, and there are countless other international medals. Behind the outstanding results is the spirit of dissatisfaction, hard training, painful persistence, and the champion aura is built on the basis of strong perseverance. Therefore, Sun Yang has become a sports hero in the eyes of the people. On September 12, 2019, Sun Yang appeared in the K11 building of the Huaihai Middle Road Commercial Center in Shanghai. He is 2 meters tall, a head taller than ordinary people, and coupled with the athlete’s sturdy figure, he looks like a little giant. On this day, Sun Yang officially became the ambassador of Haute Horlogerie Panerai. He came to Shanghai to participate in the opening of the Panerai K11 flagship store. A large clock with the iconic dial outline of the brand was set up at the door of this Panerai store, facing Huaihai Middle Road, and became a new landmark for people in Shanghai to check in. Because of its height, the 47mm diameter Panerai stealth watch looks right on Sun Yang’s wrist. At the press conference, Sun Yang said that he had bought a Luminox series watch from Panerai with power reserve display function very early. Later, he bought a simple model with small seconds function for his father. ‘Large-sized case, clear luminous dial, domineering crown protection bridge, very suitable for my athlete status’, Sun Yang is very familiar with the characteristics of Panerai watches. It’s important to be able to persevere in the professional swimming. Dad’s encouragement and support is very important. In fact, Sun Yang left the swimming team for a while when he was a kid. Later, his parents sent him back to the swimming team. . Sun Yang has a good relationship with his dad. Because he has been training abroad for many years, and he has been away from his parents for a long time, he wants to send his father a watch of the same brand to express his son’s concern for his father. Panerai is an Italian luxury watch brand that dates back to 1860. Giovanni Panerai opened its first watch shop in Florence and now belongs to the hard luxury giant Richemont Group. Today Panerai has its own watchmaking factory and R & D center, both located in Neuchâtel, the heart of the Swiss watch industry, so today Panerai is still a combination of Italian classic design and Swiss professional manufacturing. Historically, Panerai has a close relationship with the Italian Royal Navy. It provides various military instruments and equipment, especially underwater instruments used by divers. This is also the historical source that Panerai has always emphasized as a ‘survival tool’. In fact, Panerai’s four modern watch collections today draw inspiration from early instruments and watches made for the military. Including the large case size, clear and easy-to-read sandwich luminous dial structure, the crown bridge that can be recognized at a glance, the bezel design of the stealth watch, and so on. The military watch background, and these tough design elements, made Panerai quite popular with screen tough guys. Big men such as Stallone, Schwarzenegger and Boulder Johnson all wore Panerai watches on their wrists. Watch fans are forcibly using these big guys like Stallone as Panerai’s image ambassadors. Today, the same big sports hero Sun Yang has become a Panerai brand ambassador, which meets the watch fans’ rigid requirements for brand spokespersons. However, what Panerai needs more should be a spiritual fit with Sun Yang. From military watch suppliers to the current mass market, Panerai does not want to be seen by consumers as just an ordinary watch, but still wants people to use it as a ‘contemporary hero timing survival tool’. Consumers can wear Panerai watches daily, and they can definitely wear them for swimming, diving, mountain climbing, polar adventures … No matter how bad the conditions are, Panerai watches are strong enough to withstand a variety of harsh environments. Therefore, at the Geneva show earlier this year, Panerai released three very special limited edition watches. When consumers buy a watch, they can get the opportunity of extreme experience. Experience the rigorous training of special forces at the Royal Italian Naval Base; or go to the islands of the Pacific Ocean to try the thrill of diving without an oxygen cylinder with free diving world champion Guillaume Néry; or go to the Arctic bitter cold and polar explorer Mike Horn experiences the difficult survival in the snow and ice world together. Néry and Mick are not popular stars. They are both leaders in the field of niche extreme sports, as is Sun Yang, who is the ultimate in the narrow field of long distance freestyle. Panerai invites these heroes in the professional sports field as brand ambassadors, with the purpose of passing on the same brand spirit to consumers. ‘The training during the competition is often with foreign opponents. They often say that I am a monster in the water. They are tired and I can still practice …’ Sun Yang told his training story at the press conference. Outstanding physical fitness, long-term hard training that ordinary people cannot imagine, Sun Yang’s swimming journey is much luckier than her sister Luo Xuejuan, and now it is the peak of physical fitness and experience. He is about to usher in the third Olympic Games of his career, and judging from the game schedule announced in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Sun Yang is likely to win the first gold medal for the 32nd Summer Olympic Games for the Chinese team. On July 26, 2020, in the men’s 400m freestyle final swimming pool at the Tokyo Olympics, we look forward to Sun Yang’s performance. / end / Interview Notes of Lu Xi Join readers, please send name + occupation + WeChat to [email protected]