Zhenlishi And Felix Paulcana Complete A Historical Leap

One step away, separating space from Earth. At the opening ceremony of the Zenith Singapore flagship store on October 7, Felix Paulajan made a leap in history. Interviews inside the car, ribbon-cutting ceremony, fantastic night, Zenith celebrated the grand opening of the new flagship store in Southeast Asia with great success.

  ‘Welcome to the car!’ The driver who said this was not someone else. It was Felix Paulcana. The fastest man in the world is sitting in the driver’s seat, while the reporter is in the passenger seat. While driving, the brand ambassador received a series of questions from reporters, while Zenith CEO Aldo Magada was also interviewed on a tram. The celebration of the opening of Zenith Singapore’s flagship store started in such a race against time.

  After the ribbon-cutting ceremony, it was a fantastic night. In the flagship store decorated in space style, the invited guests not only learned the brand concept of Zenith, but also experienced the incredible historicity of Felix Paulcana. jump. The event put watchmaking in the vast world of space, and time seemed to lose weight.

  “Singapore’s prestige is the key to the world. The opening of Zenith Singapore’s flagship store tonight is a key step for the brand to continue its Asian strategy.” Zenith CEO Aldo Magada said, “We are honored, We can welcome guests from all over the world to witness this special moment together. For many years, they have been passionate about spreading the brand spirit in their own country. We are also very happy to be working with Felix Paulcana Sharing this wonderful moment, he reflects the value of Zenith’s ‘exquisite, extraordinary, precise and precise.’

  ‘Her Felix’s historic leap also represents Zenith’s relentless pursuit of pioneering and breaking boundaries.’ Hugo Escudé, the brand’s Southeast Asia director, added, ‘I firmly believe that the opening of the first flagship store is not the end, but just countless brilliant The beginning of achievement. ‘